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  • Professor


    "Marylin Wilson is a medical student and is attracted to her professor, Alessandro Russo, a hot Italian guy. He is extremely talented in his line of work, arrogant, hot-headed, anti-social, alpha male, and not to forget a sexy piece of a hunk. They bicker back and forth. After one incident they got to know that they lust after each other and Marylin decided to seduce his professor, to break him and to bring him to his knees but little did she knows she is underestimating this so-called professor of hers."

  • Professor Kal

    Professor Kal



    Countless years were spent deep in his lab, perfecting the solution to an age-old problem. Finally, with the success he had been searching for, an undead Lich is finally free from the shackles of his kind. With years of knowledge and skill, he embarks on a journey to explore the surface, to study the unknown, and to make use of his newfound power.Link to the discord is here:

  • Fancy Me, Professor!

    Fancy Me, Professor!



    "Good morning, everyone!" His sultry voice sounded in the classroom as he greeted his students. "Welcome to Assessment of Student Learning class, and I, Pan An, would be your professor." Most of the girls in the room stifled their swoon as the boys internally rolled their eyes at the women who reacted that way. At the back of the classroom, however, was Shu Xian, the only woman who didn't swoon when she saw who their Assessment of Student Learning professor was. Her eyes were wide open as her mouth was agape, her heart thumping hard in her chest as she couldn't believe what was happening in her life right now. 'I am living under my professor's roof!?' *** 19-year-old university student named Shu Xian was left irreparable when she was kicked out of her apartment due to not paying her rent since she only earned a little from her part-time job. Luckily, however, a man who was jogging by the park that same night saw that Shu Xian was about to get assaulted and saved her, taking her in for the night at the same time! Waking up to an unfamiliar place, Shu Xian came out of the room and found the man. He introduced himself as Pan An and upon knowing from Shu Xian that she had no place to stay, had offered her to stay in his place. Unknowingly, though, when she went to the university where she studies, it turns out that the man who saved her is actually now her college professor and that they're living together! With the current situation given to Shu Xian, would she be able to succeed in keeping this a secret while she lives under his roof and studies in the same university where he works? Could there be other intentions as to why the professor asked her to stay? If so, what could they be? Is staying under one roof beneficial to them—or will it just hinder their lives as a teacher and as a student? Let us know what would happen as we unravel Pan An’s intentions and Shu Xian’s struggles in the story entitled, “Fancy Me, Professor!” ~ [WARNING: Some chapters may contain mature R-18 content.] Update Schedule: Every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, GMT+8. (Do understand. I'm teaching and studying at the same time, only inserting writing during my free time~!) Entry for WSA 2021 Cover commissioned to: Chainslock Want to further show your support? Send me a ko-fi~! ^^ Link:

  • My Husband is My Professor and Boss

    My Husband is My Professor and Boss

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18


    * Editing and Uploading :- Ongoing *18 years old very beautiful, brilliant & lovely teenager girl Avery. She is in her graduation's first year. Everything was going fine but suddenly one day something happens that changed her whole world. She suddenly becomes the wife of a young CEO. A Heartless, Ruthless business Tycoon young man. Let's see how she is able to play three characters simultaneously in her life. ***** Declaration. This story is completely fictional and if there is any connection to any place or person then it's just a coincidence. That's why do not take it to your heart because it's written for entertainment purpose. characters name, location name is truly base on an author's imagination so please don't take seriously.*****Warning.The female lead in this story is weak. This story is full of suspense. This story has twists and turns so it requires patience. The important thing is that this story is under Editing so you can't expect 100 percent correct grammar. You are being told before you read and criticize. If anyone wants strictly 100 percent correct grammar, they should not read this novel and criticize the author.*****Discord link:- DemonAngel

  • I Love My Professor

    I Love My Professor


    21+ Dalam kehidupan di dunia ini, banyak sekali hal yang tak terduga. Kisah seorang pria straight yang akhirnya tak disangka-sangka bisa menjadi seorang gay. Profesor Daniel Rowandy sangat dibenci dan ditakuti oleh semua muridnya. Dia sangat tegas, pendiam dan sangat kejam sekali. Dia tidak pernah sama sekali mau memberi keringanan jika ada kesalahan dan sama sekali tidak memiliki kesabaran kepada murid-muridnya. Samuel William adalah seorang anak berusia dua puluh tahun yang berjuang untuk menghidupi adik perempuannya setelah kematian orang tua mereka. Di ambang kehilangan beasiswa, Samuel menjadi sangat putus asa dan takut untuk pergi menemui Profesor Daniel Rowandy. Semua orang bilang Rowandy sama sekali tidak punya hati. Semua orang bilang dia adalah bajingan yang kejam. Samuel mendapati apa yang dikatakan semua orang ternyata memang benar. Samuel membuat kesepakatan dengan Daniel, tetapi secara tidak terduga, kesepakatan itu berubah menjadi sesuatu yang lebih dari itu. Sesuatu yang membuat jantung dan seluruh tubuh menjadi nyaman dan membuat Samuel ketagihan. Sesuatu yang tidak diinginkan oleh Daniel dan Samuel. Bagaimana kisah Profesor dan muridnya ini, jangan ketinggalan setiap Bab nya ya....

