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  • Richie and Eddie

    Richie and Eddie





    Angela Richi, twenty years old. A very beautiful, nice, helpful, clever, and strong girl. She is the one and only child from spouses, Mr. Ruben and Mrs. Sally. They live in central Jakarta. Yes, they are Indonesian citizens so it's hard to believe that Angela has blue eyes as Europeans do. Though her mother is a European but she has black eyes. There are so many miracles that Angela has. She can lift any kind of object and move it to another place just by rolling her eyes. And, nobody knows this secret unless her parents. Met a stranger man, Jacob William who can read people's mind as well. Then, who is a guy with amber eyes? The guy who is very possessive to Angela. Who will Angela choose? Jacob or Rudolph? ----- Hi all kind readers, since English is not my mother language, thus please apologize if there are many mistakes in grammar, tenses, etc. Hope you enjoy the read and any development critics are welcome. Thank you IG: Anee_tavel FB: Fery Anita

  • From Rachel to Richie

    From Rachel to Richie

  • nova richie the luckiest boy

    nova richie the luckiest boy

  • Richy Rich

    Richy Rich





    As the mythical literature taught at her village in APA desert of the wandering tree and fairyland, Richi an ordinary and slavish girl, humble and beautiful dumbed Into the tree while yearning for eat. Their meeting was like a blessing in disguise; Richi and Tree Spirit had Romantic affection while living in the fairyland.As any other love, their love story had mountains and valleys to overtake in a miscellaneous place of sudden happenings and twisted creatures some friendly and others hostile and terrific.The story also portrays a change in life standards of Richi from carefree servant to a Guardian princess of Fairyland as the price to save her life.

  • The Richy's Thoughts Of Life

    The Richy's Thoughts Of Life

  • She's mine ( Richy Plume)

    She's mine ( Richy Plume)


    Ricky, a young businessman who lives with his parents, has a romantic relationship with a girl named Estelle as a child. They are well in their relationship and are even considering getting married when they finish their studies and stay together forever. But after Ricky's mother died, his father moved out of their old residence and Ricky was sent outside after his mother's death to continue his education there. There is no more news from Estelle. Years have passed and he is back and his father has told him he wants to marry a woman. Which seems normal for Ricky, because he sees that his father needs a mate. He didn't have the chance to attend his and his new wife's wedding because he was traveling on business. But when he got home, his biggest surprise was that his father got married to a very young woman and the worst was Ricky's girlfriend. While Ricky had spent all his time looking for Estelle since he came back from outside. Because his love for the latter has never been extinguished. Is Ricky going to leave Estelle to his father? Will this love that unites them allow them to face Ricky's father who doesn't want to leave Estelle for someone else at all, not even his son?

  • Richie's Twin Sister
Stanley Uris

    Richie's Twin Sister Stanley Uris


    You know Richie what about his sister. Whay happens that summer so remember so don't. Will she get together with stanley or not help fight the clown.

  • Love in Royalty

    Love in Royalty



    He is Rich, Dominant, heart wrenchingly Gorgeous and Royal. She is Honest, breathtakingly Beautiful, Smart and recently Broken - hearted (Single!). And the prince can’t wait any longer for his Cinderella. Finding her step sister in the arms of her boyfriend was the least she had expected. Broken and alone, she moves into a big City and jumps at the opportunity of being the personal assistant to the crown prince. She thinks all her problems would be a distant memory. But it might just be the beginning of it all. And nothing is as it seems. Can new love mend her broken heart or will she be seized by her past? That's not all. ”Royal conspiracies and secrets?! Did I transmigrated into a novel?!” Join the world where love knows no Boundary. ————————————————————————————————————-———————— Behind us a big commotion arose and we were tossed to the sidelines like the forgotten rag dolls. Cameras flashing. Reporters hovering the place to get the perfect shot, each scraping for even the tiniest glance at the powerful figures that emerged out of their cars. I was left in awe of the dazzling socialite ladies as they strutted across the carpet, ignoring everyone they deemed beneath them. Their million dollar dresses and jewelleries leaving everyone with envy. Accompanying them were the well - known businessmen whose money never seemed to run out. Following behind them came the well - known actors and actresses. They waved and smiled while the onlookers screams of joy and appreciation for them filled the environment. I nudged Rebecca and whispered “Can I go back now?” “No way! It’s a masquerade ball. We can be anyone we want.” She replied while smiling ear to ear. “Ok” I thought as my confidence level piped up a bit. No one was gonna know that a complete outsider had entered their territory. . . . "Stop! I don’t want to dance." "We’re in a masquerade ball! That’s what people do. Dance." "But...I can’t." He gave a little chuckle enjoying our little fight before he intervened, "It’s ok. I can teach you. Just follow my steps." "Common Hayls. Go on." "Alright, I’ll go," I said, giving her a look. "Have fun!" She gave a soft cheer before focusing all her attention back into her plate. He held my left hand and gently led me towards the dance floor. The music soon changed to something more romantic. The magic of love by Russel Watson and Lionel Richie started playing in the background. Soon all the couples started dancing together. "Are you ready?" The man whispered in my ear making me blush. "Ready as I’ll ever be," I replied hesitantly. "Don’t worry. I’m here, just follow my lead." He gently held onto my waist with his right hand and grabbed onto my right hand with his left. I lightly placed my left hand onto his right shoulder and we started our slow dance. "Right, left, Glide, glide…" Along with our dance, he kept whispering the steps to me and soon we were in sync with each other. We spun, laughed, and before the end of our dance, the music went into slow beat again. We softly danced to the rhythm as I basked in his rich and beautiful fragrance. It was all truly a magical moment. . . . Hello everyone I’m Bandana & this is my very first Novel. I hope you’ll all enjoy 1 chapter up daily Instagram - @author_br Discord - b_r2 #2557

