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  • IMP


    He was hunted by some Centuars and Satyrs after he'd breached the orders of the underworld. Then they pursued him till he lost them to a forest. He was found by some of the creatures who he killed. He stayed in the forest for a while till a lady came to the forest. He was surprised to realize that other creatures existed and stole after her till he found a voluptuous village. He returned to his stead (the trunk of a tree) and would go to steal the babies of the inhabitants of the village. He kept on this and travelled to other parts of sewn villages whenever there was no baby to steal anymore. Nemesis caught up with him when it was time for him to be stolen. Ah! He who steal will be stolen.

  • IMP



    He was hunted by some Centuars and Satyrs after he'd breached the orders of the underworld. Then they pursued him till he lost them to a forest. He was found by some of the creatures who he killed. He stayed in the forest for a while till a lady came to the forest. He was surprised to realize that other creatures existed and stole after her till he found a voluptuous village. He returned to his stead (the trunk of a tree) and would go to steal the babies of the inhabitants of the village. He kept on this and travelled to other parts of sewn villages whenever there was no baby to steal anymore. Nemesis caught up with him when it was time for him to be stolen. Ah! He who steal will be stolen.

  • The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

    The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!


    Yun Jiu was an ace special agent, but after escaping from her organization, she ended up transmigrating into the body of a girl called Yun Chujiu. And she was... the weirdest girl in Ye City... Useless, ugly, trash who can't cultivate, ungrateful wretch who backstabbed her adopted family for the enemy family. But excuse me, I'm ugly?! I'll turn into a butterfly and blind all of you with my beauty! I'm TRASH?! I have celestial lightning in my hands! I'll roast all of you to a crisp! I'll walk across the lands with my sharp tongue as my weapon, and you can all fawn over me! But a certain supreme lord just held his weapons and cut down all of the people who admire her... And a certain girl just smiled. "If you cut down my admirers, I'll destroy your admires. We're both evil wretches, if we're together, aren't we just a match made in hell?"   

  • The Imp

    The Imp


  • Demon's Virtue

    Demon's Virtue

    Fantasy EVOLUTION


    "Bleh." - Imp An Imp, a monster known to kill with a grin, a demon of the world, a creature of incredible might! Something that no force in the world can stand against! At least that's what the Main Character would like himself to be, the reality is very different, however. Exactly that Imp stumbles along a path of unfortunate fortunes and grows through it, in a world that hates its very existence. It grows more intelligent, more powerful, simply better at whatever it needs to do. Amongst other things, that includes raising children, killing Soldiers, and carving wooden figurines for money.

  • the evolution imp

    the evolution imp

  • Curiosity Killed The Imp

    Curiosity Killed The Imp

    Aeris is a place of endless conflict. Bloody evolution is the way forward, and the closed fist is the path given. Life is a luxury granted only to the strong. In a tiny place, at the edge of a volcanic land, is born an imp. An imp no different from any other save one thing. An anomaly in its code. A blip in its creation. For unlike other imps, this one was born…curious. Book Cover by Betty Elgyn:

  • The ugly holy Imp

    The ugly holy Imp


    A kind man was simply wondering through life.He died and reincarnates.As a unicorn.2 problems.First, due to the shape of his soul, he is humanoid.Second, he is in hell.

  • I'm an Imp, Baby!!

    I'm an Imp, Baby!!


  • Impératrice



    On suis l'histoire d'un réincarner d'un mortel a la divinité de destruction et de mort!!

  • I was reborn as an imp. So what?

    I was reborn as an imp. So what?



