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  • Protector, Protector (BL)

    Protector, Protector (BL)


    They came for him when he was nine. The Shadows. They tore his mother's heart from her chest and left her there to die. Now Azame Jackson is 17, and his time seems to be running out. They exist in the darkness, the very thing Azame's life keeps at bay. He was born a Siren, a creature of light, and the Shadows were his mortal enemy. He could only run. With his Protector, Ajax Gabris, he'll attempt to survive what most of his species can't. All while Azame changes slowly into something just in between both worlds. Can he fight off the darkness that threatens to consume him? Or will he succumb? Perhaps his anchor will be Isaac Harrison, the boy who seems locked within his orbit. Time will only tell. Ajax Gabris is forever bonded to Azame Jackson, one of the last Sirens to enter their world. On his shoulders rests an unbearable weight. Born half-human, Ajax will be pushed to the brink of his strength. Will the Ancient Greek blood that flows through him hold as the pressure builds? Or will Ajax snap and sink? Ajax stands at the crossroads of going straight or betraying everything he'd ever believed in just to keep Grant Snyder by his side. For Grant, he finds. He will set the world on fire. Cover Art Done by Jude Beasley

  • The protector

    The protector

  • the protector

    the protector


  • The Protector

    The Protector


    When Milot was born, both his parents passed away. When he was born, he invited two men by his side. Dorian, an immortal mortal who has been forced to live on the Plains for hundreds of years without knowing the reason for his existence. And Ruben, the handsome, humorous Escort of the dead who came to take away his parents. As Milot grows up and their lives slowly collide and intertwine, Dorian's peaceful life becomes increasingly unpeaceful as the man begins to invade his life and haunt his thoughts.When the two finally meet again, the past that Dorian has no memories of and Milot has done his best to avoid, becomes reality when greater forces invade their lives. Love and loss walk hand by hand in Milot's life. And be it the sassy, sex-crazed Escort of the dead who is trying his best to soothe his giant plant of a wife or Milot's talking cat, they all struggle with mortal problems, love, death, loss, and past mistakes that have tendrils that reach centuries down the line.

  • Lord Protector

    Lord Protector


    “Anno Heroibus, 990, 94th day of Bruma To the Magus of the West, Princess of Albion and High Priestess of Albion, Amadela Clovis Krone. Dear, my little sweet princess, how have you been spring child? back here in the east we are celebrating the winter festival, it's quite rowdy and cheerful as always, from the smiling children with their candies in their hands and mouth, to the adults dancing gleefully with their partners. I wish you could come here and enjoy the sweet corn I usually made for you, but of course, duty comes first for us Magus! So I hope you have a nice and fun winter festival there in Castle Krone with your family. But... you know me when I write letters, so I'll say this and only this, if this letter has finally fallen to your hands child! That means I have died because of the Rider Cultist. I know for sure you will weep for me, but don’t weep for too long child, because the time has come to summon the last heroes. So act quickly and swiftly now, because the clock has ticked again with my death, for his return is now inevitable and our enemies too are making their moves. Summon them child, summon them for this world's fate is rested upon those heroes. Sincerely your great of a Magus of the East uncle, Jan.“ ________________________________________________________________ Lord Protector is fantasy series following a teenage trio named Martyn Wulf, Arthur Svard, Eleanna Florens and their teacher Marie Maynard, who were summoned to a world called Lumenter by the Kingdom of Albion. They are tasked to protect Lumenter from an old chaotic force, that previously has tried and failed to destroy Lumenter. But this trio and their teacher took a different approach on their task, where rather than making the cliche heroes party to venture out to this new brave world, they instead, or more specifically, Martyn Wulf, the brain of the trio, made a deal with the King of Albion. The deal was that Martyn, his friends, and his teacher would be protected by the Kingdom, and then making Martyn the co-ruler of Albion. In exchange he will improve and advance Albion politically, economically, diplomatically, and maybe even technologically. The King and his advisors accepted Martyn's offers but by doing this, he just plunge himself as well as his friends and teacher to a world of corruption, lies, betrayal, and greed. Either way, he must play this messed up game of chest for his survival, his friends' survival, and his teacher's survival. ________________________________________________________________ For more information - Cover by - Moccha -

  • World Protector

    World Protector

    For 2000 years the world has been plagued by a secret calamity. Rifts in space that results into portals in another dimension had been appearing following the death of Christ. To prevent the calamity various human organization was formed all around the globe to combat the threat and keep the dark reality from the innocent bystanders of the world. Join me in uncovering their story and why this is happening.

