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  • astro smuts

    astro smuts

    the chapters in this book contains sexual content and these are all merely fan fictions.

  • The Bluebird

    The Bluebird


    Being in a good care of the 3 brother was very different from her prespective. All with their own sister complex way. The one with overloaded money, Mark (The Big Brother). "Ryul, choose one to ditch. Buy the other. Don't worry, I pay."- MarkThe one with a fashionista life, Khun (The Second Youngest). "Yaa, go and change your dress. It doesn't suit the weather."- KhunThe one who take care of your daily lifestyle, (The Brother) Daniel"Sit and eat breakfast or don't think to get your car key at all."- DanielEverything went well. She got the love she need, the life she want. Rich family, good looks, popularity and grades. But, one day an accident turn herself around and turn her brother 'crazy'. "Thanks for helping me. We can be friends right? I'm Moonbin."-Moonbin"Do you really think that I'm doing this for work? Think twice princess."- Han"Do you like me or do I like you?"- Xin Long "We're friends right? So can I sleep with you please."- ChanWhat will she do to convince her brother about everything? And how could her brother react? Stay tune also for the side story of her life.

  • Until Death do us Part

    Until Death do us Part

    Sienna is 18 years-old when her world is turned upside down. She feels broken and helpless and decides to enlist the secret services of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. After a year of hard training, and a year of learning a foreign language, she is sent to Seoul to investigate the Fantagio Company and the Astro group.When she arrives in South Korea, she meets Moonbin, and, scared that this meeting will get in the way of her mission, she avoids him as much as possible. But, when she has to apply for a job for the company, she can't run away from him forever. Secrets, lies, romance and friendship, all get mixed up into a crazy adventure Sienna never dreamed of, even in her craziest fantasies.

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