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  • The Story of a Protoss

    The Story of a Protoss

    A Protoss said to be one of the highest beings in existence. Everything apart from that is unknown. But are they that strong? Why are they so strong? How are they born? Where do they live? How do they live? And are they peaceful? Or will they kill you upon sight? There is no other way to find out apart from simply following one and seeing for yourself whether or not they are evil or good. Will this one become a Saint or Devil? Will he help or watch as the life and your soul leaves your body? Follow a Protoss from his birth to his first prey, from his first spell to his first love and build your own opinion. ----------------------------------------------- I'm back to 1-2 Chapters per week. More likely 2. I'm writing on stock and I'm extending the general length of chapters. The starting chapters are a bit short cause they were my first ever chapters. I think I made some progress in just a few chapters and I'm averaging at around 1800-2200 words per chap. Furthermore, I believe that a story is as good as its readers. As such, I made this an "interactive" story. You can write a comment with your ideas and I'll try to add them. I also make some polls where you can vote on certain events. Powerups for the MC, the next story arc etc. ------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/VZA3W7z

  • The Darkness approaches

    The Darkness approaches

    I greatly apologize if my synopsis is bad.**********************************This is the story of a boy who came from a broken home with no father just a mentally ill mother. Who he cared for a long time. But never got the love he was looking for. *********************Next thing he knows he is dead and getting wishes to reincarnate into a different world. Join Alex Parry on his journey to ascend into a god.Warning its a system novelBut it's not the type of system that gives him powerups but one that just keeps his progress and a little special something. (NO HAREM)*NB: IF YOU WANT ME TO REMOVE THE PICTURE JUST TELL ME

  • Coalescence of Two Lifetimes

    Coalescence of Two Lifetimes

    Cilen was you typical, run-of-the-mill kinda guy. Well, until his parents passed away when he was 17 forcing him to learn to grow up. Fast. He figured it wouldn't be that bad. He had a house, he had an inheritance, he had friends that kept him company. And at first, it really wasn't anything  But sometimes,the loneliness just gets to you.Sometimes, the expectation to not disappoint just gets to you.   Sometimes, life just gets to you. And it brought Cilen to his knees, lamenting, cursing, questioning, "why?""Why did his parents pass away as they did, forcing him to fend for his own?""Why wasn't he born in a rich household, with a silver spoon in his mouth that catered to his every need?""Why was every step forwards so difficult, in this accursed society?"He wished that everything would be easy, like inside the worlds of the wuxia novels that he had grown up reading. Special constitution, lucky breaks, fast powerup, get all the chicks and defeat the big evil guy. Simple, easy, satisfying.  But life ain't cut out to be that way. The main actors were already set, and there was no changing them.   Unless you moved to a different stage...But this ain't one of your friendly neighborhood transmigrations. It rewards those that are patient, creative and willing to adapt. But perhaps Cilen is able to make use of this opportunity to finally become something more..._______________________________________________________________________________________________The cover ain't mine.

  • The Halfling Dreamer

    The Halfling Dreamer

    To say that life is easy in the world of Solaris would be a lie. Life is tremendously difficult for its inhabitants. Ever since the tragedy, known as the shattered veil monsters, cultists, and the corrupted have made staying alive difficult for everyone. Not to mention the war between kingdoms, races, and the petty fights among humans As if life wasn't hard enough, a greater tragedy looms over the horizon, and it will catch everyone by surprise. Everyone except one boy. --------------------------------------------- No promises on regular uploads. I will try really hard not to drop this. With that out of the way here is what you can expect 1. No op mcs - I want every arc to be difficult and every powerup to be justified and rewarding 2. Some characters may die - One of the main premises is that survival is tough and it wouldn't make much sense if every character I wrote were to live because of plot armor. 3. Idk about romance - still haven't really decided how I would do it or if it will be there at all (probably will), but don't expect me to pair the mc with every female that has two legs and can count to five. 4. There is a system - there is no shop or gatcha, the system is mainly there to show us the mc and other creature's stats and abilities. I think that's it for now. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

  • A Con Artist Secret Power-up

    A Con Artist Secret Power-up

    Axton Fox was an orphan brought up in poverty, in the murky and smelly streets of Manhattan.He hates poverty to the core. Ever since he was 7, Axton would do anything for money, wheather it was to trick, cheat, steal or even kill if he has too. He is a con artist, matchless among his peers in the arts of scammiing. through years of practicing his skills from his chilhood. Only reason Axton decided to be a scammer isnt because he wanted to but he was forced. No one would hire and pay a decent salary to a powerless bloke. especially in a world where 90% of the people had some kind of power. The year was 1971. and technology wasn't advance enough but with powers the city prospered and progressed One day when Axton was staring at the stars, he saw a shooting star and wished. And the universe heard him and dropped a smarthphone from the sky and changed his life.Axton had no clue what it was? The phone vibrated and an app showed itself, and opened a portal, and out came a volompus women, sexily dressed in revealing clothes and high heels. She walked and kneeled, showing her cleavage. And said "I am Clariance, your summoned, Master." Axton mouth was agape and said "What? Summoned? Hey, Doll, are you asking for a one night stand?"Clariance said" I'm bounded to you, Master. I will do anything you say, just tell me.After that faitful day the scum got a secret powerup, making him an even greater con-artist. Using the girls that come though his phone to do his bidding and lead a lavish life with his summonds!

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