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  • The Hitting Zone

    The Hitting Zone

    Competitive Sports SLICEOFLIFE TRAUMA


    After a near death experience thanks to his own mother, Jake Hollander has an adverse reaction to people, baseball, and family. His feeling of abandonment is slowly lost thanks to his foster family, The Atkins. They take him in and change his mind about everything. He becomes more open, better at baseball, and craves for family. Slowly all wishes are granted. Instagram: @writerhalf_emptyhttps://www.patreon.com/half_empty ~~The Last Curve can be found there, a short story about Rhys. Updates every Sunday Please read on Webnovel! **Names, faces, and places aren’t real. A work of fiction. Nonetheless, it is my work of fiction so please don’t post it without permission. *I have used school names that do exist though, but I would like everyone to know that I have no affiliation with them. Nor do my views reflect their views. **Also, I bought the royalty-free license for my cover. Which means I can use it without having to pay royalties. If you have any questions, comment on my latest chapter or reach me on discord.

  • hit different

    hit different

  • Critical Hit!

    Critical Hit!

    "You need to pay your debts""Just a few more days! I'm sure people will come""Hehe, good luck with that! If we didn't get the payment next time you know what will happen!""Tsk, those gangsters. Just you wait, Once I became rich I would drown you all in money!""What's this?"[Change your fate, fight for your destiny! Play Yggdrasil]"This is it!"

  • Knuckle Hit

    Knuckle Hit

  • Base Hit

    Base Hit

    Competitive Sports CAMPUS

    To get away from the backlash and ridicule Spencer Jackson moved to Texas to live with his uncle, his cousin a 17 year old football player at the same school, and his other cousin a 13 year old girl. Going from a super oriented baseball city, to a town that can barely field nine. Could this be Spencer's dream come true?

  • I was Hit

    I was Hit

    When Carol meets Rico in the third grade, she knows it's true love. After spending 9 years trying to convince the same, she's ready to give up – until he starts to reconsider.Language: Filipino and EnglishA/N: You can read this on wattpad. @clouiefower is my un. :) Posted: December 14, 2021 and January 2, 2022

  • Hit On You

    Hit On You

    Farrah is an archer girl. Who suddenly met Tres. Tres is the guy whi made her feel different.

  • hit oxygen

    hit oxygen

  • hithu

    hithu hit

  • Hit or miss

    Hit or miss

  • The Final Hit

    The Final Hit

    Video Games COMEDY

    The Final Hit, the first virtual reality game, surprised the world by moving alone more than $ 1 billion in just one year."No one expected the game to be like this!""If I like Final Hit? I love it, but I hate it too!""These big guilds spoil the game"Accompany our protagonist in his attempt to survive after foreseeing danger and chaos.I don't own the cover right, if the creator feels uncomfortable contact me.-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -English is not my native language, I use google translator anyway. Who wants to be my editor please contact cmg. If not the caps will not be released as often.3 cap / week

  • The First Hit

    The First Hit

  • Hit-list





    The world will be destroyed again. In civilization of the white and black wings. They unite so that the incident does not happen. Ren is the white wing people who can't fly. Suddenly, she got a miracle from the Black Wings, Alen. However, it is not easy to ask help because they come from different place, Aves City and Aves Village. Ren agreed to the deal with Alen so she could fly back. But, Ren and Alen had to break the rules of their place. Alen has to deal with air pollution in his city, while Ren wants to be able to fly as she always wanted. How could Ren agree to risk her decision? They must be able to save the world! Follow me on instagram @upthesky__179 *** Attention! 17++ The places, events, and characters in this novel are fiction. Pictures credit : Pinterest ***** Like it? Add to the library! Have some ideas about my story? Comment it and let me know.

  • Hit The Road, Jack!

    Hit The Road, Jack!

    A story about lazyness and the true NEET life.

