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  • I've waited long enough

    I've waited long enough

    This is for the LGBTQA+ community. Love wins! Dylan is a recent college graduate, and is on his journey of looking for THE ONE. What happens when, after all the failures, and one-night stands, that the right one comes to him but Dylan is too closed off to accept another one. The right one for him is Gregory, an older, but kinder and most gentle person Dylan has ever met.

  • My Abandoned Witch(BL)

    My Abandoned Witch(BL)


    This is a BOYS LOVE(BL) story. That means LGBTQA+ ROMANCE. The main character is a man that uses they/them or he/him pronouns. The main lead is a man as well. Lumin Monore was trying to live his life quietly after the only person he believed loved him, died. Every day he did the same thing, wake up at six in the afternoon and work at the strip club in his neighborhood where he often ran away to- his safe haven. All that changed when his step-mother came to the door. She explained that his father made a deal with an old friend- to have Lumin overlook his son’s company and apparently his son too. Now Lumin is tossed into this office watching over the growth of a company he doesn’t care about and an overgrown child he can’t seem to get rid of. All while trying to stay out of the limelight and live peacefully. “Are you f*cking kidding me?”

  • IIBIGIN KA NG PALIHIM (koleksyon ng mga tula ni tsokobaternat)

    IIBIGIN KA NG PALIHIM (koleksyon ng mga tula ni tsokobaternat)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE TULA

    Koleksyon ng mga tula na may sensetibong paksa (LGBTQA+ themed poems) kung hindi ka kumportable sa paksang ito, humanap ka na lang muna ng ibang libro!!!

  • The Rise Of Two Heroes

    The Rise Of Two Heroes

    On the grounds of the Heavenly Jade Fortress lives two prodigies.One an Orphan. One with a father who is missing in action.One a disciple of Elder Gao and the other a disciple of Elder Bai. This is the story of their early years, a love triangle, and the end to a conspiracy.------------------------------------------Warning: LGBTQA+ themes. (If that offends you please don't read it or give one star because you don't like these themes, instead give me one star because of my poor writing. Constructive criticism is loved and welcomed.) It's a BL story. Updates: Whenever my mental health isn't shit.

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