  • Strangers in love

    Strangers in love



    "It's time to go Alex"."Can't we just stay here?"Alex asked with a mixture of emotions in his voice."We have to disappear to be powerful."Adam spoke with determination and rage filled in his honey coloured eyes."Powerful" Alex repeated the word absorbing the same feeling from his brother.After 15 years...According to the annual reports of the year, Envision, the biggest company in the world now has once again proved its worth. Envision managed to contribute a large percent towards Silbon's economy this year..."I'm sure they will definitely fall in our trap now", Elina declared. "The Collins have no way to escape this time", Marina didn't say anything.Elina's face went pale. She said it but, she just can't feel it.Marina placed a hand on Elina's shoulder while her eyes gave a look saying:" I can understand ", as she was facing the same conflict in her heart.Love or revenge?"Aren't you falling for her?" Carter asked while handing his drink.Eric sighed."Are you sure?", Carter asked once again to confirm. Eric didn't reply. "Eric, we have things to wrap up.""I know. I didn't forget anything." Eric said in a low voice but with confirmation. "How is Elina?" Eric asked this time. "Don't know"Carter leaned back in his chair.Eric smiled seeing worry in his brother's eyes for Elina."Bro, at least now be honest with yourself ", saying this, Eric left the room leaving carter alone with his heart.Sometimes the one you love the most turns out to be the one whom you hate the most.Will they get rid of their hatred and discover their love?How destiny made them to meet again? Can their love survive in this game of revenge?Can love win against hatred?------This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to any actual person living or dead, events and locales is entirely coincidental.*** Thanks to our family and mother for all the support and help***

  • The Most Hated CEO' Ex Wife

    The Most Hated CEO' Ex Wife

    Richie Cornor throws his Wife Lily Cornor out of the house.But, the reality has been different.Will ever know what was the reason of his wife's treason? Or was he wrong from the starting?Read the story ahead and I am sure you will bite your nails off gauging what is going to happen next.

  • Alphas mate:finding the love

    Alphas mate:finding the love

  • Kebaikan palsu Tante...

    Kebaikan palsu Tante...

  • Dish of the Day

    Dish of the Day

    Three men together. Diverse tastes ... one common love.<br><br>Richie Morton’s sunk all his hopes and savings into a new restaurant in South London promoting British ingredients and recipes. Yet on opening night, it all seems to be heading for disaster. Lost ingredients, manic chefs, no sign of the customers ... he’s in despair. And where are his best friends Craig and Ben, who’ve been helping him set up the new venture? The least they could offer is moral support.<br><br>When they do eventually step in, though, they offer support of a very different kind. They tell Richie some home truths -- that he pushes himself too much, and must learn to share and trust his life with others. With them, specifically. And then, when Richie’s still unconvinced, they decide to let actions speak for their love instead. They’ll help him relax and dish up a caring, sexy, and far more intimate menu.

  • dndid


  • My world begins with you

    My world begins with you

    Two teenagers who fell in love in college ,but had no chance to pursue their passion because they are two different world apart due to their family enimity

  • Dying Alive

    Dying Alive


    hello there i am new to this app and im just trying to write anything my imagination tells agahagjsj.

  • Double Flip

    Double Flip

    After a lifetime of devotion, Ben Thornton tries to focus on gold at the 2012 London Olympics. Unfortunately, a British tabloid reporter sets his sights on outing a famous athlete, namely Ben, who is just now accepting his sexual identity himself.<br><br>Meanwhile, someone crushing on Ben reveals himself via a mysterious love note. Is best friend and teammate Richie Stoker the one, or maybe Richie’s twin brother, Adam? Team members Steven, Vijra, or Cory could have authored it. Then, there’s Ben’s ex; the exe’s sibling; friend with occasional benefits, Booger Fisher; and also Ukrainian weightlifter Iggy, who follows Ben around the Olympic Village. It could also be a trick perpetrated by the gossipmonger, Ben fears.<br><br>Will the pressure of the media circus interfere with Ben’s competitions, or will Ben leave London with gold and the man of his dreams?

  • The Soul of Many lifes

    The Soul of Many lifes