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  • Unrequited Love- Arranged marriage

    Unrequited Love- Arranged marriage

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    Love Triangle is always the saddest thing!!!love itself could be a hope to Broken people or a curse for strong people!!Up and down which led you to love the one you hated the most...Jennet a rich, beautiful, and strong girl falls in love with the wrong guy...Grayson who is hot and popular but poor falls in love with a betrayal person!!!Both Grayson and Jennet have sworn enemies to each other...They can't stand one another...Everyone in the university was aware of their conflict...What happened when destiny played its part and two enemies bonded to join hands and fight for the one they love...Too many twists and downs, love and hate, and betrayal passed through will this relationship end?Will Grayson and Jennet win the heart of their loved ones or will they fall for each other...What if another person jumped inside the story and shower all his love to win her heart?Whom will she choose?Grayson Or Liam?What if this all turns into arrange marriage?

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