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    Andrew loves Azul but it's an unreal / toxic / sick love-Short Chapters-Original idea-1 single season-published Monday October 8 (0:30 AM / Argentine time) on wattpad-If you have a problem with the story, do not comment on it, we do not need haters ... you are free to stop readingThank you

  • Schizophrenia???



    My name is Haruta Yashimuro, I have had schizophrenia since childhood and I have never had friends, I did not want to inadvertently hurt other people because of my temporary visions and I spent all my time at home playing games and watching various TV series. As you may have guessed, I have my imaginary friends with whom I talk all day and it's very easy when you have schizophrenia) But one day I changed everything and I was reborn in another world, but what the hell do I have this schizophrenia again ...

  • Schizophrenia simulator

    Schizophrenia simulator

    Dude dies because his schizophrenia told him to. the end

  • Love schizophrenia

    Love schizophrenia


  • My Schizophrenia

    My Schizophrenia


  • Rift Dweller: Kingdom Ressurection

    Rift Dweller: Kingdom Ressurection



    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” ― Friedrich W. Nietzsche This is a quote that quite captures our protagonists path to despair and self-harm. Raphael, a child born into poverty and has physically abused since a young age, finds out his true origin of royalty. But his past does not let him move forward as he suffers from schizophrenia and DID. His journey into getting rule over "The sanctuary of dawn" is a long one worth following. Descend into mad dreams and hallucinations with him...

  • Schizophrenia- My Knight

    Schizophrenia- My Knight


    As a child, I always used to be in a special atmosphere. I would be protected everywhere, but everything changed when I met my own imagination.

  • I Schizophrenia you

    I Schizophrenia you

  • It's Schizophrenia
my dear

    It's Schizophrenia my dear

  • Embracing the Villain's Thigh

    Embracing the Villain's Thigh

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION


    WFP Contest #23 Silver Tier Winner (rankings posted in here: & posted by "ImagineTishaD" in the comment section of 27- Announcement). Thank you all! ‘A new beginning.’ Was there even such a thing for a monster like him? He was the object of fear, a thing to be hated and disgusted. His entire life was stained with blood, bruises, and scars. He would be beaten. Again and again. Tirelessly, until that woman he called “mother” would become sober and cry. The cycle was endless and he had become accustomed to the pain. He was numb to the very core, indifferent to his harsh reality. After all, what was the use of crying? Crying was reserved for the privileged. Those who cried meant that they had the privilege of someone to comfort them, someone to love them, someone to support them. Even if he had cried, there was no one who wanted to comfort a monster. Yes, he could hear the voices ever so precisely. “Monster!” they called him. The children’s pointing fingers and frightened faces were reflected with such clarity it nearly stole his breath away. It was the same wherever he went. Yes, it was the same word he had heard at the funeral too. He was a monster child, one who had driven the suicide of his mother. None of his relatives wanted to raise an unlucky monster, a bastard child without a father. He had heard it so much, so often that he had begun to believe the truth of it all. In fact, he knew long ago he was a hellish, repulsive little thing. When he had seen his mother dead in the bathroom, his first emotion wasn’t grief nor was it sadness. It was relief. Relief that it was all over. Relief that he finally had salvation from the beatings, the scoldings, and the lashes. He had laughed for the first time at that home. It was a beautiful, melodious sound, much like the jingles of a wind chime. A peal of childish, happy laughter reverberating through the dank walls of the crimson bathroom. Yes, he was a monster that had even laughed at his own mother’s death. The abominable thoughts he had locked deep within his mind were vigorously unleashed, breaking the shackles of his rationality. His eyes were drowned in murky waves of paranoia and obscurity. And in that cold darkness, he heard the voices. It was a collection of male voices overtaking his mind in all directions. The chants urged him, “You’re a monster. Destroy it. You’re a monster. Destroy it. You’re a monster. Destroy it.” The incessant voices repeated the same words over and over again, consuming his mind like a pervading poison. They were building a crescendo of tension within him. His shaky hand reached for it. Five inches. Four inches. Three inches.Two.One.Disclaimer: This is a warm, healing novel and may not fully and accurately represent those with mental disorders, especially schizophrenia patients. Additionally, this novel takes place in a Chinese setting, therefore Chinese pinyin names were used. If there are any issues, the names can be changed to reflect a more localized taste. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The cover art is not my own. I will take it down if any issues arise.Email:

  • I’m not Schizophrenic!