  • My Professor: I am his naughty slave

    My Professor: I am his naughty slave



    {Mature Content} "You look hot as always, sir." Yoo Na says flashing the other a sweet but teasing smile, she has been trying to gain his attention, all that was ever needed for her. Yoo Na, a sweet and lovely girl who went through bully and abuse ending up as a weak fragile girl, she has been trying to mend her broken and miserable life. She had lived her life twice before she ended up with suicide, she chooses to give up because she had no will to live. But that was not what was planned for her, she came back once, twice just to end up the same but now in her third chance, she is gifted with a huge surge of confidence and courage to win over her love and to become happy. "Just shut up!" Shin Jae whisper-yells being aware of the surrounding he was -in the school premises. Shin Jae was a guy who was about 6 years older than her and her professor. By nature, he had grown up being confined within with only his false demeanor erupting off. He was the teacher everyone feared, who would approach and piss off a cold rude person. "I will never!" Yoo Na says giggling to herself as she walks away to her class. Yoo Na was among the person to hate him for what he was on the surface but in her past two life, this very cold bastard she thought became her savior and her knight in white armor. And hence, he was her first love. He was her unrequited love, why? Because he had someone else in his broken heart which she was trying hard to win. "Remember who owns you." Shin Jae says through his muffled voice as he runs to her grabbing her arms and pulling her towards the corner which probably would get them into shadows, away from the sight of people. "You." She says happily but her smiles fade away when he says, "And put this in your mind, you are nothing but a slave to me." He walks away leaving that bitter smile on her face, she was used to hearing those words. "I know... but I am making you mine. My everything." Join me on the rollercoaster of these two characters who had been fighting with their life to go on, to be happy, to be loved. I promise fun and fun along the way but I need your help with that. Please read the story and be my companion through, I would love to hear from you all, and please do drop your views. If you want to talk to me then join me in discord, my account is Asin1961# Instagram: Author_asin13 I hope you would love to follow me for updates! The cover is from interest and I edited it with the help of my friends. Credits to the one who deserves. :) As this book is participating in WSA 2021, guys I would appreciate it if you all would support me, please!

  • Extra Professor

    Extra Professor



    A happy and fulfilled life, everyone wanted that. Rio was no exception, he too wanted to feel joy and fulfillment. But how many actually achieved that? He didn't know, but he knew that he was not part of those. Rio, a part time editor of a webnovel called, The Last Stand, transmigrated inside the world of the novel. Not as a main character, nor as a villain, not even a student. But as a professor. A simple extra, professor that was never even mentioned in the story. Through some circumstances, he was the mentor of the main cast of characters. Armed with knowledge of the future, treasures of the world, and skills of different origins. He would raise these students to their utmost as early as possible. He felt that there would be no problem. However, as time marches forward he realizes everything was not as simple as he thought. The plot, or the future, as he knew it was going further down the rails. The body he occupied had a mysterious identity. A higher existence watches over him. Realizing the implications, he gave up on staying low key and unknown. He will strive, live, and survive admist this world of cruelty. A world set in a modern futuristic setting where cults roam free, capitalism corruption rises, demons and other races exist. However, even if he survived and lived, will he even feel happinness and fulfillment? He didn't know, but he will live still. — The MC in this story might feel light hearted at first, but as the story progresses he will become more darker. The characters might seem like gary stuish, but don't worry there are plenty of reasons for that. The story does not just focus on demons, but more so on other humans. I have no plans to make this a harem story, and usual super MC. Romance is bleak, I, so far, have no intention on making a lovey dovey scene. Expect daily updates, as I upload a chapter per day. — The cover art is not mine, if the artist has any intent or wishes to take it down please inform me immediately and proper action will take effect. — Also posted in Royalroad and Scribblehub.

  • Jerk Professor

    Jerk Professor

    Lhea is a transferee of Robina Academy. She seeks vengeance for her murdered mom and brother.But to her surprise, she met Oliver, the jerk who she's been running for years!And he's the professor of her class!''Jerk...'' she whispered to herself.

  • Professor Fang

    Professor Fang


    A new exciting series about a Time Travelling, eccentric, Chinese Vampire Professor named Fang who journeys through the universe with his two friends, Lindsey, a former Vampire hunter, and Kirsteen, a former Rockstar. The trio battle various supernatural and otherworldly threats across all of time and space.

  • Dominant Professor

    Dominant Professor

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    When you crave the punishment, you break the rules. The last five years since Cole took down the Moretti crime syndicate were grey and lifeless. Until now. Until this off-limits, bratty temptress waltzes into his class. He's her professor. And he's going to claim her as his own. Haley brings out the beast in Cole. She makes his blood boil again. She's too good for a brutal man like Cole. Too innocent. Untouched, unclaimed. Running too damn wild, throwing her life away. She thinks he won't break the rules. That he won't teach her a harsh lesson. He fought in the underground fighting leagues of the Iron Circle. He stared down killers and survived. He broken the law, and he's about to break all the rules to claim her and tame her. A man like Cole will never deserve love. All he can be is her filthy fantasy._____________________WARNING: CONTAINS MATURE SCENES, LANGUAGECopyright © 2020 by SheWrites120.All rights reserved.

