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  • The Riverdale Mystery

    The Riverdale Mystery

    Just a group of friends in a town of lies

  • Vampire In Riverdale

    Vampire In Riverdale

    A rich kid moves to Riverdale.

  • Riverdale The Original

    Riverdale The Original

  • Broken Riverdale version

    Broken Riverdale version

  • Die neue in Riverdale

    Die neue in Riverdale

  • Riverdale:Under Siege

    Riverdale:Under Siege

    Betty Cooper receives a call from her hometown of Riverdale. In shock, she returns to her hometown to see if the body is actually who she thinks it is. Shortly after her arrival however, Bodies start showing up all over Riverdale.



    "Best Friends are like stars, you don't always see them but know that they're always there."Jake Matthews narrates the story of HOW HE MET HIS FRIENDS years after to his students as he joins the school of Riverdale High. He never knew what it felt like to have friends, given that he barely stuck around at schools. He meets all his new friends in a single day during different circumstances.Riverdale High was like any other high school. There were parties, cat-fights, bullying, and Jake had to either blend in or stand out. Will he be the lone wolf, the outcast? the popular, the jock? the nerd, the bullied? Or the one who always stood by his friends no matter what?They all have their histories and their problems. But the fact that they were friends, made the problems look a little less hard to face. This was the story of their lives and they had to make each second count.With lots of humor and tons of references, this book brings you people who were from different walks of life, who dealt with problems of not only their own but also the problems that their society brought.

  • Game Over..

    Game Over..

    Ezra Lewis hated exactly four things in the world. Bananas. Cheap toilet paper. Riverdale. And Kody Vincent. But after a one night stand, she ends up pregnant and Kody happens to be the father. Now she has to navigate Teen pregnancy, College, full time employment, and having Kody Vincent- Winterbrook's most eligible bachelor- as her baby's father. Book two in the Vincent Series

  • Cool breeze :3

    Cool breeze :3

  • Valerie the Orphan

    Valerie the Orphan

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    UNSATISFYING ENDING; READ AT YOUR OWN RISKValerie was always an orphan, she never knew her parents, but she didn't let that keep her from moving up in the world. One day after being excepted into a prestigious school, she meets a boy, none other than Prince Malphus Nightcrub Of Riverdale, which she only finds out after a year of their friendship. One day Malphus left a note explaining why they could no longer meet, so Valerie moved on and 9 years later was married to a nice, caring husband. But they meet Malphus again and he's determined to have Valerie, so he finds a way to include her back into his life, and once that happened, all hell broke loose.The cover does not belong to me.

  • Tangled so hard

    Tangled so hard

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CEO

    Couples are indeed made in heaven. True love never dies, even after the death of the lover. But what if the one kills the other. Does that all still acceptable? Heaven's knows. Matilda Riverdale, the eldest daughter, the first heir of Riverdale Music Industry, the most elegant queen of patience, isolation, and soulful beauty that can melt the glaciers. Her life seemed to be so miserable for a daughter without a mother and father who had priorities for his second married life. Her father never took any special attention to her but that was never a thing for Matilda, as she worshiped her family like her own. But the problem was when her family never been so kind to her and treated her as good for nothing. It all mixed up when Rowan Dorthan, the business partner and the family friend who left her at age of nine for the studies showed up again in her life and screwed everything around. He never just got away for studies but was sent away with her family secrets that were to be off from Matilda. But was he here to help her or he's the reason for everything? Or they carry on a more few dark secrets that could decide everyone's present and future?

  • what happens now

    what happens now

    based on Riverdale season 1

  • Wizards And Warriors: The Tale of Miraculous

    Wizards And Warriors: The Tale of Miraculous

    The elders of Riverdale was killed by an unknown source,but a brave warrior who decided to betray his own kind fought side to side with the Mages and Wizards. He was then rewarded with the lightning elder's last will. To which he became the king's personal guard and became the hero of Riverdale,he is one of the few who decided to betray their own kind. Whilst in the deeper end of Riverdale, there was a Mage who has been living her wntire life as a prisoner.Once the warrior heard about this,he felt something rare. And went on a mission to save the said Mage Prisoner.

