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  • Mi juventud comenzó con él

    Mi juventud comenzó con él


    Siete años atrás, luego de su separación, él desapareció sin dejar rastro alguno. Ahora, ha vuelto a aparecer, un día antes de su boda. Usó todas sus fuerzas para obligarla a casarse con él y, con un certificado de matrimonio, la ató a él sin piedad. Desde ese momento, esta "Cenicienta" comenzó su nueva vida como la esposa del heredero de un imperio comercial. La señorita Huo: una mujer íntegra, con una lengua afilada y extremadamente inteligente. El señor Qin: un hombre que consiente infinitamente a su esposa y es un completo "esclavo" para su hija. Una historia de amor de calidad y completa. Sumérgete en esta historia junto a nosotros.

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    Magical Realism ROMANCE CONQUER


  • Vows Of Love (L&M #1)

    Vows Of Love (L&M #1)


    "Shravan. You are here" she asked cheerfully"What the hell are you doing?""Relaxing! This is amazing. Like having your own shower in a swimming pool. So cool." "Get out of there right now." His icy tone slid off her, his unconcealed disapproval having no apparent effect on her exuberance. "Are you listening to me?" He asked again"I’m just cooling down. Why are you wearing a suit? Why did you change? Aren’t you slightly overdressed for the weather? It’s boiling." "I had a video conference. I was working. Get out of the fountain. Now." "Why? I like it here. And you’re very bad-tempered today. You should cool down" "I’m not asking you again." "Good, because I can’t stand nagging. If you want me out, you’ll have to come and get me." "Drishti" He called out in a warning tone Her fingers skimmed the surface of the water and her eyes met his. Something wicked gleamed there. Reading her mind he breathed in sharply. "Don’t you dare." "Are you going to come in and stop me?" The shower of cold water splattered his hair, his jacket and the front of his shirt, which promptly welded itself to his skin. "Are you crazy? This suit is silk." "Better take it off then, before it’s ruined." He did just that, shrugging the shrugging the jacket from his shoulders in a violent movement and saw her gaze slide to his damp shirt. Drishti let out a low whistle "Nice body hubby. Now why don't you get into the fountain with me" Drishti asked with a wink.**Meet Shravan Maheswari and Drishti SinghaniaShravan Maheswari, born with a silver spoon wanted to make a name of his own. A workaholic by nature ,his sole focus is on his company SM Groups. What will happen when trouble maker Drishti Singhania lands in his life creating chaos all around. Mind you, trouble follows Drishti or Drishti follows trouble? The question is still unanswered. Fall in love with them when these total opposites fall for each other.BOOK 1 IN L&M SERIESSTAND ALONE NOVEL

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    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Luna was forced to stop modeling because of an incident that made her pregnant and had to marry Ethan. Ethan, who feels guilty about accepting the marriage even though Luna doesn't love him, ignores it and asks for a divorce after giving birth. Luna, who has lost popularity and the bad news about herself as a model, is even more annoyed by Edward's presence. She is her ex-boyfriend who turns out to be Ethan's half-brother. Edward married Viona, but she did it to save his company. Who would have thought, Edward insisted on getting Luna back even though he had Viona. "Don't ever think I'll come back to you, Edward. Because right now I love Ethan!" Edward doesn't care about Luna's refusal, he continues to act to get Luna, who really loves Ethan. Will Ethan and Luna's love survive Edward's interference? We'll see the rest of the story ....

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    Nothing to see Here!

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  • Duy nhất là em

    Duy nhất là em


    Khương Cửu Sênh là một ngôi sao nhạc Rock đang ở đỉnh cao thành công, một cô gái xinh đẹp, lôi cuốn, tao nhã, thâm trầm và có chút lạnh lùng. Cô gặp Thời Cẩn, một bác sĩ cuồng sạch sẽ, tự nhận là fan cuồng não tàn của Khương Cửu Sênh, gây ấn tượng mạnh với cô bởi bàn tay quá đẹp của anh, bởi cô mắc bệnh cuồng tay mức độ nhẹ. Cuộc gặp gỡ tình cờ của họ trong thang máy chung cư đánh dấu một câu chuyện tình cuồng nhiệt, ẩn chứa trong đó đầy những bí mật về thân thế của hai người, những cuộc đấu tranh của các gia đình tài phiệt, từ đó dẫn đến chuỗi những cuộc trả thù đẫm máu và tàn nhẫn. Nhưng trên tất cả là sự đấu tranh của Khương Cửu Sênh và Thời Cẩn để bảo vệ tình yêu, công lý, chính nghĩa, chống lại những thế lực đen tối, những vụ buôn lậu, ma túy, rửa tiền, đem lại bầu không khí trong sạch trong các phi vụ làm ăn, và một cuộc sống yên bình, ấm áp mà cả hai đều mong muốn. Với sự can trường, mạnh mẽ, thông minh của một cô gái yêu nhạc rock và một tính cách lạnh lùng, tàn nhẫn, sự tài giỏi không gì là không làm được, nhưng luôn muốn hướng thiện vì người mình yêu của người đàn ông si tình đã chứng minh sức mạnh tình yêu sẽ giúp họ vượt qua mọi khó khăn, cùng hoàn thiện nhau để có được hạnh phúc mãn nguyện nhất.

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  • N-U-L-L


    Fantasy Romance WEAKTOSTRONG

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    the main character Zhiming Shen at the level of a heavenly God has made plenty of enemies and friends over the years, but for the sake of saving his loved ones chose to give it all up. He is imprisoned, but while there, he meets a strange old man, and then the man asks if he wanted to leave this place Zhiming Shen isn't given an option and is directly sent away but when he awakes he finds himself in a strange place in his 16 year old body

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    Sci-fi SYSTEM


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  • Between two l l

    Between two l l

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