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  • Impregnated with an Alpha

    Impregnated with an Alpha


    Lois is a normal teenager ... well not all of themShe moves at Beacon Hills and meets the beautiful and dark Jaden. They hides a heavy secret that could destroy them and all those they care about.DISCLAIMER: This is a fanfic about the TikTokers and the serie Teen Wolf.DISCLAIMER # 2: there is a bit of violence so be careful with sensitive people.with the participation of Loïs of the tiktok account story.jxdn_ll (the story will also be posted there in french)

  • I Accidentally Impregnated a God

    I Accidentally Impregnated a God


    Cane Astro, a doctor at K Doctors Hospital accidentally had sex with a woman in order to save her. When he suddenly died of an unknown cause, he got reincarnated to the him that lived in a post-apocalyptic world. Later on, an unknown voice told him that the woman he saved was an avatar of a God and she gave birth to his child. Would he be able to reunite with that woman and his child?How will he be able to survive in a world governed by superhumans?

  • Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife

    Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife



    [COMPLETED] Ace Carter Greyson, her husband of five long years forcefully divorced her on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary. Reason? Simply because she can't bear him a male heir. Phoenix begged him to stay but his decision was firm and unbendable so she finally let him go. Her life was even more shattered after she discovered his long time affair with his secretary, and now, the mistress was pregnant. Just months after their divorce he married the impregnated secretary. Phoenix's world suddenly turns upside down when she discovers she's four months pregnant.[CHAPTER 1 to 190]

  • Accidentally Impregnant By A Mafia Boss

    Accidentally Impregnant By A Mafia Boss

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION

    She was drunk but he wasn't.She is not his type but he was smitten by her.He don't have a plan having a family but he made one.He hates responsibilities and scared of commitment but why does he want to be responsible for her and his baby? But why did he commit to take care of them and protect them from his enemy?

  • Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle – The Black Sorcerer

    Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle – The Black Sorcerer


    Novel of famous Japanese manga by the name of Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle – The Black Sorcerer Is Offered a Seat as a Member of the Demon King Army’s Top Brass After Being Kicked out of the Hero’s Party Because They Didn’t Need Debuffs

  • You Are My Omega

    You Are My Omega


    Was It wrong that he was born as an omega with his siblings being an alpha? Ethan Aoki is the youngest out of the triplets of the well-known Alpha family. His whole family are all alpha thus his parents separated him from them.~~"Am I a tool for you to use for the sake of your happiness?! You made me go in heat then you made you're own husband sleep with me in order to have this child! How dare you do that to me Elise?!" said ethan."You are an omega ethan, that is one of your job as an omega so you should be lucky that my husband was able to impregnate you""I have my own life! I have a lover whom I love! You can't do this to me!"~~~Lock away by his own family in order to hide the truth from others. He was betrayed by his own flesh and blood, by the time he was free, he discover that even his lover betrayed him too.draft (0)

  • Job Change For Everyone: My Job Can Infinitely Evolve

    Job Change For Everyone: My Job Can Infinitely Evolve



    "The world underwent a mutation that year. The game world appeared in reality and various disasters started to ravage the world. To resist all of this, everyone had to plan for their job choice, manically level up, and strive to become stronger. There were mages, warriors, knights, and summoners—over 100 different kinds of jobs. This was a job that a person would be stuck with his entire life. Thus, everyone chose cautiously. Out of this dazzling array of jobs, Moses picked Knight—which had the most average ability value—to be his job. At the same time, he also awakened the Hundredfold Increase System. ""Ding! Detected that the host learned Shielding. The skill has become Absolute Defense after the hundredfold increase!"" ""Ding! Detected that the host learned Defensive Domain. The skill has become No Damage Domain after the hundredfold increase!"" At the same time, Moses also discovered that his job could evolve infinitely! ""Ding! Detected that the host's Knight job has met the conditions for a hundredfold increase. The job has become Great Knight... Paladin... Impregnable Fortress!"

  • Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories

    Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories


    Seven years ago, Shen Qianshu is impregnated with Ye Ling's child in an accident. Seven years later, the little boy becomes famous and is thought of as the nation's son. When he suddenly sees Ye Ling appear, he greets, "Hello, Daddy?" Ye Ling watches as the little prince roars, "Where's my princess?" Just as Shen Qianshu is preparing to run with her son, she gets pushed down by Ye Ling. "You can leave if you want, but leave me a princess first. Let's have another baby!"

  • Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO

    Crazy Job from Beautiful Ice CEO

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY


    * (Mature Contents, just for 21+) * WFP #29; Role Reversal Silver Winner "Then what easy job will you be able to pay me thousands of dollars?" asked Daniel curiously. "The job I offer you is ...," Bianca paused, her body leaning forward to get closer to Daniel. "Impregnate me ..." Bianca's words were like the cold aura from the South Pole freezing Daniel's body. Daniel froze in silence in his place. "What?" said Daniel, his eyes bulging in disbelief. "Impregnate you?" "Gosh, that means me and ... y-you ..!" shouted Daniel in frustration and stared at Bianca in disbelief at his own words. Even Daniel was unable to continue his sentence. "Yes, we sleep together. We have sex," Bianca replied frontally without a hitch. _______________ Bianca Henderson, a cold stubborn girl who hates men very much. The one who earned the nickname Beautiful Ice CEO met Daniel in a small accident. And she unexpectedly offers Daniel a crazy job. The girl asked Daniel to impregnate her. Daniel Kendrick, a college student who has bad luck gets to deal with Bianca. He couldn't escape the woman's crazy offer when he was faced with another difficult choice. At first he hates her, but everything changes when he finds out the reason behind Bianca's cold and cruel nature. Makes him determined to change the girl and melting her ice heart. Annastasia Henderson, Bianca's step sister who is very greedy for wealth. She is ambitious and intends to destroy Bianca. She hooks William Zandrov as her boyfriend to smooth all her evil plans. What is the reason for Bianca to hire Daniel? Why is she so ambitious to have children as soon as possible? Can Daniel change the character of Ice CEO Bianca? Is her father willing to accept Bianca's child, who is actually a child outside of marriage? What will Anna do to destroy Bianca and the baby? Can Bianca survive to keep her baby?

  • Surrogate For Cool CEO Then Become His Wife

    Surrogate For Cool CEO Then Become His Wife


    # EXCLUSIVE LOVE Lin Chaoyu's mother was ill, and the treatment cost was astronomical. Hence, she had no choice but to apply as a surrogate to save her mother’s life. Yet, she never thought that the person who needed a surrogate was the gentleman who had a one-night stand with her the night before! The two signed an agreement only for the man to tell her that the surrogacy was not through artificial insemination, but natural conception. With no recourse, she was impregnated day and night as the man’s huge object pounded inside her all night, only pulling out after dawn. Yet, before she could breathe any sigh of relief, she had multitudes of "stuff" rammed into her. "It’ll make it easier for you to get pregnant," the man dared to say that. However, Lin Chaoyu blacked out when she saw a house full of sex toys. "Somebody, anybody, help! I quit!" Tang Pengze was allergic to women, yet, with his family eyeing his inheritance, he needed a child to solidify his position. He never expected his allergy to not trigger before a woman barged into his room and abandoned him after "using" him. After that night, the woman disappeared, and he had no luck finding her. On the second day, however, this woman — who was compatible with him — handed herself to him on a silver platter and signed up as a surrogate mother. With things as they were, he would love her, dote on her every single day, and she could forget about leaving.