  • beginnings



    I am Mia Davis and yes I am a werewolf .I was born in a perfect little family and a peaceful happy pack named " Riverdale ".But our happy little world came crashing down one night and since then everything changed in Riverdale some things and some people you can never bring back no matter how much we want . When Mia makes a new friend Audrey Miller ,the life of both girls takes a sharp turn as they both find out more about themselves .I really don't like to spoil so read for yourself to find out more.P.s I don't know how to write a description.~I don't own any images all credits to the owner.

  • The Phoenix and The Broken Betrothal

    The Phoenix and The Broken Betrothal

    Coalson is struggling to balance his double life. During the day, he is known to the people of Riverdale as their crown prince, but at night he becomes something much more sinister.

  • Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

    Falling Down The Rabbit Hole


    On a calm beautiful night, a Marquess family conducts a masquerade ball, unknowingly becoming a target for a well planned out con that unexpectedly encounters a very last minute variable, Raven West. Raven West is a young female with a knack for mischief. With an eye for nice things and quick sticky hands, Raven makes a habit out of stealing from the rich and the normal. Rather it be a mark at an event or simply a random mark on the street. She can't help but take what she likes. And because of her dangerous ways Raven's life quickly takes a turn that might be for the worse or for the good. What was only a small hobby soon turns into an high risky paying job, when she plans a tiny con of her own at a house filled with half of Riverdales Viscounts and Barons. Only to then get conned herself at the very last minute in a game of speed and wit, by a dashing, mysterious young male, named Runes. After encountering Runes, Raven West soon discovers that there is more to stealing then pickpocketing the frail and robbing the arrogant. She is swiftly pulled into a much, much bigger world then she had ever imagined. Where now cons seem to greatly out weigh the pros and things she thought of as small, become bigger then she thought. To the point that such a wide world might be a bit too big for her to take on in the end.

  • Toxic Eyes

    Toxic Eyes

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    " why would you do that?" I yelled. There he was standing with his signature smirk. I was on the verge of tears ." chill! It was just a fucking kiss!" he replied. he would never understand what that meant to me. " You stole my first kiss, jerk" I yelled and started crying. I always wanted to kiss whom I like. My mind replied 'isn't he the person u have a crush on for 3 years.' Ughhh shut up let me concentrate I stared into his toxic eyes, but this time there was no playfulness but pain. But soon turned and distant. Grace 17-year nerd with beautiful blonde hairs and blue eyes. Grace is an introvert who doesn't have any friends. she is studying in Riverdale for the past 3 years.Ethan 18yr-old who is a total bad boy. A party animal and a playboy. He is studying in Riverdale for the past 3 years but never attended any lecture.Everyone's says opposites attract! Let's see if it's true or not......

  • Shades of Art

    Shades of Art

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE CAMPUS TEEN

    From theater nerds to egocentric singers and mathletes to jocks, this school has it all. For a performing arts school in the city of Portland, Oregon, there are many different kids with many different backgrounds. All of which are dealing with the stress society puts on teenagers in this generation. Follow each of the main characters as they go through drama, relationships, horrible home lives, and outside threats and issues that affect them in high school. Follow all of the characters through their sophomore year all the way until they graduate and head their separate ways to college. This will most likely become a 4 part series going through each year of high school including sophomore-senior and the summer following senior year. All songs used in this book are from the t.v. show Riverdale. So all music/lyric creds go to them. If you want to listen to the season one soundtrack then I strongly recommend you do so, so you’ll get to hear the songs. If you want more visuals, this book is also uploaded on Wattpad, which has the music and videos of the dancers on there so if you need visuals. My username on Wattpad is “angelraindrops”. (This book is labeled as a male lead, but the point of views jump around a lot. There are multiple main characters) Overall Trigger Warning: This book has some serious issues that are talked about all throughout the series. Things like abuse, sexual assault, abortion, police brutality, drug use, suicide, abortions, and hate crimes. Things along those lines are openly talked about.

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