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  • My Millionare Possesive

    My Millionare Possesive

    "Kau adalah milik ku sayang, dan milik ku tidak boleh di sentuh oleh siapa pun!"Alex Counsman''Aku bukan milikmu, aku milik keluarga ku,dan aku bukan barang yg bisa seenaknya anda miliki" Joy anata putri

  • Mr Millionare

    Mr Millionare

  • Kicking With Ghosts

    Kicking With Ghosts

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE MAGIC

    Jinsol or "Jia" has lived with her mother for the later half of her life, after her mother acquired custody of her from her father. Living in Brooklyn in a cheap apartment with her two siblings and mother who can't seem to keep a handle on alcoholism Jinsol finds herself wishing for an escape. She never expected it would actually be handed back to her in the form of her father who reappears after 5 years without contact and as a multi-millionare. Jinsol is pushed into a new setting of balancing her own culture, new school and friends, along with the supernatural events that occur in her own school

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