  • Thot hunting System

    Thot hunting System



    Just add this to your library. Isn't the cover enough to entice you? - Arriving in Tokyo in order to start his college life and to have his multiple sex fantasies come true, he knew it would take time. But never would've he thought that he would lose his own virginity to his friend's girlfriend. Nonetheless, he wasn't the one who lost his virginity, but the system itself. ['The Virgin who just lost his own virginity' host accepted] Now with a system with him, how would his life turn out? -------------- Tags: Ahegao, anal, aunt, ball sucking, big ass, big breast, bloomers, blowjob, blowjob face, business suit, cheating, cunnilingus, deepthroat, defloration, facial hair, femdom, glasses, group, hairy, harem, huge breast, impregnation, incest, inverted nipples, latex, lingerie, milf, mind break, mind control, mother, nakadashi, netori, paizuri, pantyhose, teacher, virginity, cervix penetration, double blowjob, drugs, emotionless sex, exhibitionism, ffm threesome, glory hole, gokkun, kissing, rim job, saliva, small breast, stockings, stomach deformation, condom, raw, gyaru, widow, cousin, inflation, masturbation, futanari, system, dark skin, married women, prostitutes, mind break, BDSM, bondage, filmed, reverse gangbang, Loli, maid, drama, physiological.

  • 100 Wives of Naruto [COMPLETE] by Frocto (Hentai)

    100 Wives of Naruto [COMPLETE] by Frocto (Hentai)


    Note: Average 5000 words/chapter [HENTAI]Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. This is from a fanfic by Frocto'm just copy pasting it here since I found it to be really goodThere is nothing extra that I've addedIf need be I can take it downp.s. the cover pic is Frocto profile pic

  • Erotic Novel(NSFW)

    Erotic Novel(NSFW)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18

    It's basically porn, but with some plot (both kinds) and emotional elements. You get to screw and impregnate a beauty with hips like a goddess. Also she loves you. So, yeah... Enjoy..........Dear future me,{You were really fuckin' horny, ok. (over a period of many days)Don't blame yourself because you made this and actually spent more effort and time on it than most other things. You stay up in your pajamas laying in bed till like 3 in the morning, what did you expect??? Unless you aren't embarrassed... Then wank to your heart's content!}

  • Enslaved Sister Harem

    Enslaved Sister Harem


    Check other novel: •Age of Lords: I, The Only Player Who Can Top-Up On the Server. ........... A guy dies and faces a god who offers him vague promises of a better life as long as he carries out the God's plan. However, when that plan involves tracking down, enslaving, and impregnating his five sisters, what's he going to do? With a careful wit, a yandere mother, and no clue… an MC in the body of a hated devil must conquer his sisters and the human realm by force! With an intelligent main character that thinks in creative ways, and plenty of heart wrenching archetypes to argue over who "best girl" is, this is a thought out and enjoyable read. Warning : Hello guys this novel is written by "WHATSAWHIZZER" . Copyright 2022 - Whatsawhizzer Web Novels Book cover is not mine . If you want me to remove Book Cover tell me If you want me to remove this novel just let me know . Tags :-harem, incest, male-lead, pregnancy, slavery ,erotica, fantasy, isekai ,smut, animal girl, pregnancy, siscon , incest , slavery, hentai, clever protagonist, overpowered, mothercon, NTR, yandere

  • My semen is the strongest resource in this cultivation world!

    My semen is the strongest resource in this cultivation world!



    When I was still living on earth, I was a famous doctor. I was called the girls miracle doctor. Many people asked for my services, but I only accepted women, extremely beautiful women. The reason for this was that my way of healing them was a little different. I impregnated them with my semen and they healed! Once, the husband of a patient of mine found out that 'his' son was indeed mine and in revenge he killed me. When I thought it was all over, I woke up in the arms of a beautiful woman. From my many years as a doctor, I knew she was ill. In this new world, my first mission came. As a doctor, I can't leave a patient without treatment!

  • I am succubus' favorite food.

    I am succubus' favorite food.


