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  • The hypnotizer

    The hypnotizer

    Magical Realism R18 SUPERPOWERS VILLAIN


    Read as Jake, acquires the ability to hypnotize other people as his brain's potential is unlocked. His hidden evil personality is unlocked and he changes from the lonely silent guy he was into something much more terrifying. The protagonist will care only for himself, but treats the women he acquires good as well. This novel will not be for everyone tastes and will contain lot's of sexual content.

  • Hypnotize


    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY SMUT

    [ filled with ecstasy ] → executive members of the notorious criminal guy seem to find themselves getting interested in the foreign woman who they met in an accident and have a one night standWarning contains mature content that was inappropriate for readers below 17 to read. Read at your own risk.Enjoy!

  • The Grand Mistress

    The Grand Mistress



    Simione needed to become a mistress. Not just another rich man's mistress, but M Conglomerate's President, Hawk Monsanto's. Truth was, the young billionaire does not interest Simione of any sort nor was his very attractive gorgeous looks concerned her. She just needed him for one thing, his fiancée Feather Han, owed her big time and that ballerina bitch had to pay with the most precious thing Simione desired, her broken heart. Hawk Monsanto rose to the top for one reason; he wanted to be the perfect match for the Han Scintillait's heiress. When he thought it was the right time to get what his heart desired, he willingly bleeds millions just to arrange a wedding engagement. However, whether it was work of fate or work of an evil seductress, he stumbled upon a rare beauty that he cannot set his eyes off. And before his money and rationality could ever warn him, Hawk had fallen into something his billions cannot buy. *** "Who are you?" Hawk managed to ask between his ragged breath. "That depends on who you want me to be," The girl uttered and for the first time, Hawk saw her upturned honey-colored eyes. Looking into it was like drowning yourself into something magical, something hypnotizing and very much irresistible that when the girl tiptoed to meet his lips, he willingly lowered his head to welcome her. And he was right there, opening his mouth for her—warm and wet—giving everything he must give and was kissing her back with equal ardor. The girl wrapped her arms around his neck, and he responded by pressing the girl's body closer, the fiancee forgotten. However, when Hawk was at the point of wanting more, the girl pulled away and Hawk opened his eyes bewildered onto her sudden retreat. He was gasping for air and would very much like to pull her back to finish the bliss she had started. But she only smiled at him, feeling very empowered by the fact that the M Conglomerate's President had already fallen into her trap. "What's the matter?" He asked, confused as to what made her stop. "Nothing," Her smile widened a little more, making her face bright and goddess-like and Hawk became more defenseless with that. "It's just that I only want you to have a free taste. The next of course comes with a big price"

  • Ben 1p Hypnotized by the Dreameater

    Ben 1p Hypnotized by the Dreameater

  • Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO's Secretary Wife

    Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO's Secretary Wife



    "Be my son's mother." He stated as he pushed the marriage form in front of her. "Marry me." As his secretary, she was used to his glares but this time, his stare felt like he was gobbling her up into his stomach. It was hypnotizing yet, she didn't fall for it. Anger filled her up as she stood her ground. "I refuse." His gaze hardened as the both of them stared at each other. Slowly, he rose from his seat and held her chin. "You won't be able to escape. You're mine." She slapped his hand away and stood up. "We'll see about that." She made her way to the door and left the room.

  • Hypnotized harem in another world

    Hypnotized harem in another world


    Story of Vikram & Betaal

  • Hypnotic Hunter〡A Game of Magic, Mischief, and Malice

    Hypnotic Hunter〡A Game of Magic, Mischief, and Malice


    Shawn Blue was a self-made B-rank Hunter. After years of killing monsters and rescuing innocents, he obtained a lot of things—a luxurious apartment to live in, a hot fiancée to bang, and a polished coffin to get buried in. What more could one demand from life?But his perfect life takes a sudden turn when he receives the news of his brother's death.Yes, he has a brother. But he's dead. So, he had a brother. And apparently, before dying, his brother got involved with some troublesome beings—Necromancers, Demons, Lizards with Wings{Dragons}, and more. Now, all those beings are after Shawn, and he must now embark on a gory path, that has but one conclusion. Genocide 