  • Trying to hit the sub

    Trying to hit the sub

  • Headhunter's Hit List

    Headhunter's Hit List


    A high school social outcast named Luke was scrolling through his TikTok when he discovered a mysterious app called "Head4$". As the name suggests, it was a game of blood, crime, and brutal murder, in trade for cash. First he thought it was a prank. Then he thought it was a video game. Although curiosity provoked him to download the app, for a few days, Luke ignored it and thought it wasn’t anything worth his attention. But one day, Luke received a message that threatened him to set foot onto an irreversible path of criminalhood, shielded from legal responsibilities... When Luke was given the ability to assassinate or hire assassins to kill anyone, it was no longer a decision limited by law. Will he choose humanity? Or will he turn his back upon it and embrace bloodshed?

  • Hanahaki: Hit (Love) and Run!

    Hanahaki: Hit (Love) and Run!


    "I didn't save you, young lady. I just spared you," As soon as he caught the USB, he let out a chuckle."What, I just f****d up today-now you're implying to kill me? We have a deal!""Oh, my sweet young flower...You don't even take a hint? I was just joking!""F***. You."I shot him a glare. I couldn't take all of his jokes while my legs are completely numb from that paralyzer gun. All this s**t happened just for that stupid USB."My, you bark more than you bite. Pretty wild for a young lady, huh?" he shook his head, seeming more amused than before. He then continued to play with his dagger skillfully between his fingers. For some reason, I could see myself as that sharp dagger. He uses me like a toy, nonetheless, he knows what I can do and use it in his advantage while I get bloodied and slowly lose my sharp edges."Well indeed, we have a deal. You and me. Between a client...and a hitman." I saw his eyes through the glass of his gas mask squinting into a smile and cocked his gun at me like a madman he is. I do not fear someone like him, but when I saw a murder right before my eyes...---"Awe, don't worry about the deal for now. You did great despite all this...mess we've caused," he crouched down and pulled my face close near to his. His dagger gently traces my jaw down to my throat as if he was guessing where he could end me in the future. "Just keep yourself clean..." He poked a part of my neck, being careful of not leaving a large wound.I know what he wants, that's why he kept me alive. He has what I need, which is why I joined him to get it. "...You'll be the most beauuuutiful flower in my garden. Never ever cease to please me, and I shall keep you alive for much longer," My relationship with him is like having a contract with a devil. If I go astray from this mission, my throat is for him to take."Remember that...Green Gladiolus."---In the city of Hana-Puellaweo, everything turned upside down ever since a sudden outbreak of an unknown disease affected its people. The deaths are drastically increasing and most of them were the young people who they hoped could change their city for the better. They only knew that LOVE has caused the spread. Due of this, they fear to feel butterflies in their stomach. How will they keep their feelings despite it being lethal? Will they choose death or find the cure? Yoona Kim, one of the WANTED vigilantes of the city, teamed up with a guy who calls himself RED X in search of a cure. Will her mission be successful and be able to help those in need? Or will these flowers take over her lung and heart before she could discover the solution?Turn the page and we shall unravel the truth.---WARNING (R-18): The following chapters may contain violence and strong languages. Please be advised that you must be 18 and above before continuing. This novel is also a slow burn romance story. After all, Love is a complex process. ---VOLUMES 1: GLADIOLUSAn unnatural disease began to spread within the city whilst the MedExpert Co. have been trying to decrease the possibility of this from killing more people. However, it is out of their control and decided to ask for the army's assistance to commence martial law. Yoona was one of these people who attempted to disobey the new rule. Will she be able to survive on her own?[More volumes to be followed...]---NOTE: The author updates once a month or randomly.

  • Don’t Just Hit Restart, Change Games.

    Don’t Just Hit Restart, Change Games.


    Follow John, A 30-year-old whose gruelling life ends one cold snowy day. After suffering such an unfortunate end, his fortunes change as he is reincarnated into a new world.Experience this new world along with John as he learns about his RPG system-inspired powers and the ins and outs of his new world. Cheer John on as he gets more than he could have ever hoped.As John finds his place in this world, he discovers new desires, hidden powers, forgotten technology and even some love. Maybe a bit more love than he is expecting. A trope-filled Isekai-Harem romp in a fantasy world. Expect Harems, Ecchi, Systems, Cheats, Elves, Dwarves, Beast-Girls, Lucky Lechers and all the trashy Isekai tropes you have come to expect.Release Schedule: I aim for 1 Chapter per week.

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