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  • Luna Jupiter

    Luna Jupiter


    "you are no ordinary werewolf my dear Jupiter, you are special, extra out of the ordinary" Jupiter kept meditating on the words she last heard her mother said to her not knowing what significance they held to the werewolf race.

  • The Story Of Jupiter

    The Story Of Jupiter

    A dragon prince finally is able to travel his domain when a dangerous war has ended he meets up with many other dragons on the way and discovers his fathers greatest enemy is still alive, he finds himself stay with a dragon named Trax, A mysterious dragon with metal scales and a hidden identity. The other has found she has small feelings for him but is just to cocky to admit it...

  • The Wrath Of Jupiter (Tagalog/Filipino)

    The Wrath Of Jupiter (Tagalog/Filipino)


    Portia Jade Montenegro cares about only one thing, ang iahon ang kaniyang sarili sa kahirapan. She only wanted to earn money but who would've thought that she would earn the love and lust of his unpredictable and ruthless boss too?

  • The Kings: Tales Of Devour Temptation

    The Kings: Tales Of Devour Temptation



    WARNING MATURE CONTENT 21+ (KONTEN DEWASA)!! Bagi Jupiter, Ares adalah jiwanya. Bagi Ares, Jupiter seperti napas kehidupannya. Si kembar King, Jupiter dan Ares tak pernah terpisahkan oleh apa pun. Sedari kecil, Jupiter adalah kakak sekaligus perisai pelindung bagi Ares adiknya. Ia akan mengorbankan hidupnya untuk kebahagiaan dan keselamatan Ares. Ikatan cinta persaudaraan Ares pada Jupiter yang begitu besar diuji saat Putri Alexander hadir di tengah-tengah mereka. Ares jatuh cinta pada Putri semenjak mereka masih kanak-kanak. Putri adalah cinta pertama sekaligus cinta sejatinya selamanya. Namun Putri membenci Ares. Karena perilaku nakalnya, Ares ditakuti dan dijauhi oleh Putri. Sebaliknya, Putri menyukai dan dekat dengan kembaran Ares yaitu Jupiter. Bahkan ketika mereka dewasa, Jupiter malah bertunangan dengan Putri. Lalu bagaimana nasib Ares yang harus menahan sakitnya cinta tak berbalas? Haruskah ia merebut Putri dari saudara kembar yang juga sangat ia cintai hanya karena ia tak bisa melepaskan cinta pertamanya? “Kamu adalah gairah yang gak bisa Kakak miliki. Darah Kakak memanas saat kamu mendekat ... dan berhenti gigit bibir kamu! Kakak bisa gila hanya dengan memikirkannya saja!” gumam Ares dengan suara berat yang membuat bulu kuduk Putri langsung berdiri. “Kak ...” hanya gumam lembut yang terdengar dari bibir mungil Putri yang terpaku menatap Ares. “You’re such a Goddess!” desah Ares saat mencumbu lembut bibir Putri. (Novel ini adalah salah satu sekuel dari seri The Seven Wolves, selamat membaca!!) Follow my IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

  • Space war mars ♾ Jupiter

    Space war mars ♾ Jupiter

    Our planet, in 2050, began to migrate to other planets in order to reproduce humans in the future. Because in the next 500 years or so the earth will continue to change dramatically and natural disasters caused by global warming will increase dramatically due to man-made garbage dumps or limited natural causes in the earth, people are digging and abuse. Humans began to suffer from the effects of the 2030s, with a number of bizarre viruses that left humans short lived and untreated, and the glaciers on the roof began to melt, raising sea levels. a giant wave and a high risk for the island nation. Climate change, extreme heat, drought and difficulties for other crops, and population decline. So to solve all these problems, the United Nations (UPD) voted together and experimented with Universal NS and Space M and its affiliates to send 1 million people to live on Mars formed a worldwide likeness that humans can live with. In particular, a large number of stored human sperm has also been brought to these groups of people and scientists. Because the rest of the people living on Earth have agreed to a treaty whereby they will agree to stay in the XC box machine to sleep and end their lives as patients in a coma. The time limit made them wake up from the machine. For the Earth to return to its original state, it will take a short period of 1,000 years for the robot to be able to decontaminate chemicals from nuclear and other waste by refining modern scientific techniques without the need for hundreds of million years ago. And the building of unmanned houses collapsed, the green environment returned, and many animals came out to live on the streets of the city, just like in the early days of the human race. For people living in the engine room, it is hidden in a spaceship on the high seas and controlled by robots. Each of them falls asleep like the modern dream world created by advanced technological systems. For the inhabitants of the planet, Mar used the RP, which made them immortal but infertile, so they had to rely on the fertilization of human sperm from Earth. They also built a second modern city after Earth on Mars, their second home. And, of course, when they moved the inhabitants of the planet, the mysteries of the aliens revealed that in our universe, not just a group of human beings living in the universe. There are different aliens that live and have different species……

  • Jupiter: The Game as a Male Assassin

    Jupiter: The Game as a Male Assassin


    The virtual reality game billions have been waiting for;Forge."Your path, your reality."...With no one to rely on, obese seventeen-year-old Jun Sen only had herself. She juggled multiple jobs to keep a roof over her head, not having enough money to be able to pay attention to anything else.Her life was not about living, but surviving.After hearing about a 4D VRMMORPG that was soon to be released, then learning one could earn big from playing it, she jumped to buy the first copy. So with a lifetime's worth of saved money, Jun Sen made the purchase.But the things that came of this seemingly simple purchase were not what she expected......-- Not yuri.-- No heavy gore.-- There is romance.-- Whether this is a slow burn or not is to be decided.