    It wasn't just about what this lady was wearing. It was her. Something to do with the way she moved. Like she was one with the music and with the stage. The music pounded in a hypnotic rhythm that was unashamedly sexual, and she moved and danced in time to the beat, her movements graceful and seductive. So much confidence and balance. Balance that should have been nearly possible with the length of the heel shoes that she was putting on, but she made it look so natural... So easy, like she'd been born with high, slender spikes attached to her feet. There was something captivating... Almost hypnotizing about this woman, and Dimitri found him self leaning closer to watch. To take in every sight of this beautiful goddess. She was a vision of feminine perfection, every man's fantasy and Dimitri felt sharp claws of lust drag through his loins. On the opposite side, Dimitri saw a man half rise to his feet, a look of naked longing in his eyes. He didn't blame the man. What man wouldn't be captivated by such a beauty?--------------------Nervous about assuming control of her father's company, Kelly Darcy relocates to San Francisco. In an attempt to do something she loved one more time before her life changed completely, she volunteers to replace a dancer in her friend, Elizabeth's fashion show and ends up in the arms of Dimitri Collins.It was supposed to be a one night stand. She didn't have to see him again. But Kelly realizes how wrong she was when Dimitri walks into her father's office... And now she has to fight to keep her father's company, while figuring out what she truly feels for Dimitri.

  • Wolf Tales

    Wolf Tales

    USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic. and has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi Times and numerous other national and international publications. Part One: When Jamie Dalton moved into the house her grandparents left her she was just looking to reconnect with her past and settle in familiar surroundings. Digging through the attic for treasures, she found a nearly life-sized statue of a wolf and a very old, very strange book, Legends of the Werewolf. She was shocked when her new neighbor, Mike Volka, introduced himself and the eyes watching her looked just like the wolf in the book. Using the hypnotic power of the shifter, he draws her into his web and they have sex so hot it nearly burns down the house. Part Two Shifter Lia Popescue is desperate to find the book, Legends of the Werewolf, her only clue as to what happened to her pack. Her attempts to recover it bring her into contact with Riley Morgan, a contact that explodes with sexual chemistry. When she loses her heart to the sexy detective, she wonders how he will handle knowing the truth about her.

  • The Vampire's Bride (Dark Council Series Book 1)

    The Vampire's Bride (Dark Council Series Book 1)

    “You seem to have forgotten that you’re not marrying a commoner, Alina. You’re marrying the prince of all vampires, so look alive and get me some coffee.”Alina Deluca lives a normal life up in the Californian north. At least that’s what she makes the world believe. Locked within her hypnotizing emerald eyes are horrors she could never speak of, even if it killed her.Erick Stayton, the vampire prince, is her nightmare. To her, he was no more than a cold, savage predator that lusted for her blood and took away everything she had during that one traumatizing night four years ago. Problem is, she is bound to be his bride.Mustering every strength to set things right in her awry life, she gets embroiled in an ages-old feud and a struggle for power of mind-boggling proportions. Strangely enough, she finds herself connecting with Erick in ways she never knew she could. Suddenly, everything is not what it seems.Is Erick the heartless monster Alina makes him out to be? Will a vampire law made eons ago be the undoing of the whole vampire race? Will heated passion bloom in these bloodiest of times?

  • Land of Harz

    Land of Harz


    Sweet Mari . You smell goodThey call them the chosen ones of Elimen. Long ago the world was accommodated by humans and mage. They saw no difference in each other and live happily together until an unknown protest formed by some ruthless humans out of jealousy to destroy all mages in the town started destruction... This forced the powerful mages to desert the human world and move to a magical world of their own . Lord Valix Grunch the most powerful of all was the chosen one of Elimen. His abilities was unlike any other ... His mighty power created the land of Harz where all mages would get peace without any human knowledge. He also hypnotized all humans and wiped all memories of mage existence from them. His reign was powerful . Until he faded from existence... The ruling system of Harz had changed. there were now elders and a king who took all decisions for the kingdom.. Edward Gruch the last descendant of Lord Valix was born without magic. His abominable birth caused him to flee to the human world and live among them . He got married to a nurse and bore three Children and non of them knew of the day where among those three lied the chosen one of Elimen..

