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  • Legend of Korra

    Legend of Korra

  • Avatar Korra: La fille des sables

    Avatar Korra: La fille des sables

    Découvrez l'histoire de notre héroïne qui deviendra connue comme la légendaire filles des sables. Avec son talent divin de la libération de la terre, elle montrera que l'ère des super maîtres ne fait que commencer.Avatar Korra et l'image de couverture ne m'appartient pas. Considérez que cette histoire ce déroule dans un monde parallèle du même multivers ou notre mc existe.Bonne lecture

  • Avatar The Otherworldly Legend

    Avatar The Otherworldly Legend


    Fire. Air. Water. Earth Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world. Legend told me how Avatar Korra and her companion preventing Amon from disabling element bending in the capital of Republic City. I the next Avatar that comes from Earth nation trained in all my bending even when the world is already at peace. Till one day. Ancient creatures emerged from deep of the earth come and bringing chaos into the world. I exterminate them and throw their remains to where they belong. but when I exterminate the king of the beast. I can only use my life to trade with the life of the King of The Beast and bring peace back to four nation.

  • Avatar-The Return Of The Legend

    Avatar-The Return Of The Legend


    After 10 years of Avatar Korra's disappearance, The world has changed so much. There are all Advanced Technology and Advanced Benders. The People was living side by side, with the Spirits of the Spirit world, as Avatar Korra connected the both World before her Disappearance.One day, The Air Nomads who ventured through the spirit world for training, discovered a newborn baby boy inside it. The Baby Boy was Taken and Raised By the Air nomads of the Air Temple. The Boy was a Genius in Air Bending and Advanced further than the others in the Air Temple. The Boy was named 'Kaze' by the Air Nomads, And he knew he was the Reincarnation of the Avatar that was appeared before Korra, Avatar Aang. He trains hard and at the age of 10, He masters all 4 elements, and Reclaims His Past Life's Title as Avatar, Becoming the Next Avatar Appeared after Korra, the advanced world needed.

  • Minecraft Kingdoms

    Minecraft Kingdoms

    This is a fan fiction I do not own Minecraft just my characters.This is about the guardian of the end and her fight to survive after the old nether kings war.

  • avatar: a true master

    avatar: a true master


    Avatar Korra died, and the new avatar was born in a dark era where evil surrounded him from everywhere and everyone, even his own self. This earthbending avatar will have to go through a lot, make hard decisions and sacrifice a lot of things and people to restore harmony and peace into the spirit and material worlds. Let's accompany him throughout his tough journey, and discover how he will become, a true master.




    THE SUMMARY They say a shiver down your spine means that someone’s walking over your future burial. Then I felt it. That my time has come. The one question that comes to my mind is why me. Why me? I don’t choose this life but they made me. But I had to accept my destiny. A female assassin transmigrated into another world but this world is beyond a common world. This is the world where alien humanoid and dangerous monsters exist while the human being was obsessed with gaining more power and becoming the most powerful human on the planet. Xiyi, a deadly assassin from the current modern era suddenly died because she saved the cat from the cold and a large truck accidentally hit her. The next thing she knew she has entered the body of 13 years overweight young boy named Hades Hannibal, a wealthy and spoiled young boy who knew how to eat, play and sleep. Seeing her poor condition, she had to accept that she was longer “ she “ but he. Seeing his current body, he won't have a choice but to decide his top priority is to lose weight and then become the deadly and the most powerful human fighter that ever existed with the help of his most trusted systems and his fellow friends. With these twists of fates, Hades Hannibal doesn’t have another option but to walk further and further down the path of no return in the journey to becoming the strongest human supreme. This novel is inspired by many fantasy sci-fi novels that you could find on the Webnovel. This novel also takes inspiration from many fantasy cartoons like Avatar The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra, and anime series like Code Gease, K: Missing Kings, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and many more. It is also the inspiration for video games like Dragon Raja, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Impact. Finally, the author also gets inspiration from various fantasy sci-fi movies and TV shows such as the MCU series, Pacific Rim, Edge Of Tomorrow, Doctor Who, and the list goes on.....If you are a fan of novels protagonist fighting monsters on different planets with superpower abilities, then you are in the right place! Dear Readers, First of all, I'd to say that I am eternally thankful for everyone who has taken an interest in my works and read my book. The support means so much to me and honestly warms my heart to see people pay attention to my work. I do apologize for the lack of interaction, updates, and schedule. As you know, I was also focusing more on my career and growing up as well as you guys. Once again, with much love, thank you, everyone

  • Aynur



    300 years before the arrival of (Al-Nahhas) junior Princess (Aynur), Princess of the kingdom of Kandor to regain the floral throne in the Roses City, after her uncle the emperor Behrouz usurped it, the witch Korra Kalak helps him, and faces the witch's curse, using her enchanted weapon (Soma).