    In 2087, a new game has been released called Haven. It is a fantasy world nearly akin to reality, around 100 times the size of earth many believe it to become the new world of humanity. People will flock to this game like moths to a flame and attempt to become the strongest in the world. Luke is a normal teenager, goes to class and plays games. After finding a Haven VR system on his way back from school, he rushes home, but before he could get there, a rip in space opens and instantly kills him. He gets reincarnated as an imp in the Strata, a huge dungeon that spans most of the new world Luke finds himself in. He’s in Haven Armed with an op system and all of his gaming knowledge, Luke fights his way to the top and becomes the strongest player in the game. // hi there this is the author. English is not my first language so please excuse me if I make any errors. Please vote and comment to see more chapter. :) Not my artwork, if it is yours please tell me and I will change it//

  • Imps Evolution

    Imps Evolution



    This is a story about a 19 year old male human named Zero who gets reincarnated as a Imp in a world with magic, most humans don't like monsters but some like them.Zero has the same Instincts as monsters do even though he was once human.Main Characters Looks: Zero looks like a handsome human he has sliver hair, but has red Imp horns, Imp tail, and Imp wings.Warning: this novel will contain lots of sex and violence

  • Moi, impératrice

    Moi, impératrice

    Cadre dans une grande entreprise, Amélia est ce que l'on peut appeler une esclave des temps moderne. Ne pensant qu'a satisfaire ses maitres et ne faisant que cela, le peu d'activités qu'elle exercer en dehors de sa tour sont : la lecture, la récupération de sommeil et s'alimenter.Après avoir terminé un ouvrage, notre héroïne se retrouver transporter dans celui-ci, elle transmigre dans la peau d'une femme dont elle partage le nom.Déterminée à survivre à défaut de réussir à retourner chez elle, elle va se servir de toutes ce qu'elle sait pour éviter la mort atroce qui l'attend." je survivrais et si je dois mourir, alors je le ferai avec le sourire"Mais tenter de changer une histoire déjà écrite peut-être dangereux...

  • Imps of Aioa

    Imps of Aioa


    RedBeeSAndAmber2's Real Name is Treasure Marie Denise Jackson and I am her, I collaborated with GOD A.K.A. Jesus Christ To help me write this book.Imps are no longer Demons in this story, but a separate species of humans derived from a little girl's prayer that a non-demonic one exists 5,000 years ago after reading of a girl like one in a book.Today, Witches kidnap Imps to keep as household servants, pets, and genies. If a genie, they are sold before the owner's death for fear of going to hell when the owner of the Imp died.To Save Them, God has made two detectives to rescue the enslaved populace from the witches and warlock that threaten their safety.Witchcraft is deadly to both the witch and the victim in some cases, don't do it! It's forbidden in the bible! Jesus Christ forbade it!_________________________________________________________________________This story is copyrighted. (Copr. ©)The copyright symbol, or copyright sign, ©, is the symbol used in copyright notices for works other than sound recordings. The use of the symbol is described by the Universal Copyright Convention.Copyright refers to the legal right of the owner of intellectual property. ... This means that the original creators of products and anyone they give authorization to are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce the work.

  • Belezas Do Império

    Belezas Do Império

    An Su só tinha um objetivo...Recuperar o que era seu de direito, mas para isso ela teria que jogar um jogo perigoso, sem aliados e com inimigos em todo lugar a jovem princesa teria que encontrar maneiras de virar o jogo, disposta a tudo ela joga alto e talvez a queda seja alta também. Quatro mulheres, um jogo e apenas uma vencedora...Quem será a Imperatriz?

  • o império das formigas

    o império das formigas


    ok, como começar a minha história?............seres inferiores ouçam minha história?...não...oi humanos, aqui é anthony o youtuber...muito clichê...espera, acho que sei como começar*som de tambores*olá a todos eu sou anthony o imperador da raça das formigas imperiais, forte o bastante para uma operária destruir um universo e essa é a minha história de uma formiga da terra até um deus----------------------------------------------------------------------------------estou escrevendo isso apenas para a diversão e provavelmente irei parar logo, mas se isso acontecer e alguem quiser continuar me mande um e-mailnicolashenrique3458@gmail.comse eu não parar e alguem quiser publicar em outra plataforma só me mande um e-mailtentarei trabalhar duro para 1 capitulo por semana mas pode demorar até 2 meses para atualizarsou muito preguiçoso então não esperem pontuação, principalmente virgulasnão irei deixar pago mas se isso continuar farei um livro imagens de capa tambem são aceitascomo já devem ter previsto não haverá um harem capitulos +500 palavras