  • My Professor

    My Professor

  • Mr professor

    Mr professor



    Teen ROMANCE


  • Love of A Professor

    Love of A Professor

    Historical Romance ROMANCE PREGNANCY

    Hello my name is Georgia Guzman, I'm the main leader in this novel, I would like everyone to joined me in this amazing rollercoaster we will be dealing slowly, we will go throught alot known as ups and downs, loosing and loving people we deeply care. Please join to my journey, this book would have sexual content be aware about it , I won't say it which chapter but once you know what would happen then you will known. thank you so much be aware of my past and present tense, I'm biligual person. ( OLD DESCRIPTION) Georgia is a Student in the university of Chicago this is her 4 year of college nine months from now she needs to be focus on graduation and see if she makes it in the medical School to get her RN and her IVL class to become a full time nurse what will happen when her Poetry teacher is hot as fuck ... and you started to have feelings for and same with him but he shows it differently..... Preview I was the last one from Mr.Gray room because i wanted to talk about my grade in that class while i'm walking to his desk i could see that his eyes couldn't keep away from my body because i was wearing this really short skirt that you could see my ass sticking out .... but he was still watching when i got into his desk he stands up i could see his long sleeve white shirt his amazing 8 packs i was drooling in my mind because he was perfect he got closer to me he was 3 steps away from me almost lips and lips touching it mr gray couldn't hold it anymore he grab my waist and my thigh that....... you will know " THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT AND VIOLENCE

  • Hey, Professor

    Hey, Professor


    “Until death do us part.”

  • CodeName Professor

    CodeName Professor

  • The Professor and the CEO

    The Professor and the CEO


    Selene and Ben met when they were 19 years old and were together for several years. They had a painful break up after Ben's family disapproved of their plans to marry. Since then, Selene hasn't really had any major relationships. Instead, she has devoted her life to her career and proving her worth.Ben can't tell Selene the real reason why he had to break up with her. He has spent all the years apart building power and influence, all the while planning to get her back. When he heard she was presenting her design to his company, he couldn't stay away any longer, so he moved up his plans to win her back. But in doing so is he putting them both in danger? What will happen when she learns the truth?***********Note: R18 content ***********Excerpt:They stood there for a while, kissing each other demurely, as if they were testing the waters. Selene couldn't help but let out little noises of pleasure, while Ben started breathing heavier.Ben pulled slightly away to look at Selene's lips, which were flushed with a dark pink from their kisses. "These are the lips I've been craving," he thought, then began nibbling on Selene's bottom lip. When she let out a little moan, he was satisfied that he could move forward. He pushed his tongue gently in between her lips as if asking for entrance. She was already lost in the feelings from the past and let him in. Once she did, the kiss transformed. Their lips were hungry for each other after being denied for so long.Ben pushed Selene against the wall nearby. His tongue licked the inside of her mouth as if he was tasting the nectar of the gods. His mind was racing as he thought, "God, she tastes so good, like the wine we had earlier." Selene couldn't help but let out a moan, but it was muffled by Ben's mouth on her. He sucked on her tongue while moving his hands slowly all over her back. Then his hands moved down to her tiny waist, while his mouth continued to dance around her tongue. He couldn't believe how she had stayed just the same after all these years.Ben started moving his mouth down her neck, nibbling here and there along the way. There would definitely be marks left where he sucked and gently bit. Selene tried to hold back her moans, but the best she could do was keep them quieter than usual. They were in a restaurant after all. "My God, what am I doing? We're in a restaurant!," she thought. But she didn't stop. She couldn't stop.

  • The Magic Professor

    The Magic Professor

    Martial Arts ACTION COMEDY

    As a new school year begins Alex Snow becomes a professor at the Almeiron academy's school of magic by orders from his mentor and the queen to investigate strange activity occuring on campus

  • Professor Jones❤️

    Professor Jones❤️

  • My Hot Professor

    My Hot Professor


    Sandra Morgan, is a rich spoiled kid. She gets everything that she wishes for. There isn't a guy who can resist her hotness. However, a bet that she lost to her friends made her kiss the third guy coming from the college entrance, not just a kiss but a kiss that will make him turn on and arise the desire to an instant that he will wish to make love right there. To everyone's surprise who thought that it would be a piece of cake for her, the man pushed her away let alone being turned on. As if it was not enough that they find out that this man was none other than a new professor of philosophy and is in charge of maintaining disciplines. What will happen next? How will Sarah survive the wrath of Professor? “ Weren't you scared doing all those dirty things? ” the officer asked, looking at her with dumbfounded eyes “ Sometimes you are too scared to be scared, ” she replied, PS: This story is not just about romance. It deals with all the issues that teenagers nowadays face like bullying, drugs, sex, homosexuality, rape, incest, etc. This story has mature content and is R18. Read only if you can take all..