  • Jupiter's Rising

    Jupiter's Rising

    Living a regular life as a college dropout, a self employed internet addict with a lack of a girlfriend since his whole carreer change, Jupiter finds himself alone and uninterested in anything really. It all changes when he impulsivily buys an item from a not so smart pirate which turns into an unexpected meeting with slime god. Follow along to find out just how, what and where our buddy Jupiter potentially loses his sanity on this adventure of dimensional proportions! Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/ Game Elements ***EVERYONE! I have been thinking this synopsis isn't that wonderful lately, wanting to get my readers to let me know in the comments if you who have read so far can think of a better one? I'd appreciate the assist if possible, though I may not change it unless a better one comes I am looking for ideas! Thank you all! -Flow

  • Jupiter’s Book

    Jupiter’s Book


    He, who was the first to obtain all seven blessings. He, who was able to cut through the heavens. He, who was able to control the storms. He, who dominated the seas. He, who was unknown to every man and woman on Araganatos. The man who was hailed to be the Human God by the God’s themselves. After the great battle with the Grey one and defeating him, he wrote the records of the seven temples in each book. Seven books spread throughout the world. Seven books for seven chosen one’s. After spreading them, he finally decided to end his life. This is the tale of one of The Seven King’s of Araganatos. This is the story of Tempest, the one who was destined with Jupiter’s Book.-Picture not mine.

  • Her Beast

    Her Beast

    "Get away from me, don't touch me" Angelina cried. As i pinned her to the wall, and watch her as she struggled to leave my arms, she noticed the huge grin on my face. " You bastard, I repeat, don't you dare touch me" An evil smile which was evident on my face, and i said. "Why don't you want me to touch you, am all yours remember" he whispered into her ears which made her weakhe could hear her heart beat so loudly and watch her as she grits her teeth which made him press her the more on the wall "because you know I affect you so much"He is Xavier Knight, he is a god, he is not gonna obey a woman. Especially not the woman he want to have, as his own.HE IS XAVIER KNIGHTHE IS MEAN, HE IS CRUEL,ESPECIALLY,HE LOVES BREAKING FINGERSHe is the next king of planet Jupiter, No one controls him. And the girl, Angelina, She's mine, and am for her.She's pure, am the evil, She's the light, am the darkness.She adds laughter to my world.As for me, i add fear to the hearts of those who my cross path. And am greedy for her, for bringing her to my world, which is full of darkness, which I know will hurt her.But remember!!! No one touches what is "MINE"



  • Pregnant with twins!

    Pregnant with twins!

    Omega Jupe or Jupiter is married to Noah an alpha they have been married for about five years. They have been trying for three years to have a baby they have been unsuccessful until now.

  • Son of Lupa

    Son of Lupa

  • The Thirteenth Master [BL]

    The Thirteenth Master [BL]


    A series of mysterious events haunts the people of Middle Kingdom: the attack of deadly vipers, sudden disappearance of maidens, bloody moon and the Frightening One at Grave Sea. The Emperor wrote a decree calling out to all masters and skillful martial artists across the kingdom to join hands and investigate the cases disrupting the kingdom’s peace.At the most-awaited Assembly, a figure who has not been seen for a long time suddenly reappeared. The thirteenth master of Middle Kingdom descended from the mountain after seclusion of six years. Together with new and old acquaintances, the thirteenth master set out to unfold the horrors threatening the kingdom’s glory and the people’s safety.

  • Universe Health Care

    Universe Health Care

    " Doctor my tummy hurt" " ok let me take a look, shit you got and Alien, Nurse get the Laser ready " "Doctor , I think I was touch by god and i going to have a kid" " ok let me take a look at that, mmm' well I got a bad and good news for you, the good news you are pregnant the bad news it was not by god, but by a rapist angel but don't worry I have already contacted the Men with Black 'suits' they should located him and make him pay you" " Doctor, doctor I have been curse, look at my face it is all deform" " nope you are just ugly, but I can fix it "(I repeat this is fictional, I am not a doctor so ******do not follow any of this medical advice***** , my alien treatment won't work on you sorry,)

  • Hollow Nights

    Hollow Nights

    this story follows saito, whom after transmigrating loses almost everything. The family in his past life, the support of his father and mother on this new life, money, friends and his sight. followed him as he learn to embrace darkness and tried to survive and raise over every obstacle that he meets.

  • God made man, magic kept them equal, but my Colt kept me free

    God made man, magic kept them equal, but my Colt kept me free

    a man is trasnported to a magical realm, were magic rules. because the god is bored he decide to have a magic vs cowboy theme, therefore he decide to give Samuel the red system. A system that will make you the best cowboy. follow Samuel as he discovers how to use red, and develop trick to fight off magic, and maybe a dragon or two, with his guns. PS I am American and we love our guns however I won't bored you with every detail describing a guns if u love them u know them and if u don't then u don't care and it just going to be unnecessary info also don't expect modern weapons at all, this is a old west theme so only up to 1940 depending the country ( Mexico also part of the old west theme just ask rockstar lol)

  • Romeo wants to run away

    Romeo wants to run away

    what would you do if the prettiest and strongest woman is at your door steps with a marriage proposal. Well, most people would accept, but not me. Are you kidding, every strong warrior is after her, the powerful organization that want to recruit her and she says no because of me, yup I am dead, so I will just jump out of this window, and escape from here. I will get away this time, freedom here I come.

  • Rebuilding Civilization

    Rebuilding Civilization

    Jk I dont wanna do this

  • Magical Science

    Magical Science


  • Pirates le Privateers

    Pirates le Privateers


    A Mestizo (half native/ half spanish) nobel from new spain (now mexico), is force to become a privateers ( pirate working for the government) and harass other nations ship. the mc is going to have to deal with moral problems that a pirate life produces, while also deal with problems that come from his family and bloodline. there will be magic and mystics, however it would be something very misterious, which only a few have access to it.