    Arseny's father is considered a monster by all who know him, but no one knows that his greatest achievement was to impregnate a succubus that caused Arseny to have a genetic inheritance that will lead him to be persecuted by everyone in the demon world "Arseny make a contract with us. We will give you the greatest pleasure of all, as well as the protection and guidance of all succubus"

  • The Ruthless Wolf

    The Ruthless Wolf

    He is evil.Some say he is a monster, a demon in disguise.The gods and every supernatural being are scared of him, including his father.His father, the king of all supernaturals and a half Lycan werewolf and vampire, had impregnated his mother and left them in a faraway undisclosed place, going back to his kingdom and back into his mate's arms and their son.Seven years later, he appeared claiming to be his son, and when the young boy got challenged by the gods, he defeated Zeus sending fears into the hearts of every gods, monsters and supernatural beings.He was a shape-shifter and has all the whole supernatural powers and no one dares to speak when he talks.He was called Ruthless because no one knows his real name. He listens to no one, not even his father, his step mother or his half brother until an unknown ugly chubby girl walks into the supernatural school and Ruthless finds himself melting and his two cold hearts changing.Vala, a half dragon, demon and elf, was sent on a mission to the supernatural school, make Ruthless fall in love with her and steal one of his heart's to unlock the chains that binds her father, Lucifer's brother.Stealing any of his heart's is hard and impossible, and falling in love wasn't part of her plan.Will she succeed in her mission?Can she change Ruthless?Do not Take credit or Plagiarize this story.

  • My Double Sex System

    My Double Sex System


    THE DOUBLE SEX SYSTEM Name: DaveAge: 17 yearsRace: HumanGender: MalePartners: NoneSkills: NonePoints: 0System level: 1_____________________Buyable skills [Level 1]1.) [Arousal scent] (Price 100 points) Low level Skill description: Will make women around you feel aroused and sexually attracted to you. [Permanent](The more you level up the the stronger it gets)2.) [Stamina] (50 points ) Low level Skill description: Increase sexual stamina (allows you to last longer in bed)3.) [Pregnancy switch] (100 points) Skill description: Allows you to determine if you want to impregnate a chick [Permanent]4.) [Semen volume] (50 points) Low level Skill description: Increase semen (fill her womb)5.) [Penis size] (50 points) Low level Skill description: Increase penis size(Allow it enter her womb [Permanent ]___________________________________________________________________________Note: Skills will unlock as you level up Skills will vanish if not acquired before level up and cannot be retrieved ____________________________________________________________________________Points earning methods [System 1]See a woman nude [10 points]Touch a woman's breast or ass without her knowledge [20 points]Note: Points will not be gained during sex_______________________________________________________Points earning methods [System 2]Kiss[10 points]Cunninglingus [50 points]Fellatio [50 points]Vaginal sex [100 points]Anal sex [150 points]Points will be multiplied by 10 if it's the girl's first time______________________________________________________Side effect[Sex lust]:Lose control of your body with extreme sexual lust for 1 hour




    I've seen plenty of anime, manga, light novels, etc where the main character is the only guy in an all-girls school and perverted antics ensue, those are what inspired me to write my own. This is a fictional story, due to the subject matter it's rather unrealistic, I don't plan on having any of the magic/supernatural stuff that a lot of those anime and such have, but still, a guy in an all-girls school is pretty unrealistic on its own. It takes place in a 100% fictional school. A common trend among those anime/manga is the main character having a harem, and as you may have judged from the title this story will certainly contain those elements.A fair warning, parts of this story may drag at points, it'll take a bit to get to the sexy time. That's just the way I like to do things, I like to have a lot of setups. But I assure you, when the action does finally start, it pops off. I'd like to do multiple parts to this story, given the feedback is decent of course. So please, by all means, give me your feedback. And if you've got any suggestions and ideas or tips, then let me hear them.As always, please forgive me for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I never claimed to be a great writer, but I certainly try my best.All characters in this story are 18 years or older.Disclaimers: This tale's fictional fuckers are over 18. Tags: bisexual, mature, impregnation, harem, fuckfest, school, lucky guy, reality-based. If you object, stop reading. Voices and details may be unreliable.

  • ShitShitPissPissMan


    i want him to impregnate me