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  • Melancholy


    Ash fell in love with Ava the very first time he saw her. She was everything he had ever imagined in her dream girl. As their friendship bloomed into deep love, culminating into marriage, he became her confidence and eternal support. But in trying to be with her, Ash made a choice that broke his father's heart and hopes.As Ash and Ava gear upto step into the next phase of their relationship, life seems like an overload of joy and love. He is confident that his love for Ava will win over all odds, even his father. Little did he know that things were going to change drastically, forever. Why does Ava marry someone else? Why does Ash accept it silently? Why is life so unpredictable? This is a story of deep love that knows no bounds, relationships that break all barriers, and a promise !

  • melancholy


  • The Melancholy

    The Melancholy

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE REINCARNATION CEO


  • Melancholy’s Bride

    Melancholy’s Bride


    "You own me, Feiya. So, if you're thinking of releasing me now, this loyal dog of yours might bite you," the heroine gently cradled my hand and kissed the back of my right hand. "Kiss me with those poisonous lips of yours, Feiya Poloro and feed me pretty little lies," the villainess pulled me in by my waist."You're the most interesting thing I've ever seen. If I keep you as a pet, will you keep entertaining me for the rest of my life?" The wicked witch of the west caressed my left hand. "I'll give you anything in the world, Poloro. Just take my surname and the world is yours," the wild bitch of the empire knelt at my feet and kissed its top sweetly. I have a secret: I am not Feiya Poloro.Warning: I do not own the art cover of the book. All credits go to the artist who has drawn it.



    This story follows a teenage boy who has a personality disorder. A mental disorder in which is innate or is considered a part of human development. He soon starts to have questions about things and seeks to find the answers. In his quest for finding answers, he met a girl that greatly impacted his way of thinking. He soon starts to feel different and became more mentally unstable. As time passes by, he got over it but, the cycle continued and he was pushed back into the corner until one day, he came up with a solution to fix everything.

  • melancholy hillside

    melancholy hillside

    A twisted high school love story filled with room for questions and mischief. Follows a intelligent but troubled young man named Teru as-well as his love interest named Hana.

  • Melancholy Revival

    Melancholy Revival

  • Melancholy ME

    Melancholy ME


    Sakai a 16 year old innocent girl who moves on to Tokyo with her family due to financial issues fall in love with a well educated,rude boy called Osaine[ Sakai's First Love]. After two years she gets rejected by Osaine who changes alot and become suicidal to his own life. After the confession and due to the rejection Sakai tries to end-up her life without hope and suddenly get disappear among everyone.

  • Melancholy Clouds

    Melancholy Clouds

    Fantasy Romance SCARY

  • The Melancholy Queen

    The Melancholy Queen

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Lacrimosa, a newly-minted queen, is struggling to maintain her duties. The loneliness that has always plagued her since she was a child is growing into a monster, and to make matters worse, she has only a short time before her controlling mother returns and destroys what little changes Lacrimosa has managed to make to her struggling country.

  • Shade 

    Shade of Melancholy

  • Melancholy of the Strong

    Melancholy of the Strong

    What happens when you reach the epitome of power? What happens when the strong needn't get stronger for fear of total domination? The sadness of an immortal unable to die and; the depression of the worlds strongest heroes never able to have a truly satisfying fight. The answer to this….when you have gotten too strong to destroy anymore, the next step is to create. This is the story of a man named Robert Further, who after becoming the strongest has decided to create the greatest kingdom.

  • The Necromancer Melancholy.

    The Necromancer Melancholy.

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    A girl with skin as snow, eyes that are purple like poison, and an expression like nothing matters walks by. Behind her follows a dragon and several mighty undead. All the while she thinks to herself"Is there meaning to life, or not."Follow a tale of the strongest necromancer in history as she tries to find meaning in her existential crisisP.S there will be no romance.

  • Song of Melancholy

    Song of Melancholy

  • Melancholy of the Immortal

    Melancholy of the Immortal


    In a world like your own, we once lived out lives that never ended. Now removed from ours and thrown into yours i must lead my people. Faced with the ultimate choice of life and death what do I decide? Do I reveal my race to your people and trust you to accept us?Or do I remain quiet and let my people be killed in silence and shadows?

  • Melancholy Chaos

    Melancholy Chaos

    A girl falls into a portal in an unknown place, she meets these two people, and as they go on an adventure to go back to their homes, they face their biggest challenge yet. Will they succeed or will they fail? Hope you'll like the story! 恋!

  • Melancholy love

    Melancholy love


    Aurora P.O.VI look around and see all the crying faces, perhaps funeral is the only place where we cry reminiscing happy memories as a tear slip from my eyes "I'll never forget u" My last promise to him .After 2 years "He was a good soul it's a shame for the world that couldn't save him" I nodded my head

  • Melancholy Dreams

    Melancholy Dreams

    It’s mostly mini-stories with no purpose or point.

  • The unpleasant melancholy

    The unpleasant melancholy

  • Quick Transmigration - Counter Attack Of Various Characters

    Quick Transmigration - Counter Attack Of Various Characters



    Living forever and wandering from one world to another on the whims of a system that bound itself to you without a single 'by your leave' isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Su Li dies of chronic illness and is bound to such a system. Now, this could be considered a blessing in disguise for others.However, the trouble is that she isn't interested in a system and to compound it all, two men - two distinctly different men - keep on following her on this world-hopping business.Two men as incompatible as fire and water, as different as the sun and the moon. The only thing they share in common is Su Li and their sheer determination to not leave her side.One of them remembers their past worlds each time they start anew, whereas the other doesn't. One of them says that she lights up his dark world and the other says that she is his entire world. One of them says that it doesn't matter if she loves him or not, she is his to cherish and pamper.The other says that she is the only one he would ever love. Though sceptical and wary, Su Li decides to put her best foot forward and make the best out of her circumstances. Why are these two men trailing her? Will she be able to get rid of the shackles placed on her by the system?Will she repudiate her deal with the system?Will she find out the answers to all her doubts and questions or will silence and melancholy be her only answer?--------Line Break--------An excerpt from the book : "You care that much about Zixi? Because of him, you are ready to discard concerns about your own safety? Is it worth it? Is Xun Zixi really worth it?" Su Li was agitated by Li Rong's unceasing questions. She weighed her words properly and said in a hoarse voice, "It's worth it." Suddenly her eyes glazed in tears and she repeated her words, "He is worth it to me." Li Rong was stunned to see her in tears and was rendered speechless by the conviction behind her answer."Well, I can't change your mind. You won't leave him in a lurch and I can't turn my back on you." They rushed back the way they had come and prayed that it wouldn't be too late on their part.************You can join me on discord at: forward to seeing and interacting with you on there!