    "THE END IS HERE" The only sentence which made sense in the situation Mark was in. Trying to take the easy way out from all the horrors of his life Mark Blaze encountered the eruption of Zombies. The fight for survival has started. Would Mark be able to survive while facing his dark past he wanted to get away from or would he lose everything once again? IMP NOTE- THE MC IS NOT COLD BLOODED AND ISN'T A SOLO WARRIOR. IF YOU EXPECT THAT KIND OF CHARACTER THEN I CAN ONLY SAY THIS BOOK DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU THAT.

  • Sweet Seventies: All Six Cute Kids are Big Shots

    Sweet Seventies: All Six Cute Kids are Big Shots

    Romance BABY


    Ding Jun was a deliberate celibate who lived out a life of elegant indulgence… and transmigrated to the seventies. Not only was she the second wife, but her husband was also a military man who left her at his house, and she had to deal with his six children once she opened her eyes. With six little ones depending on her and leaving her in a bind, she promptly called Chen Zhiguo, her husband, and said, “Come back. We’re getting divorced.” Chen Zhiguo rushed home to find that the woman had left the six little imps thoroughly discipline, his Adam’s apple rolling unwittingly at her slim waist and fair cheeks. Ding Jun turned to find that her husband had a celebrity’s good looks and a muscular figure, and was rendered speechless… “Why don’t we give it a try?”

  • Hell's Insanity

    Hell's Insanity


    "For it was told by the old books, where angels and demons collide" "When gods shall stretch their rule and dominion" "Ye have not be forgotten" "For men shall covet power". ........................................................................... In the year 3040 Earth has reached its limits, its resources depleted, its ecosystem destroyed, even humanity hangs on its last rope due to its severe overpopulation. Conquering space was our only hope, but with the help of several talented scientists in their various fields coming together, made such a dream a possibility. Unfortunately, in the year 3045, an earthquake on a global scale sent every human on earth into a frenzy. At that point, a voice was heard by everyone, as a template hanged in the sky. A question with two choices, an answer that decided one's destiny from that day onward. But unfortunately, not everyone picked the right choice. Elijah kingsman was a 19 years old university freshman, who had just escaped the horrors of world war 3, couldn't have picked a better day to make the worst decision of his life. As his judgement, his very being was sent to limbo by an undead giant. There he meets an imp far different from his average fantasy personage. Coerced to make a deal, Elijah made a deal that would change his life forever. ............................................................................... “Don’t worry boy” “It seems I haven’t introduced myself,” the imp said widening the smile on its face. “I am Deltrich, ‘he who bears the Principality of knowledge’” Elijah wasn’t sure if he saw a ray of light coming from Deltrich. But he was sure of one thing, that this was no ordinary imp. Deltrich who was already done with his introduction, saw Elijah looking at him in awe, puffed his chest up in pride. “I am sure there’s nothing you have that I want and nothing you can give that I desire”. Deltrich said choosing to break the atmosphere. “In other words, a deal which I’m sure would be satisfying to both parties” Elijah who wasn’t used to this type of situation scrunched his face up in frustration. He knew Deltrich,’ the Imp’ wasn’t his usual fantasy personage, so he decided to keep his mouth shut and listen to what Deltrich had to say. “In return, you shall ask me anything you want and I shall offer if it’s beneath my power”. ....................................................................... Chapter updates! 7 days a week ( 1,500 words to 2,000 words) GMT +08:00 ......................................................................... Donate to support the author! ........................................................................ Disclaimer! The cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. Found on Pinterest.

  • A Star-Crossed 

    A Star-Crossed World


    What would you do if you were forced to live in a World where nightmares roam free, and curses could be blessings in disguise? This is a story about a boy who knows little about his past, but has a fascinating future. For this boy could be his world’s Salvation or it's Destruction.The choices he makes are entirely his to make for he holds the power to rewrite his own fate. But heed these words wisely. ‘The brighter the light , the bigger the shadows.