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  • Hero that Uses their Brain. He who goes against fate

    Hero that Uses their Brain. He who goes against fate


    This is Isekai story about the Main Character that uses their brain. You might be saying it impossible for the a Main Character especially one for a Isekai to uses their brain or it will be to boring. I will try to prove these voices wrong. Sometime even the Main Character did not have the ability to uses their brain like the overs. Sometimes you to. Remember sometime ignorance is bliss. Remember when it states fate is writen in stone laught it off because nothing can stop one's will yea even if maybe the will of the heaven it possible to go against. Remember do not yield O hero. Join me when we dive The Hero that Uses their Brain. He who goes against fate.

  • Reincarnated as a Noble son

    Reincarnated as a Noble son


    In the Modern world a young man named Blake lived hell since he was born, when he was born after his birth his mother died giving birth to him. after 7 year then later after he was born his father's bussiness had grown big that listed him as top 3 riches man in new york but something happened his father had offended someone that should'nt have offended,when that person ordered a kill list with his father name on it,his father died as he was killed by the Evil organization that called themselves Creed. Blake life turn upside down when he heard his father died his butler made him escape and hide from the public for half a year when suddenly realize that he could not go on like then decided to disquise himself as an orphan as he wanted to become a assasin so he can find and kill the one who killed his father and finally joined the evil organization Creed,he first learn to kill when 8 year old after 12 years later as he trained and killed many lives like cutting cabbage and he finally got a nickname "The Devil" because of his brutal way of killing and tortured his victims until they die he continued this until he was 20 years old but then his butler suddenly send him news that the one who assasinate his father was the Creed. His heart turn cold after that he massacred and harvest countless members of the creed,but he also paid a prize his left eyes and he was exhausted and finally he was cornered was killed. When he in his last moment he had many regrets many things that he had not done yet he did not even had a girlfriend he died as a virgin,Blake laught at himself for his pathetic life as he lost his conciousness. In his eyes he could only see endless darkness everywere but suddenly he saw a brightlight that his eyes closged but when open his eyes again he found himself becoming a baby. This is a story of a man reincarnated as a noble son and find himself that he was a son of a noble will he find his purpose in this second life and find out as he travel the world._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [Disclaimer:I dont own my coverbook](author: Hi guys im new here if you like this novel of mine pls support me everyone and don't forget vote me everyone)

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