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  • The Nobel's

    The Nobel's


    In Estridsen Clan hundreds of kings and queen, both alphas and omegas have ruled with strength, power, justice and peace. However, as the darkness falls and the sun rises, a noble, princely and somewhat...innocent young alpha takes power. This new King will have to learn about the tragedy and mystery surrounding his predecessor's unexpected death. The alpha, full of insecurities and nervousness, meets an omega with a strong and courageous personality unlike any other. Will his noble and honest heart last until the end of reign? Or will power and deception consume his soul until he become a proud and vile alpha.

  • Nobel Lover

    Nobel Lover

  • Nobel laureate

    Nobel laureate


  • Nobel book

    Nobel book

    I am also happy

  • Scholar's Advanced Technological System

    Scholar's Advanced Technological System

    Magical Realism SYSTEM


    After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight. A Master's degree? Easy. PhD? Not a problem. From a nobody, he quickly becomes a huge celebrity in the world of science. With the missions given by the system, he is on his way to winning a Nobel Prize. "System, can points be exchanged for money?" "No." "F**k, what use are you then!?" "This system will make you the ultimate scholar, the kind that lords over all of humanity. What use will money be to you?"

  • Sarah and the Nobel mens

    Sarah and the Nobel mens

    Fantasy Romance BEAUTY

  • Rebirth of the Nobel girl

    Rebirth of the Nobel girl

    I Anabelle shall conquer my world back

  • A Nobel Blood Sacrifice

    A Nobel Blood Sacrifice


    A confident young man with a well paying job, worries about his mother and two sisters when he's away at work. They are constantly harassed and bullied by the community who accuse them of practicing witchcraft. His father was a known witch, but he made money for a lot people. Since his death the family business has dwindled. And so have the friendships. The family has had to adapt in some conventional ways, along with some questionable ones too. Leaving us to question if wrong can be right and if some wrongs are really wrong at all.

  • My Nobel Life

    My Nobel Life

  • Nobel History of civilization

    Nobel History of civilization

    History of the Man

  • Nobel prize is great

    Nobel prize is great

    My favorite game is free fore

  • I Transgmitted As A Nobel In Hell

    I Transgmitted As A Nobel In Hell


    Born on earth to a poor family ,Zuriel,at a young age decided when he grew up he’d his family’s situation no matter what.His parents made the sacrifices to enroll him in a Catch Wrestling and Muy Thai gym at age 6, then at age 8 he began to bully others for their lunch money using what he collected in that month he used it as an investment leading to him going down the road of a criminal.Age 22 he died with his last thoughts he was happy he at least changed his family’s situation when suddenly he opened his eyes.

  • The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men

    The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men



    [Warning: Might contain things you won't be expecting.] Xin Xiao dies; only to reincarnate as a female in world of cultivation of snotty young masters and Nobel ladies. Born with a hidden bloodline and a unique body, Le Fang Ling struggles on the path to immortality with a cute loli system by her side and her lovers who accepts her for who she is. [A mini theatre] Le Fang Ling: Aiyo! So what cheats do I get? A cute loli system: Cheats? Skills? You are going to work your ass off to live like a proper cultivator! A senior sister: Hmph! I hate you...But come here, let me apply herbs on those injuries. It’s not that I like you or anything. A certain evil demoness: Let me suck you dry off your spiritual energy!! Tags: #Genderbender #system #Yuri #mature #cultivation #system #romance #harem #Slow paced at first then it picks up the pace #And do consider dropping by if you are just doing window shopping kek. I had mix max of ideas when I started this book, so the beginning chs are mess but t gets better later as it settles down. :D discord:

  • Web Nobel Spirity Awards Spring 2021

    Web Nobel Spirity Awards Spring 2021

    Web Nobel Spirity Awards Spring 2021

  • Nobel Tale Of The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

    Nobel Tale Of The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

    Who was He?In this novel you will find out who really was Prophet Muhammad.

  • The Nobel Prize for Literature is given for a body of work, not one sp

    The Nobel Prize for Literature is given for a body of work, not one sp

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  • My Web Novel System

    My Web Novel System



    When he woke up one day, Fang Yuan had travelled into a parallel universe and became an exchange student majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. In this world, the Vernacular Language Movement had not yet occur, and there was no market for web novels. The entire world still equated Eastern literature to the Tang and Song Dynasty Poems and Songs. At that moment, the “Author System” was awakened, and the original classic novels appeared in Fang Yuan’s mind! Thus, when he re-wrote those works, the entire world was shaken. “Coiling Dragon” had greater sales than all other titles on Amazon. When drug addicts read it, they successfully detoxified themselves. “Ghost Blows Out the Light” was a pioneering literature work using grave robbery themes. Stephen King went silent when he read it, and Neil Gaiman cried when he heard the story. “A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality” popularized deities throughout the world. Influencers livestreamed their attempts at alchemy, and the title grabbed the attention of social news websites. “Wu Kong” presented the classic “Journey to the West” once more to the world, and drew much surprise and praise from critics. Chinese literature had made a name for itself! The Times Newspapers reported, “Congratulations to Mr Fang Yuan for receiving this year’s Nobel Prize for literature!” The New York Times reported, “The sales of Fang Yuan’s works have overtaken that of the Bible!” The Paris Review reported, “We lust for his appearance, and are loyal to his talent!” The Times Magazine reported, “This man had single-handedly started a craze over Eastern literature!” Bill Gates highly recommended them in his end-of-year list, and Obama couldn’t help but keep reading them. Trump ordered all Americans to read it, claiming that all who did not were not Americans! Fang Yuan was surprised, “Just this is enough? There are still “The Three-Body Problem”, “To Live”, and all the titles by Mo Yan and Lu Xun that I have not yet copied!

  • College Construction: My Principal System

    College Construction: My Principal System



    Fang Yuan traveled through a parallel world and inherited the private high school founded by his late grandfather, Yun Ding High School. Due to its consistent ranking as the worst high school in Jingcheng City throughout the year, its qualification to be allowed to run as a school would soon be canceled. Fortunately, for Fang Yuan, the universe activated the Strongest Principal System. As long as the school gained prestige, it could establish buildings, summon famous talents, and redeem various God-level rewards. From the founding of the main teaching building to improving the efficiency of learning; constructing a library, improving overall intelligence, constructing a well-equipped hospital as well as ensuring health and safety standards are followed...the Strongest Principal System made everything possible. In addition, the System provided a concert hall, art gallery, a lake garden, an observatory, a cafeteria with five-star cuisine as well. However, this was not all, the System even allowed Fang Yuan to summon world-famous talents from parallel worlds to teach his students. He could summon Shakespeare to teach Literature, Gauss to teach Mathematics, Einstein for Physics, Curie for Chemistry, Darwin for Biology, and Nightingale for medicine. He could also summon Beethoven to teach music, Van Gogh for art, Spielberg for film, and Messi for football! Thus, a formidable high school that would shock the world was born. Students would go forth to win Nobel Prizes, Olympic Medals and break world records in all the manner of categories. Countless Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley geniuses would be produced by the school. “Bitcoin? Oh, you mean our IT Department teacher, Satoshi Nakamoto’s little experiment?” Even students from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford would cry about wanting to attend Yun Ding High School.

  • Nobel chakma life story

    Nobel chakma life story