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  • My German Empire

    My German Empire



    When the whole of Europe shuddered under the wings of the German Air Force,When the tiger tank roared and smashed the walls of Moscow,Wilhelm stood in front of many reporters and smiled:“No one can stop the expansion of the Third Reich except God.”

  • My First Love

    My First Love


    I lived in Moscow with my parents. They had taken a country house for the summer near the Kalouga gate, facing the Neskutchny gardens. I was preparing for the university, but did not work much and was in no hurry

  • Gaselirot



    The main character is an ordinary Moscow boy-hikikomori from parallel Russia named Ivan Legov who falls into another world with magic and different types of abilities, he tries to figure everything out and get out of this difficult situation.

  • The valleys of decisions

    The valleys of decisions

    Ruthy rushed to the airport looking for Desmond,but what she isn't aware of is that Desmond is watching her every move, seeing that Desmond is no where to be found she sat down at the lobby,am so sorry Desmond i really want to be a doctor,I can't go with you to Moscow,I have my own dream to fulfill as well, sorry she said in tears, Desmond stood still at the corner close to the lobby watching her,am sorry we have to part this way Ruthy,but if really you love me,you will go with me to Moscow.

  • My perverted teacher wants me

    My perverted teacher wants me


    My new professor is a cruel devil. He constantly find fault with me and wants to expel me from the most prestigious Moscow University. He seduced a lot of girls and makes them f**k with him. And now this perverted asshole is trying to seduce me. Made my life a living hell and obliges to have s*x. But I must fight, and defeat a vicious bastard who is completely arrogant.

  • Foreign Affair - The Great Mafia War

    Foreign Affair - The Great Mafia War

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Laura Levitsky, abandoned at the age of one in New York at Grace Orphanage with only a necklace and a note. Laura was forced to take up part time jobs to secretly pay for her college courses and save money till she could leave Grace Orphanage. On the day of her 18th birthday, Laura found out from her foster mother that the necklace she has worn since a child was given to her by her parents and that she was originally from Moscow. Taking all the money she has saved from her jobs and a final gift from her foster mother, Laura travels to Russia in hopes to find her long lost parents.Nikolai Romanoff, raised in a mafia family since a child in Moscow. Nikolai has only known to only trust in himself and how to survive in the mafia. At the age of 16 Nikolai's parents were murdered, forced to take over his parents roles in their mob, Nikolai becomes the leader of the Romanoff mob. Now at the age of twenty-one Nikolai grew the Romanoff mob into one of the biggest mobs in Moscow and Western Russia earning himself the name Blood Kizer. In order to take revenge for his panrents murder, Nikolai will do whatever it takes to become powerful enough to destroy the Lukin mob.Is Laura able to find her long lost parents?Does Nikolai get revenge for his parents murder?How will two different people from different countries get caught up in one of Moscow's deadliest mob wars!?Will Laura be able to change Nikolai's cold heart or will Nikolai turn Laura into a cold blooded killer?This is my first book so I'm very new at this! Hope for you all to grow with my writing! Lots of love xoxo - lauren

  • The Hollow spirit

    The Hollow spirit

    Horror&Thriller MYSTERY SCARY

    Kim Moyne is a renowned investigative journalist in Moscow. He encounters a mysterious murder case which leads him and his curious wife Maya into various nightmares. All along it's a HOLLOW a soul eating monster, read to know how he escapes the riddles of that mysterious being and its reason behind this.



    In an operation in Moscow, Hayun and her team investigate a case of a kidnapping. As they investigate they come in contact with criminal groups they won’t be able to withstand against alone, but they were helped by a mysterious man and his team but were taken by these men through a train ride where Hayun will slowly learn of her situation and find more about the people who helped and kidnapped them.

  • Dear Ms Lady Demigod

    Dear Ms Lady Demigod


    Vierne Obolensky is the last heir of the Obolensky family, the family of Earls in Moscow, Russia. With a demigod's destructive powers in both her hands, she killed everyone who touched her, leaving her alone in an abandoned mansion away from human civilization, waiting for a peaceful end, until she meets music, music in human form. As he takes over her days and nights, she is lost in his ocean blue eyes. Those eyes that invite her to kill again, this time, to secure a position as the most powerful mediator between gods and humans, the ruler of death, the judge of purgatory, a Gatekeeper. As they go on a journey of self-discovery, they meet other magical beings, exorcists, gods, devils and star sprits. Music falls prey to his old deeds under a fatal curse."My death awaits me,""Not if I rule over death,"With a sweet savage and a romantic pervert by her side, will such a sheltered girl ever get to that throne every demigod wishes for?Dear Ms Lady Demigod