    I’m not Schizophrenic!


    Abel Vulcan lived his life on the bottom. Since he couldn’t awaken and become a super human he was seen as trash. He was Always bullied or ignored by everyone. One day Abel had enough of the abuse and fought against his tormentors. He held his own but lost in the end. Afterwards he was kicked out of the orphanage he lived his whole life. Having to fend for himself he started scavenging the wasteland and doing side missions to make enough money to eat. While scavenging he finds a strange ancient ring that changes his life forever. The ring actually awakens him and allows him to use mana. That’s not all the ring does though. After awakening, Abel starts to hear an annoying and obnoxious voice in his head who critiques him and everything he does. The voice claims to be from a different universe and in its universe his entire reality is part of a Web novel. Abel obviously doesn’t trust this mysterious voice and starts to believe that he’s developed Schizophrenia. He tries his best to ignore the voice and just continue on with his life, but after a while he breaks and does what the voice wants. When he does though he finds himself becoming increasingly powerful, rich, and experiencing things he’s only dreamed of. Watch as he interacts and affects this world and it’s main characters. Will he die a meaningless side character. Or will he create his own legend that surpasses the main story “Holy shit! Maybe I’m not Schizophrenic!” —————— (Authors Note!) I’m a dumbass when it comes to writing so go a little easy on me will ya. If you see any grammar mistakes or anything of that nature please point them out. The begging is a little slow but I swear after the mines it starts to pick up If you got any suggestion’s or see any plot holes please tell me. That’s all from me! Thanks and enjoy!

  • Villain, Please Go Easy on Me Novel (Quick Transmigration)

    Villain, Please Go Easy on Me Novel (Quick Transmigration)


    Life is always full of surprises. Su Bei has transmigrated, the thing is he has transmigrated into all kinds of worlds to captivate the male lead! When he finds that the first target is a villain, Su Bei still tries to comfort himself in his heart that the one in the next world would be better. But reality slaps him right in the face. So it turns out the next is always more villainous. Su Bei has taken the captivating-the-villainous-male-lead way down and could never turn back. But who could tell him why every villain he has to captivate is actually the damn same one??? When he is pinned down by the villain for the 108th time, Su Bei feels like weeping but has no tears, “Villain, please go easy on me!” NOT MY STORY ! NOT MY TRANSLATION ! Support the source --> ARCS !!!!!!! 1. President (ml) x rich playboy (mc) 2. Regent (ml) x waste emperor 3. Psychologist x heroin younger brother 4. Underworld boss x swinger 5. Leader of demonic sect (ml) x adopted son of righteousness sect and heroin adopted bro (mc) 6. Split personality school grass x heroin gangster cousin 7. General with Amnesia x landlord son 8. Crossdressed president wife (ml) x president (mc) 9. Medicine man x master of medicine valley 10. Gangster boss x mysophobic doctor 11. Prince and mysterious medicine doctor x facial blind brothel beauty 12. Male god of online games and x crossdressing swindler in online game 13. Express uncle king x governor of empire 14. ML of merry su story like one night stand and running with bun x little villain faceslaped by heroin 15. Rich musician in republic of china time x night dancer money making MC to feed orphans 16. Schizophrenia patient with imagined person ML x the imaginary person of ML fantasy (mc) 17. Emperor with soul switched in empress x king An Emperor younger brother 18. Demon cat In modern world x sick son of the great villain 19. Ghost ML with yinyang marriage with heroin x national teacher of the ancient empire 20. Experiment product ML with no emotions x experimental fail MC with broken physic and more can't write..('-') SHIT !! I got irritated for unknown reason not uploading now ..QAQ

