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  • Program


    Shēnyuān, a young boy who's always had a soft spot for technology, he was even interested on a thing called Artificial Intelligence, in short, An AI. Though he may be young, he was inspired on developing an AI that can be called human. But as he makes an AI, he caused something that traumatized him, the lack of friends in his life. Shēnyuān used to be talkative in class, but once he learned about AIs, he stopped talking, and used all of his spare time on learning, mainly learning about Artificial Intelligence and the code behind it. As Shēnyuān only uses his time in learning, he no longer has the time for his friends, which slowly made him an easy target for bullying. No friends to back him up, no friends to help in his time of need, he became an outcast, a student everyone makes fun of, a loner, and the teasing and bullying he received didn't help with his fragile and pure mind. No longer attending regular class, he mostly stays indoors, doing most of his learning digitally. Now using any spare time to code his AI hoping that it can help him in any way.

  • The Anubis Program

    The Anubis Program

  • Gifted Program

    Gifted Program

    Austin Academy is one of prestigeous schools in the city. A lot of people want to study here not because of the system of the school but because they've heard the speacial program that only in this school exist. This program is called 'Gifted'. Gifted is a program where many of the students wishes to be part of it but this program had selected students that they called the Gifted. Gifted students were provided high previleges of the school that makes the normal students jealous. Gifted program is a mystery to the people beacuse they never heared what this program teaches about but they only know that this is a special program that will help yourself to achieve what you want in the future and that makes them understand that it is truly special..

  • program: (mechani)

    program: (mechani)


    Deli is a 17 year old apprentice to the Archeologist who goes by Professor Orbit. Together exploring, they escape death by discovering Mechani! With no memory of who is he, the adventure begins. What is Mechani's mystery?program: (mechani) is a webtoon that I will be ending production on. The first volume is 12 chapters long and each of those will have a chapter on webtoons. 7 chapters will be up as of 7/7/2021. Remaining chapters will release later in 2021. I am starting a brand new webtoon and I still want readers who love the story to have the chance to read this amazing story. I hope you enjoy as I will continue to update. I also will be adding pieces of art here and there and also art of each of the characters that appear in the story.-ALB

  • Gaia Program

    Gaia Program

  • The Perses Program

    The Perses Program


    A world filled with monsters, also known as Kaijus - opposed by the Defense forces of Earth under the guise of the Perses Program, the top graduate being able to use a Perses, nature of which has been redacted.

  • The ones of the Program

    The ones of the Program

    Twelve boys uprooted from their previous lives, sent on an apparently absurd mission, and surrounded by mystery. They will be forced to get to know each other and regain self-awareness, in a world where everything seems to escape them, unaware of the articulated plan of which they themselves are part.

  • Weight loss program

    Weight loss program

    It's a book on how to lose weight naturally.It's all about the new weight loss system.I really hope that you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals one day, by following this book.It's more of a weight loss education book.Let's see who will follow us, who will leave and who will join along the way.With daily or weekly updates.

  • Monster Killing Program

    Monster Killing Program


  • Program Alpha: The Tutorial

    Program Alpha: The Tutorial


    Asher Black like all other human's on earth has his own problems to deal with, well he did at least before a semi came crashing into his body killing him instantly, luckily though a seemingly all-seeing and all-knowing system like being decided it was time for Humanity to join the ranks of the Alpha Trials. This a story of a second chance at life and humanity's, Asher Black's Specifically, struggling in pursuit of the ultimate goal of the Alpha Trials: Survival and Ascend. This is my take on sci-fi, Wuxia, lit-RPG story, and will have heavy influences from some of the bigger known lit-RPGs I have read. I quite enjoy the story type and look forward to putting my spin on it!




    Together Chaewon we'll live with the sadness. I'll love you with all the madness in my soul. Someday girl I don't know when we're gonna get to that place. Where we really want to go and we'll walk in the sun. But till then tramps like us baby we were born to run.