  • Born Again

    Born Again


    Tania is an only child born to parents of Russian and Indian origin. She has lived her entire life in Russia. After the demise of her parents in a car accident, she is left all alone in a huge house. Her paternal and maternal grandparents want to take her into their fold and plan to come to Moscow to convince her to join them in India or Ukraine. Since her childhood, she had been having these recurring dreams in which she sees herself visiting certain temples and forts. These dreams feel so real. The doctors she visits in Moscow are not able to figure out what is wrong with her. On the contrary, they tell her that she has a vivid imagination. Tania decides to search for a reply herself and reads a book on dreams as well as a few volumes on 'Past Life Regression'. The day her relatives arrive from India and Ukraine, she, in her dream, travels to India and meets her past self. Tania's past self had another name. Her name was Sanya and she had lived centuries ago as a princess of Kalibangan during the Indus Valley Civilisation. Sanya tells Tania of a plot to kill her in the present life. A plot had been hatched in her past life too. At that time her brother, mother and father had been murdered. Who was the murderer in the past and what connection does he have with her in the present life? Please read on to know more.Folks, this is not a Fantasy Romance novel. Unfortunately, the genre for female lead novels gives the term Fantasy Romance only. There is no choice. Maybe I will add a Romance angle at the end.I am publishing 1 chapters a week as I need to do a bit of research for the chapters.

  • 90 Days to Say I Do

    90 Days to Say I Do

    Sasha flies into New York from Moscow on a short stay fiancé's visa, and he fully intends to marry the man he met online so he can live in America. Sasha has ninety days to say “I do,” and in his mind it will be the perfect fairy tale romance.<br><br>But things don't exactly go to plan with Sasha's intended fiancé, and his dreams of living in New York seem about to slip through his fingers.<br><br>Then a chance meeting reacquaints him with Daniel, an old friend, and Sasha falls in love. Now his original plans for a visa are no longer an option, as Sasha doesn't want to marry anyone but Daniel. But does Daniel feel the same way about him?

  • The Retired special ops soldier's Adventure in another world

    The Retired special ops soldier's Adventure in another world

    Ken is one of the most top skilled special ops officer one day he recieved a task to infiltrate Moscow's capital club, to kill Vadim and the official who where having transaction he managed to complete he's mission but suddenly a Bomb exploded planted by Vadim and then this is where his life changed when he got transported to another world whereMagic,Sword,Demons,HumanBeastkin,Elf's,Spirit's,And Humans Exist.Genre's: [Martial arts] [Comedy] [Action][Romance][Isekai]

  • This is War

    This is War

    College student Matthew Lopez is trapped in Russia when a civil war breaks out. Two years later, an American soldier is stationed at Moscow to aid in the war effort. Meanwhile, in the chaos of it all, President Grosha struggles to keep hope alive as The Red Republic slowly advances towards the capital. What can be done when a vast and powerful nation is spiraled into pure discord?Notice: all names and events in this story are purely fictional. They didn't happen nor do they exist.

  • Dark Hale

    Dark Hale

    The Syrian Civil War rages on and hundreds of thousands have already met their end. The line between combatant and civilian is traced finer with each passing day as “rebel” groups blend in with the general populace. The pace of this war, however, is about to expedite rapidly.An ancient mechanism able to turn the tides of battle has been unearthed. A selected wielder will be sent to bring an end to this nearly decade-long conflict. Eighteen-year-old Vasily Zima of Suvorov Military Academy, the top school of its kind in Moscow, has been prematurely called to serve his nation and its allies in this desperate time.

  • The Night Without Stars.

    The Night Without Stars.


    Hayse Argent, a 23 years old well-known professor who works at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia. When she was 14 years old, she had visions through her dreams of terrible things that will happen to her in the future; she had seen her entire future in her dreams. After two years, those horrible nights which kept her awake was over. Even those nightmares and her sleep paralysis were over but still she kept seeing and hearing voices of that guy. A voice of man she could never forget, Klein Rodwin Apollonir; her future husband. A young woman, who had suffered from a lot of traumatic experiences in life suddenly receives a diagnosis for a terminal brain tumor. She thought her time here will be much longer but she got 6 months left. Will she be able to change anything about her dark future?

  • SIRIUS ( Filipino )

    SIRIUS ( Filipino )

    Brian is a successful yet a cold-hearted surgeon. Matapos mamatay ang kanyang bride-to-be sa mismong araw ng kanilang kasal dahil sa isang car accident ay isinara na nya ang kanyang puso at inilayo ang sarili sa ibang tao maging sa kanyang sariling pamilya.After of 5 years, he met Eli in Moscow, a strong-willed, independent and a jolly person who helped him get his belongings back from a group of young gangsters who stole it.For him, Eli is such an annoying person but as time goes by, he slowly see what kind of person Eli really is. And eventually finds himself falling for her.But their world are too small at ang buhay ay sadyang mapaglaro. In the middle of their growing relationship, Brian finds out that his supposedly dead fiance are still alive. Will the love of the past be heavier than the present? Sino nga ba ang mas magiging matimbang sa puso ng isang tao? Ang taong minahal mo ngunit iniwanan at sinaktan ka? O, ang taong nagpapasaya sayo at bumuo sa nasira mong pagkatao?