  • Long-Short BL One Shots

    Long-Short BL One Shots

    Fantasy BL

    Long-short one-shot collection of beautiful BL stories.Book 1 - I AM A VEGETABLEBook 2 - Scum Hero's Scum WishBook 3 - Body SwapBook 4 - Vampire & WarlockBook 5 - Schizophrenia- My KnightBook 6 - The Reason Why I Left Yong'AnBook 7 - A Bond That Can Never Be Broken

  • Life of a Schizophrenic

    Life of a Schizophrenic No. Stop. Unless you are prepared for a ride through someone's life you may not understand. If not, stop reading. This first person story tells the life of a schizophrenic who struggles to deal with barriers in their journey. There may be some improper grammar as well as some random thoughts, and other details that may seem like they don't belong. A person with schizophrenia can have "confused thoughts and disorganized speech. People with schizophrenia can have a hard time organizing their thoughts." Thank you all who decide to read this, I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to tell me what you think of it in the comment section under any chapter.

  • Disgusting love

    Disgusting love

    Horror&Thriller SCARY YANDERE

    Midri, a twenty-eight-year-old, classical psychopath. Suffers from Schizophrenia, and has a fetish for physical and mental torture, a twenty-first century Neo-Nazi, extremely xenophobic.Esopha, a twenty-three-year-old, fresh out of university, young, dense, and humorously idiotic, Who develops Stockholm syndrome.They both encounter each other, when Esopha sees Midri dragging a body bag in a dark alley way. Midri, got entranced by this coloured beauty, and went along with his dark notions and stole her from the world.This is how a dark romance begins, between a young, dumb and coloured beauty and a xenophobic man.WARNINGThis book contains, rape, death, torture and sexual acts, if you are uncomfortable with the following please click of and read something more light-hearted.If you wish to know what time the updates would be coming from this book as well as from my other book, TRANSMIGRATED: how many lifetimes, the times will be posted on my Instagram account, username is:me_like_catsI occasionally post pictures of desserts that I had made.Thank you for reading.

  • Schizo-entries - The Reason I Live Series

    Schizo-entries - The Reason I Live Series

    Journal entries from one who has schizoaffective disorder, paranoid schizophrenia, PTSD, and manic-depressive bipolar.

  • Unleashing a dark shadow

    Unleashing a dark shadow


    Ashi, an innocent and simple-minded girl, falls in love with a boy whom she doesn't even know whether he really exists or not. people say," she is suffering from a psychotic disorder called Schizophrenia." but she is not ready to believe it as she has felt his presence. she has been caressed with his love. she can't give up just because of what people say. she asks him, pleads with him to clear the turmoil that she is going through and make them believe his existence. " you have all the answers. you just need to recall everything again that has happened in your life till now. Every part of your life " . he explains to her calmly. she relies on him. As soon as she closes her eyes, the dark past flashbacks in front of her. Her dark past when she loved someone else unconditionally but it turned out something else that she couldn't even endure to even think of. A dark shadow appeared in her life and her life collapsed instantly.

  • Medication


    Daniel's schizophrenia is getting out of hand, and his medication just isn't doing its job anymore. In hopes of fixing his mental issues, he's sent off to a mental hospital. There, he meets CJ, an incredible guy who may or may not be everything he's ever imagined.

  • sad nigga

    sad nigga

    nigga with ptsd and schizophrenia and horrible memory problems

  • He Was Kim Taehyung

    He Was Kim Taehyung

    Teen BTS KPOP

    A Kpop Fan named Jin, obsessed to the famous kpop boy group known as BTS, her bias was Kim Taehyung, she was a fan of him since their group debuted. Kim Taehyung was every girls dream, but one day Kim Taehyung announces to the public that he have a girlfriend and will marry her soon, Jin was shocked and blocked minded, she drive herself to her friends house for some comfort but unfortunately she got into an accident, She woke up in the hospital bed seeing Kim Taehyung on her side, she couldnt believe what she is seeing, they both end up together and had two children.But in reality all of it was only hallucinations, she developed Schizophrenia due to the accident..

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