  • Love And Revenge (Evelyn And Samuel)

    Love And Revenge (Evelyn And Samuel)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    Evelyn Carla, a young woman with a beautiful face, and eyes that can hypnotize the opposite sex, would never thought that one day she has to deal with a president director from a well-known company, named Samuel Grahem, a Cassanova who doesn't want to be attached with anyone and has power and charming that can always attract many women. On the recommendation of her friend, Evelyn applied for a job at a well-known company. She was accepted as a president director's personal assistant in that company. How Evelyn's life will be if she has to work with a Boss who has a irresistible charisma and likes to have sex with many women? Will Evelyn fall into his charm, or will she even be able to conquer the Cassanova? And what if the President Director turns out to have a fiance? Can she accept her as his fiance meanwhile she has a grudge against the president director's fiance? Seeing that the President Director has a weakness, and could take benefit of it, which would Evelyn finally choose, Love or Revenge? Find out the story here ...

  • Hypnosis Is The True Way

    Hypnosis Is The True Way

    Eastern Fantasy R18 ANTIHERO EGOIST

    I died. God asked me: Do you want Primordial Veins, I said: “Naw, I’m good!, God asked again: Do you want Ancient Dragon Bloodline, I relied again:”Naw, I’m too good for that!, Angry God asked: What do you want? I replied: Hypnotic Power......Then I ruled Everything.

  • Hypnosis in Xianxia world (Oneshots)

    Hypnosis in Xianxia world (Oneshots)

    Read as beautiful, sexy, [insert attributes] females get subtly hypnotized in these oneshots.Arc/Chap 1 - A cultivator hypnotizes a master-disciple pair.---------Note 1: These are written for 18 and above male audiences. Hence, the content may feel uncomfortable for people below 17 or female audiences. I do not condone the acts in the novel and they are mere figments of fantasy.Note 2: The arcs are written from female POV to better display hypnotic induction

  • The Hypnosis System

    The Hypnosis System

    Realistic Fiction R18 SYSTEM HAREM

    Ben's life becomes much more ... interesting when he discovers a magical stopwatch on his way home from school. Using the stopwatch, Ben will hypnotize and use any woman he fancies. R18 scenes are marked with an asterisk (*)

  • You Will Marry Me

    You Will Marry Me

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18

    My name is Akira Onjo, and this is the story of how I hypnotized my wife when we were kids. But I'm not evil, even if I did something unspeakable to her.

  • Stolen Mermaid - An Erotic One Shot

    Stolen Mermaid - An Erotic One Shot

    Fantasy R18 DARK

    She was my obsession. A beautiful creature I couldn't stop thinking about.And when another mermaid told me how I could be with her, I couldn't resist. Captivated by her hypnotic appeal I had no choice but to see if the myth was true.To see if I truly could have a taste of the forbidden...

  • Into the magic realm

    Into the magic realm



    [ON HIATUS]Zyda Sylph, an 18 year old girl faces tragedy as her parents face sudden death, leaving her to look after her younger brother. Their life becomes somber as they get into an argument, forcing them to separate. Zyda decides to seek for her brother, however, who knew that seeking her brother would turn into a magic discovery? As she discovers her hidden abilities, she finds secrets that were long buried. "Remember you can't know foe or friend, everything comes with a price, " whispered a voice in her mind. Amidst the discovery of secrets, a man approaches her claiming to be her past lover. However, why doesn't she recall anything about him? Zyda stared into his dark eyes and saw the strangely familiar emotions. His hypnotic voice vibrated into her mind as he asked, "Have you finally seen them?" He was so close that an inch closer would connect their lips.....

  • The Spiral of Daisies

    The Spiral of Daisies

    It was fascinating. Hypnotism, that is. This idea of letting go, it caught and enraptured Fata. But Daisy, she had other plans. --Copyright 2021@dreamsfalldown

  • Scum's Rebirth Apocalypse (BL)

    Scum's Rebirth Apocalypse (BL)


    He just died from starvation.In a World where monsters roamed everywhere and Humans were no longer the top of the Foodchain, Food became sacred. 'Fuck. If i knew this was gonna happen in the future, I would have spent my money on eating as much pizza as i can.'He thought so with a regretful face. *******"I don't like it Vi, I don't like to see you looking at someone else." Whispering over and over at Vincent's ear, Elias continued to say it as if wanting to hypnotized the guy under him. 'Yeah! I can tell by how your dick is drilling my ass! It's pretty obvious!' Vincent replied sarcastically in his mind before his mind was overwhelmed by pleasure.Read the Experiences of the Selfish Lazy Scum alongside a Psycho Yandere in the Apocalypse![WARNING: Sexual Scenes, Smut, etc]

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