  • Agent in Training

    Agent in Training

    Martial Arts R18

    Agent in Training is an erotic, action filled tale, of what can be done when people do the right thing despite whatever the consequences may be. It is both sensually captivating and true to reality.Russia can be a cold hard place, but through a series of circumstances, one lone American agent finds himself in possession of an amber gazed Russian girl the likes of which can only be described of as rare. Two shattered souls unite to make a whole and fill in the pieces that both of them are missing, but will their union be allowed to last or will it be shattered apart just like their pasts?He is an agent for an organization that seeks no glory as it dispenses out justice in a way many would call as vigilante, but to the helpless and innocent it seems like the purest form of hope in the darkness of a world that preys on the weak and destroys what is truly beautiful.She is a girl once sold into slavery, but never broken by it. To survive as she has done has required faith and the reality of the future gained in the arms of a man of mystery is an answer to all the hell she’s had to go through to reach the day that she once more can choose to say, ‘Yes’, or ‘No’.Journey with Rorian and Sonia from the cold Moscow despair laden streets to the sunny shores of Spain only to find purpose in the freedom to be found in Mumbai India, when a great evil is put down for the count. Agent in Training is the beginning tale of a series entitled The Agents that tell the story of the individuals behind the scenes who fight the wars for justice and righteousness, so rarely seen by the majority living on the surface of what is often a falsely perpetuated reality. The truth is reality is harsh and in order to save some there must be those willing to risk everything and this is their story.

  • Project Urgent Terror

    Project Urgent Terror

    Look closely. In the shadows, there is violence in every corner of the world. In Australia, a banker meets his end. In South Africa, a General loses his line of credit.The riot burns out in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Two men die, and a military coup is averted in Moscow.In San Diego, an informant is killed in a brutal accident. A microfilm goes missing in Mexico, and a mafia trial is canceled for lack of evidence.In St. Petersburg, an ex-KGB officer is assassinated in broad daylight. A terrorist is found dead in Saudi Arabia, and a nuclear arms deal is foiled in North Korea.If you carefully read between the news feeds, follow the money, and join the dots. There is a world beyond yours where economics and luxury collide with violence and power.Contact by contract. Professional killers shape the world you see, from brutal amateurs to ruthless mercenaries to silent assassins.They are masters of their craft, whose work goes completely unseen from even the best of detectives. Highly in transit as they don't stay at one place for a long time, and they strike in secret. Their window of opportunity is critical and execution perfect.They use the finest tools for hunting the most excellent games. They are meticulous. They have resources. They are creative and untraceable.We live in a world of assassination, and once you know, there is no going back.Follow me up on socials:IG @omara_ai5Twitter @Omara_AiFB @Omara Ai

  • The Great Mage is Ruining The World!

    The Great Mage is Ruining The World!


    Who knows that the egoist and narcissist prince had a powerful talent as a Mage? but he was doing it for unimportant reason. He didn't care about his victim, in fact he was not feeling guilty at all!Who could stop his idiocy before he create chaos?***This was a world where magic was no longer considered special. Mages become clowns and a mere entertainment of the rich. There was no war, so they were no longer useful.Quentin wants to make the world remember and need the Mages again. He caused a stir and disaster but he felt that it was the right thing.Being the strongest, made him feel like he could do anything. Until a Hero, transmigrates to his world to stop his evil.But would Quentin give up that easily?***Excerpt:"Gorilla! You perverted gorilla!" The old granny shouted while beating him with a wooden broom."I am tainted! Now, who wants to marry me?!" Screamed a girl who was not beautiful at all."I didn't do anything!" Igor shouted in frustration."I don't even know where I am now!""Don't play dumb, perverted gorilla! Let's be responsible! Marry my granddaughter!""No way!" Igor used his athletic skills to dodge the old but nimble granny."Ah no, he's not my type! Let's just force him to pay a lot of compensation money!" Said the crooked nosed girl cunningly.As he recalled, Igor participated in a marathon in Moscow. Somehow, he was hampered by roadworks and made a detour. Then he jumped over the fence and accidentally fell into a hole. He fainted and woke up in the ugly girl's room earlier.[Ding!]A digital screen suddenly appeared floating in front of him.[Welcome to dimension #6748][Igor Gregovich, let's defeat the strongest Evil Mage and save the world!]***I write from both perspective, the Hero and the villain. but i think you will like them both.You will find drama, action, a little romance and comedy in this story. Please encourage me to keep writing by adding this story to your collection.

  • Becoming A Russian Oligarch After Reborn

    Becoming A Russian Oligarch After Reborn

    Magical Realism REINCARNATION

    # superrich # iqbattle Wang Ye was transmigrated to the end of the 20th century. He had just landed in Moscow and was about to begin his student life. His dream was to make some money and live a normal but happy life. However, fate had another plan for him and he was forced to walk the path of oligarchy.