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  • Antony Bradbury

    Antony Bradbury


    An oil rig crew find the corrupt company they are working for have stolen the crew's pensions. The crew want sweet revenge on a corrupt oil-loving government, and they get that liquid gold.

  • Li Wei's Introduction to Cultivation

    Li Wei's Introduction to Cultivation


    Li Wei is a 16 year old boy that lives in the heart of beiging. One day he went fishing with his father on their yacht. while out at sea a ferocious storm hit, sinking their yacht. five days later Li Wei awoke an unknown island and stumbled into a cave with a unknown but powerful pressence. Being a curious soul he traveled deeper and deeper until he found a large grove full of life with an old villa in the center. What he would find in this villa would change his life forever.

  • Russian Fairytales

    Russian Fairytales

    In the Land of Mother Russia where Putin sleeps, darkness prevails as night falls. Teenagers of different ages stays at midnight in front of a box with light yelling "Cyka Blyat" as they forget about the tales of their ancestors.Let's see what made themselves superior to others when the smash their keyboards and throw the box with light out of their windows.

  • Samurai Army in a Magical World

    Samurai Army in a Magical World

    The United States is now under the control of Russia after Donald trump relinquished his presidency to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in favor of a more dictator ship rule. Years later, the Russian forces crush any pro American resistant with merciless and bloody means. Now America is under the dictatorship of the Russian leadership. Johnson Cline, was a Elite special ops force for the Russian Army to secretly eliminate Russian opposing oppositions. He joined the Russian Army to protect his family and his loved one, as those who are part of the military are treated better during the rough times of Russian’s rule. During a top secret mission he and his team were betrayed by the country they work for, to silence any detail about the completion of the mission Russia sent orders to any operatives involved with the mission. Making his last stand at an abandon cottage, he is shot dead.He wakes up to find himself in front of many gods and goddesses. He was chosen from a playful dice role between the gods to select one of many warrior, to be sent to another world to establish their presence and spread their religion. The forgotten goddess of Japan won the dice role after being neglected for so many century. The goddess chose Johnson to be sent to another world where magic and dragons exist. There, he would help the god spread her teaching to help her rise back to her religion’s former glory.Accepting the task to help the goddess regain her former glory, he used this chance to create a new life and protect everything he would care for in the future even though bloodshed.

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