  • Boss Killing Program

    Boss Killing Program

  • Pirate Rebirth Program

    Pirate Rebirth Program


    It's 2110 and the world is recovering from a premature Armageddon, which whipped almost 3.5 billion people across the globe. The side effects of the world wide disasters left old land unoccupied without claim and new land to be discovered. In this new world governments are racing to claim new land and regain resources to fuel their economy. The U.C.A. (United Colonies of America) creates the Pirate Rebirth Program and many other remaining countries create similar programs. Out of this program comes Ameen'abd'il'lah Zakia or Captain Abdul the fiercest pirate to sail the 8 seas.



    year 4031 humans for saving their planet earth from destroying they create a system.(Note: Sorry Bad at Summary please go easy on me)

  • The cross anime switch program

    The cross anime switch program

  • Battle Royale of the Sinners

    Battle Royale of the Sinners



    Tong, a sinner who was suffering endless torment in hell because of his mistake he had done in his previous life, was giving other chance to redeem himself by the devil. All he had to do was participating in the redemption program, organized by the gods and the devils. He would be reincarnated as a random citizen of China during the end of the era of the East Han, and the prelude of the era of the Three Kingdoms. He would also retain his memory and a cheat skill that he designed for himself. Tong later found himself reincarnated as Zhang Tong, the son of the Yellow Turbans leader, Zhang Jiao. The problem didn't end with just the dilemma of the Yellow Turbans Army. It appeared that other than him, there were 99 others from the modern world that reincarnated into this timeline with him as well. This redemption program by the gods and devils didn't seem to be simple. There was definitely something fishy going on. Then the hidden agenda revealed itself to the reincarnators. Zhang Tong had to utilize everything by any means necessary to survive this ordeal. -------------------------------------------------- This series is completed. Sequal: Lilim Heritage Online -------------------------------------------------- Discord: --------------------------------------------------

  • Programming


    Simone, a female-identifying android, is part of a scientific team sent ahead of the first colony to return to Earth, which is finally habitable again after centuries of radiation recovery. She mostly finds her human crewmates irritating, and the most irritating by far is Dr. Lucy Zhong, who slowly becomes Simone's best friend, more important to her than anyone else has ever been.<br><br>When Lucy is fatally injured, she kisses Simone during her last moments of consciousness. Only then does Simone realize they may be more than friends. To save Lucy, Simone places her in the last functioning cryo-pod, even though this means sacrificing another crewmember. Simone's programming should not permit that kind of choice, but if this is a malfunction, Simone doesn't care as long as it saves Lucy.<br><br>When the colony ship arrives, Lucy is revived, and discovers it’s her turn to play rescuer, as Simone has been slated for deactivation. Does the android's "malfunction" mean she returns Lucy's feelings? If Lucy can't save her beloved Simone, she'll never find out.

  • The X-O Program

    The X-O Program

    Fire finds himself in an impossible bind leading him to become a test subject only to regret it. Things are not what that seems in this new world order.

  • protection program: run or die

    protection program: run or die


    After letting his uncle Cooper's dog get away, Henry flees to central London. Finding an alley to hide, he witnesses a murder. Now, in hiding from an assassin, will Erik MacKinnon and Ana Macmillian be able to keep him safe?- updates on wednesdays



    Realistic Fiction SYSTEM MYSTERY


    Consciously or subconsciously, life is a force that drags us in, deep into dimensions. We are married from birth to our purpose in life in one way or the other even without knowing, but faith in God will bring us face to face with this reality. Even if we do whatever to run away from this reality, it will somehow find us and drag us into aligning to who we truly are beyond the knowledge impressed us by the mind rebranding system in the form of secular and religious education, and we now think, we are what they told us we are. This is the reason for misplacement of our true identity in God and that is why we often struggle for recognition instead of staying to whom God has created us to be. You are uniquely unique, independent, but dependent on your programmer, who is a higher force beyond the confines of your thought grasp.Journey into the deep!I grew up to know myself as an alien in this world of some certain happenings around my life, which gave me a course of concern. It seems as if I think differently and see things from a different dimension and I could not just understand why then, while I was growing as a child, but now I know and understand better.This book is spirit breathed revealing a journey into great awareness, pointing to the realization of self beyond self-designed ideologies.A lot of things that was happening in my life while I was advancing from the cradle that I could not just explain, because it was my days of ignorance, evolving into the more complex world that threw me into chaotic state of thoughts, not knowing exactly what to hinge on as reality. There were things that kept recurring and calling my attention deeper and these things were never letting me be. One of the notable experiences I had, that I will never forget, was the experience of recurring convulsion that almost ruined my life. God can never let you be when you have His Divine seal, you are not your own, you are His very own, the earlier you know this, the sweeter will life become for you, and the swifter things will answer to you and work in your favor even when it seems working against others. This is why He cannot leave, nor forsake you, because you are His project program #Reality reached from my personal experience#.discord link:

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