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  • The Great Polyandry

    The Great Polyandry

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    living your life without any warmth and none ending secret sometimes can be a pain in the ass.Madison gets chased away because of the heartless person called her father.It is funny that her life took a turn.she became "Madison Beckley the most beautiful model and actress in the whole of NY""what was the kiss for?" "it's my goodbye to you"But life gifts here with three hottie's and the striking part was that she gets to marry them.but happiness always likes to take a vacation.

  • tangled obsession

    tangled obsession

    warning- sexual content, polyandry ? Florina was living a perfect life with a perfect job and a lovely boyfriend but her once fairytale peaceful life turned upside down in just a single night because of something that she saw. Now she was on the hit list of Russian mafia and he wanted her dead at all costs. Florina ran for her life but destiny threw her in another frenzy when she stumbled upon Sebestian King, the American mafia boss and Vincenzo Romano, the Italian mafia boss. She catched their attention at first site. And as people says, 'the devils always feed on pure souls...' These two devils have now started craving her. But the problem is vincenzo and sebestian are the biggest enemies of each other. They can't even share the same air to breathe, let alone share a girl they both desire. They are ready to kill each other to have her for themselves. Will any one of them be able to get her? And the main question is whom will Florina choose OR will she run away from them scared of this new life that she was thrown into? Only if she knew that once you caught an eye of a mafia there's no going back.

  • CEO's Tattooed Wife

    CEO's Tattooed Wife


    Warning: Some chapters contain mature content. The main character is not an innocent girl. She has a strong personality.Please be reminded that this is a fictional story, with characters, customs, and a setting different from reality.-The novel may include polyandry, but certainly not promiscuous stories.-If you are looking for innocent love, sweetloveI may not suggest reading this story rather than rating it unfairly.*****Angie woke up beside a stranger. Having an aching head while feeling sore on her body, she tried to recall what happened to her last night.‘Oh shit!’ Angie exclaimed in her mind“You’re still here?” A man’s deep hoarse voice suddenly rang in her ears.“Are you stupid? If I already left would you still see me here?” Angie uttered in disdain as she rolled her eyes in dismay. She calmly declared without looking behind, “I’ll be leaving. We can forget about everything that happened between us.” “Before you leave, why don't we get some good morning exercise?” The man whispered.“Mister, I don’t know how we ended up on this bed together. All I know is I was drugged and I can’t remember anything after that, but it doesn’t mean we could do something I'm not interested in.” Angie uttered with indifference in her voice.He lifted his hand and gently moved the hair that covered her cheek away. “I don’t mind reminding you what happened last night.”“No thanks. I’d rather not remember. So would you please let me go?” Angie coldly declared after glaring at him before she flicked the hand that was brushing her cheek.“What if I won’t let you go unless you‘ll have some morning exercises with me?”The cold expression on Angie's face stayed the same when she said, “Why? You were also drugged last night, weren’t you? If that's the case, then we just used each other to relieve ourselves, so we don’t owe each other. Now, let me go!”“That’s exactly the reason why I want to do it again since we're both drugged. We should enjoy it now that we’re both sober.” The man claimed unreasonably that Angie's patience was reaching its limits.****He calmly inquired. “Why don't you want to marry me? Am I not that handsome enough? Am I still poor in your eyes? What am I lacking in for you to reject me?”He seriously claimed while staring straight into her eyes. “I'll agree with any of your terms as long as you marry me.”“I'm not interested!” Angie proclaimed giving no room for rejection.****Angie, a twenty-five-year-old single mother was living peacefully with her family when she met Anna and followed her in her home country with a contract; to be her sister.When she discovered Anna's intention, her life was completely shaken. Her family wanted Angie to marry her big brother; Zach Rainford.Worse, they claimed that Zach was her daughter's biological father. Everything was a mess. Angie insisted that everything was nonsense, but the DNA test and his features have proven that it was a fact, they were biologically related.What should she do? perhaps, she should take her daughter and run back to her ex-husband? Or will she learn to love her daughter's biological father despite her hidden objectives?*********************************CTTO of the book cover.

  • Tamer of Beast

    Tamer of Beast

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Mwezi is your typical southern young adult, college graduate. Trying to make it to next pay day, still lead some kind of personal life all while dodging Sallie Mae as best she can. By a seeming act of God, as her Memaw would put it, she gets an offer to travel abroad with a team of Paleontologist who are looking to study a new discovery of fossils in what would have been ancient Mesopotamia. Needing someone of her expertise on such short notice gives Mwezi a shoe in for the position and she’s on her way across the world to lands unknown. The discovery is found in a cave that was uncovered in an old mine. Upon surveying the different gems and precious stones there is one in particular that calls to her. Upon picking up the stone for further investigation she was teleported to a new world, Kuhama. Kuhama is a world plague by an imbalance of the male to female ratio (there are 10 to 15 males for every female) and because of this polygamy/polyandry is practiced by everyone. In her attempts to find a way home she runs into various male shifters that seek to claim her heart and become her mate while there are women who will do anything to take Mwezi out and claim her males for themselves. Will she find her way home or will she truly fall in love with the men who pine for her heart?

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