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  • In the Philippines

    In the Philippines

  • SKAM Philippines

    SKAM Philippines

    Teen TEEN

    Friendship. Trust. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Love. Hate. Acceptance. Fear. Dependence. Prejudice. Religion. Life. Shame.A Filipino fanfiction of the famous Norwegian TV Series SKAM. The story would follow the same plot as all the remakes but would include alterations from time to time.

  • Cultivator In Philippines

    Cultivator In Philippines


    A son of a broken family has gotten involve into a new world between myths and legends. For he the chosen will create his own path and change his own ill-fated life as he will embark to the journey of being the great one not only on Earth but also in the Universe.

  • My Dear Philippines

    My Dear Philippines

  • Philippines otherworldly adventure

    Philippines otherworldly adventure

    Fantasy ISEKAI

    Optimum pride in another worldthis is my first time writing so expect it to be sht

  • Demon fighters of the Philippines

    Demon fighters of the Philippines


  • SUPREMO:The rise of the Philippines

    SUPREMO:The rise of the Philippines


    are you a pilipino? a proud pilipino? well if you are then come and join our Mc JOHN in to his epic journey towards the peak of the the year of 8010,because of sun exploding the earth under go many changes the earth become bigger than the size of sun and the population round up to 7 octallion people In this Era mahika(magic) exist because when the sun explode earth is one of a few planets who recieve a large amount of sun's fuel resulting to birth of the rankers. The world natural law change to strongest trample upon the weak the Philippines in that time is belong to 1st faction countries while the strongest country is a 10th faction our boy John is dreaming to become the the strongest ranker who ever live. Can he do it and can he make the pilipinas become one of the strongest and well respected country?.NOTE: THE COVER I USE ISN'T MINE I WILL REMOVED IT IF THE CREATOR WANTS TO

  • Dark Side of The Philippines

    Dark Side of The Philippines

    Horror&Thriller SCARY MYTH UNDEAD

    Philippines, the "Pearl of The Orient", is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, it consists of about 7,641 islands that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, making it the second-largest archipelago in the world.Like evey other country Philippines also have scary stories, creatures lurking when the night comes, creepypastas, and real life encounters. Beware, because every places have a DARK SIDE.

  • Transported in Another World - Philippines

    Transported in Another World - Philippines

    A very modern Philippines is thrown in another world by a strange bright light, everyone thought it's just a science experiment for the space elevators that's being built.But no, when everyone recovered from their daze the sky is totally different than normal. Strange birds are seen flying in the sky.Everyone panicked, so the government have no choice but to issue a state of emergency. The Armed Forces are tasked to keep peace in the country and to establish contact with the neighboring countries as the communication is severed.But the Armed Forces are surprised when they encountered flying monsters with medieval looking soldiers mounted on their backs attacking a town. The scene is so gruesome that the soldiers have no choice but to attack the monsters and the soldiers, defending the town. The country is now confirmed, in fact another world. What would the Philippines do now?

  • Skam Philippines: A Fanmade Remake

    Skam Philippines: A Fanmade Remake

    *Inspired by SKAM Norway and Official Remakes*The story of four Filipino students struggling to solve the social disputes that society has judged them for.From rumours, to losing friendships, and religion to sexuality. - DISCLAIMER - *I do not own Skam nor do any of the references used. This is a fan remake and it mostly also uses the same storyline as the original but with a Filipino aspect added*(SKAM is an NRK (Norwegian) series following four main characters which each has four individual seasons. Each season tackles social problems in accordance with the youth today. The series involves a group of girls and their struggle with society's prejudices which try to break down their friendship.Season 1 tackles about Eva and her boyfriend Jonas, which is about Jonas' ex and rumours.Season 2 is about Noora, Eva's friend, who's in love with a treacherous "bully" who was supposedly in love with one person from the girl squad. Season 3 talks about Isak, a friend of Eva and Jonas who struggles with his sexuality after seeing a handsome guy in his school.Season 4 finally tackles about Sana, a girl from the girl squad who is a Muslim which tackles religious rights and prejudices from others.When the Original ended in 2018, other countries in Europe and many other countries also made their own remakes, like France, Germany, Italy and many more)