  • Book One: Learning

    Book One: Learning

    Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The title 'Avatar' has brought peace and harmony among the Four Nations. From Avatar Wan to Avatar Korra's journeys, benders and non-benders have thrived with their decisions to either save the world or create a better one. This story begins after the Air Nomad genocide, past the Hundred Years War, and further than the Spirit World becoming one with ours. 17 years have passed since the time of Avatar Korra, leaving millions of citizens with the same question; who and where is the next Avatar? A/N Hello, beauties! I just wanted to say I made an Instagram that you can now follow @thenextavatar2. Catch "behind-the-scenes" content from Harmony's world.

  • Benders



    This is an ATLA fanfiction! All characters are mine but this universe and its rules belong to the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.{Transferred from an apply fiction on Wattpad}

  • The Kingdoms 
Last Hope

    The Kingdoms Last Hope

    Young princess, Korra Was suppose to inherit her parents kingdom after their death but her evil Aunt Lacey took the thrown and Korra became a maid who was never aloud to leave but one day she finally escaped and realised she was the kingdom's last hope.

  • Where I Belong (REMASTERED)

    Where I Belong (REMASTERED)


    A new era has begun and along with it, the life of a new Avatar. Born to Tonraq and Senna of the Southern Water Tribe, Korra introduces herself to the Order of the White Lotus as the new Avatar, at the age of four.Korra exceeds all expectations regarding the physical part of her training, mastering three out of the four elements by the time she was thirteen, but has always lacked a spiritual connection and has yet to master air. In hopes of becoming a fully realized Avatar, she travels to Republic City to complete her training.As the young Avatar ventures into the big city, she's faced with many new challenging experiences. All of which are essential to who she'll become one day. Korra worries that she'll never be enough, but when one connection runs deeper than the rest it sparks something new inside her... something no one has ever seen before.Will Asami's love be enough to make her realize the world needs her and--by her side--is where she belongs?(---)(I DO NOT OWN THE LEGEND OF KORRA)




    When a girl died in the hands of a certain god by accident, gets reincarnated in Avatar world with four wishes.Will Korra the Avatar and her gangs Fate still be the same? Or will Jin helped change their fate into something better.What will her path be? Followed Jin Higashi on her Journey in the Avatar world changing Fate with great possibility.

  • the First Daughter•|mako|•

    the First Daughter•|mako|•

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    the First Daughter | Legend Of Korra (work in progress)。。。。。。。。。。。。One feeling that describe your entire beingOne look at the eyes, so many to discoverI don't know how foolish of me for everything I've ever wanted. i want to feel free, i want to find love, that's all what we have always wanted, no?'Fate'One thing that throw me in and out to be with you. the thing that broke my heart, and the thing that keeps me falling for youIs it possible for me to care about you more when you care for someone else? does 'us' possible in your book? --'..for you to be happy...but will i?'

  • Book Two: Transform

    Book Two: Transform

    19 years have passed since the time of Avatar Korra. The new Avatar has been revealed and faced a few challenges along the way. Will these old challenges become worse? Will old adversaries finally call it quits? What will happen in the next phase of her life? Does the world even need the Avatar anymore? A/N Hello, beauties! Welcome to Book II !! Thank you all so much for making it this far! It will either get worse or better from here on out. Love you!

  • Aurora's Shattered

    Aurora's Shattered

    When all seems normal is when tragedy attacks at its strongest.As the daughter of two doctors, Rain Zenchelis has never left the radius of the Kage Monastery. She's been constantly lectured by the bishop to remain behind the towering stone walls where it's safe; least you be tainted by "The World" and the monarchy.Her parent's sudden deaths launches Rain into the darkness. Lost, Rain does the only thing she could and follows her father's last wish for her to flee the "safety" of the monastery and venture into the surrounding forests. Three weeks of aimless wandering later, she stumbles upon the beach that will forever change her life.Arien Aurora breathes royalty. As the crowned prince of the young and newly independent country of Aurora, he lives in a white stoned castle with his family. It seems Arien has everything you could ask for, but in truth there is a hole, filled with the need to avenge his brother-in-law's death. To pursue the anti-monarchy organization that killed him and sent Arien's family into an organized chaos.A near-drowning experience locks Rain and Arien's fates and launches them—and Arien's best friend and Eastern General Korra—into a winding quest to find missing pieces of Rain's past. However, Aurora isn't as safe as it seems. As the truth of the monastery reveals itself how will the friend defend themselves against the forces that lurk in the shadows.Told through the mix viewpoints of Rain and Arien, this story uncovers the truth through their eyes one page at a time.

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