  • Unbreakable Protector

    Unbreakable Protector


    Seleste is a pure blooded gamma. She is known for her strength and determination. She is everything her mate does not want so he rejects her.Trevor is the future alpha, he is determine to be the strongest wolf in the pack. Only he is not. His fated mate is, so he rejects her. Even being rejected by him, she does not break. She continues to show strength and determination.



    A story of the journey of an resurrected prince of elemental creature to the world of mortal going back to to his roots and taking claim of his rightful place.

  • Nebula Protector

    Nebula Protector

  • Heart of Darkness

    Heart of Darkness

    Fantasy Romance MYSTERY DARK


    A woman alone in a man’s world. In a time and place where it’s difficult for a woman to live alone, protect and provide for herself, Angelica must find a provider and a protector after her father is accused of being a traitor and executed by the king. Now known as a traitor's daughter, she must survive in a cruel world ruled by men, and in order to do so she ends up seeking protection in a man feared by everyone. A man with many scars. Both physically and mentally. A man punished for his pride. Rayven is a man with many scars. They cover his face and punish his soul. He can never show himself without people recoiling at the sight of him. Except for one woman who willingly comes knocking on his door. Is she an additional punishment sent to him, or will she be his salvation?----------Coverart by bubug/@bubug_

  • Protector of None

    Protector of None


    Agnes has been preparing for her Trial for years so that she can become a Protector. She's fast, strong, and deadly with a weapon. However, betrayal launches her onto a dangerous path she never thought she'd have to walk. Feeling lost and angry, she nearly dies that first night on her own - until her unconscious form is discovered by a handsome stranger...

  • The Blind Protector

    The Blind Protector

    Haily is blind, she is also a protector and Werewolf and cannot feel pain. She had a really bad life before she became a protector, she was abused by her brother, Adrian Blackthorne, because he thought that she was the reason that their parents died when she wasn't even around them at the time. She would always fight back, but since she was blind, she couldn't see where he was or what he was doing. She hates shoes and one day she taught herself how to feel vibrations on the ground and sense when things are moving. One day she has enough of Adrian's shit and beat him until he was unconscious and left to join the protectors. She meets new friends and has a fun life going on missions until she gets assigned to a certain mission where she meets her mate. She is cold to anyone who isn't her friend. Archer Black is the alpha of the Red Moon pack, his pack has been attacked by rouges and he will do anything to stop them. He asks the Protesters for aid and they send five of their best men. One of them is his mate. Will she let him in and help with the rouges? But what happens when she has secrets and the leader of the rouges is after and wants her back under his care? Read and find out. . Hope y'all enjoy the book, I look forward to hearing y'alls comments. This book is a work of fiction, any references to real people or people already wrote about is completely accidental.

  • Protector or Lover

    Protector or Lover

    This is not a book do not read

  • The True Protector

    The True Protector


    Vlad a youngster drag into the hidden secret of the world he thought he knew only to found out he is a total stranger. as if its not enough he had to find out who he truly is in this whole new world hidden in the world he used to know.join Vlad as he find out more about who he truly is and what's the duties of the title he just inherited truly is*THE PROTECTOR*

  • Demonic Protector

    Demonic Protector

    Tenta is a young boy who was born as a commoner, his family was killed by nobility when he was extremely young for something they did not even do. Now he has enrolled in the finest academy for people who want to fight corrupted beasts while he is seeking revenge for his family.



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION


  • The protector of life

    The protector of life


    Follow Eden as he become the protector of life in the Marvel Universe. Jacob (past name of Eden) his summoned in the Marvel Universe as a dark fey but doesn't know that as he have no memories at all about anything. He as his past personnality but not with thé explaination of what happenned to him. Follow our confused protagonist as he found his place in this world and more.Little thing about me, english isn't my language but I'm doing my best to not make stupid mistakes but I'm human so I can fail so make a comment if you found a one. I don't now much about Marvel Comics so the events will come from the MCU but I will change as the story goes on.

  • Ignis Protector

    Ignis Protector

    Our land was ravaged by monsters. Their magic halted our progress and left us vulnerable. For many, many years, we have been waiting for our savior, our hero, who could save us and dispel these demons who haunt our dreams. But alas, this is not that savior’s story. It is the story of the child Balaz, and his destiny is about to be forged by his own flames.

  • My protector

    My protector

    Kisah dimana kerisihan riana yang selalu diikuti oleh deren kemanapun dia pergi. Namun, tak lama akhirnya riana merasa nyaman berada didekat deren.. Tanpa disadari mereka menjalin hubungan persahabatan dan memendam rasa suka satu sama lain. Tapi tidak ada satu pun yang berani mengungkapkan rasa itu.

  • Shy protector

    Shy protector


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