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  • Reborn As A Shadow Dragon!

    Reborn As A Shadow Dragon!

    Tags: System, Adventure, Action, MaleMC, Magic, Reincarnation, Dragon, Non-Human, Power Couple= = = = = = = = = =Sun didn't have much of a future in his original world. He was too socially awkward and didn't have the guts to talk to people. His mother died when he was a child so he lived with his abusive father until he turned 18. Because he was an outcast, he became the perfect target for people with ill-intentions.Sun was kidnapped once he turned 19 and was frequently moved around the country to be used as a s*x-toy. By the time he turned 22, Sun was nothing more than an even emptier shell than before. While being moved around, he encountered a woman who later became his mistress and rescued him from his fate.For the next three years, Sun lived in peace with his mistress until the fateful day where his kidnappers caught up to him. He, alongside his mistress, was killed...Fortunately, fate had more in store for the two.The both of them were reincarnated in the same world, as creatures of the same species; Shadow Dragons! To top it all off, Sun reincarnated with a mysterious system that let him absorb the powers of those he kills!"Y-You! I'm your mistress, you're not allowed to talk to me that way!""Oh really? And what are you gonna do about it?""I-I..."= = = = = = = = = =(Original cover isn't mine, I unfortunately can't draw. I edit it a bit though, so yeah.)

  • heavenly star dragon god

    heavenly star dragon god

    In the beginning, a goddess was born but she was born without anyone or anything around her. After a long time, she became lonely so she created the stars, the world and live. She created everything but she was not satisfied so she created 6 true heavenly items. The divine sky pearl, the Samara shield, the armor of the divine phoenix, the sword of divine fire, the heavenly cauldron, the heavenly bead. When she was watching the early stages of her creations. The void tore apart and a big egg the size of a child popped out, the tear closed up. The goddess was flabbergasted, she did know what happened. She cared for the egg for 200 years until it cracked open. Inside was a boy that looked like he was 4. He had black hair and brown eyes, he was a bit chubby but he had a strang star symbol on his forehead. She became his mother that day, he became known by all in the heavenly realm as the son of the goddess Mazu, the origin goddess. He lived in the heavenly realm to his teens until he fell to the scheme of the evil god. The evil god send him into the wheel of Samara to be reincarnated as a human. The goddess was saddened by the loss of her son, angered by the evil god scheme. She stripped the powers of the evil god and killed him. She sent countless heavenly soldiers to find her lost son. That is where our story takes place.

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