  • The Way I Remember You

    The Way I Remember You

    Set in a Philippine high school in the early 2000s, the story is voiced by the introverted, socially awkward, and mystery-loving Irene Sebastian. The story starts on her first day in high school and looking back, she had no idea she would be meeting a girl who was going to change her world unexpectedly.Day by day, Irene was finding herself getting drawn to her classmate, Yana. Slowly, consumingly, where would these feelings take her?From solving mysteries to beating bad guys, from making friends to falling in love, Irene had no choice but to face her fears. She was discovering new things the only way she knew how. Especially now that a girl had captured her heart.



  • Alternate Philippine History 1898

    Alternate Philippine History 1898



    What would happen if history took a different course back in 1898 and the Filipino revolutionaries learned of the secret negotiation between the American and Spanish forces in Manila?How will the future of the Philippines change?

  • philippine webnovel

    philippine webnovel

  • The Mind of Philippine Folklore

    The Mind of Philippine Folklore

    The folklores of Philippine Myths, Legends, and Superstitions. What are in their belief? What are the context of their belief? What are the truth and Lies? The punishments and blessings for forfeiting/accepting their superstitions by their saying are Major but what are really the scientific explanations? Can superstition outcome science in this myths and legends? Is their any witnesses of Their Myths and Legends? We are About to find out!

  • I am Short Filipina from Philippines.

    I am Short Filipina from Philippines.

  • Stuck in a philippine island

    Stuck in a philippine island




    Kasey Okamoto, a responsible student, and daughter of a well-known restaurant owner in Japan. Even though she came from a well-off family she still chooses to work as a model to earn her own money together with her older brother. She was just a normal and typical teenage girl living her senior high school life until her world suddenly turned upside down as the cheerful, lively, and optimistic Kasey disappeared. Now, that she's in the Philippines with her grandfather, she decided to change herself, as well as to forget and recover from all of the pain and traumatic experiences that came into her life. And, when she met and got to know more about Nice Tolentino together with his close friends at their campus she thought that it might be a stepping stone to heal and forget her painful and traumatic past. At first, she hated Nice for being rude, but, eventually will she fall for him? But, what if, Nice unexpectedly learns about her past, what if he found out the reason why does she act that way towards them. Will it make him get closer and slowly fall in love with her? Or, he already likes her since the first time they met. Will it make him understand her and fall for her more? What if Kasey falls in love with Nice? Will this bring their current relationship closer? What if those people she wishes so badly to forget come back and appear once again in her life? Is she ready to face her past again and start a new one with Nice?

  • The fourth Philippine Republic

    The fourth Philippine Republic

  • Philippines in Another World (Because Japan is too OP. Please Nerf)

    Philippines in Another World (Because Japan is too OP. Please Nerf)


    This is the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas. It is a country of sunny weather and sweet smiles, where life is relatively simple (unless you are into politics) and where people are friendly and warm. However, it is not without flaws. For instance, Philippines suffer corruption in the government like other developing countries as well as decades of insurrection. The rich only gets richer and the poor gets poorer, while since time immemorial the country's denizens have this habit of hating their presidents and loving foreigners more than their own countrymen. It seems nothing has changed much since the famed EDSA Revolution of 1987. The year is 2042. Philippines has reached economic growth comparable to South Korea in 2022. Still, elite families control the government and social justice remains dismal. The younger population became increasingly materialistic while their parents are becoming more and more irresponsible. The problem has shifted from "how to decrease population" to "how to make spoiled kids' and parents' ass off to work". In terms of military power, the country has acquired considerate amount of firepower but remained one of the weakest in the ASEAN region thanks to politics. Worse, China and the USA has declared war against each other after a diplomatic blunder thanks to the incompetence of their respective new presidents. The world is doomed to a world war 3 while the Philippines was caught unprepared for war. Instead of finding solutions, politicians in the Philippines continued to blame their political enemies while the CBCP called everyone to prayer, hoping that God would make a miracle that make Philippines somewhat immune to nuclear weapons. Ironically, the prayer got answered in a way that is unimaginable....