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  • The seers I $#$$$##

    The seers I $#$$$##

    This is about a girl who dies who becomes the worlds scale

  • The House Of Seers

    The House Of Seers


    Indra's life suddenly took a sharp turn entering a world that she never knew existed.A house that full of surprises and prediction.A world full of Magic and Wars that will indicate the future of all humanity. Will she survive?Buy me a coffee? ^_^ -

  • Legend of the Seers

    Legend of the Seers

    The path of a seer is filled with woes. A lot they could see, but very little they could change. A kind of magic so volatile that one finds it hard to distinguish between dreams and predictions. Through space and time, they can watch the past or future and scheme around the events that they see. A seer is not a simple mage who predicts but schemes around their predictions to achieve their aims. One who works from the shadows and peers through time safeguarding the world from evil in all its forms.

  • His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God?

    His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God?



    Explore the story of a reborn woman who unleashes the Dark God and hilariously tries to tame him into her younger brother. A modern woman is transmigrated to a young girl's body in the world of magic. Due to the circumstances going out of her control, she releases the dark god who is only 11 years old boy with no memory?To keep herself alive, she has decided to make him love her as his older sister. With a spirit beast who likes to eat his problems and a seer who seeks her spirit beast, she traverses through realms while the dark god wonders how to get his heart back.-----------Author's Note: It is not easy to tame a god. The story is supposed to be an easy read. Throw away logic while reading this.Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance/Comedy/NSFW/R+/Mature---------Instagram: Koch_NorahGoodreads:****Full list of my novels*******Novels with Interconnected Worlds:1. The Love That Remains (Completed)2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed)3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed)4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana 5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire ApocalypseStandalone Novels: Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?Miss Chicken & Her MisterThe Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com)Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com)***Cover credit: Photo by Shane Devlin on Unsplash

  • The Seer

    The Seer

    The future of human and angels were threatened by a vision of a young woman who can see the past and the future. Samantha Grey was given a gift to predict the future and to see the past by an angel name Mateo. He was bound to her for eternity and was willing to sacrifice his immortality to have her love. However, she was torn between her adopted brother Samuel who protected her since birth and also love her with all his being.Whom she chooses will dictate the balance of power between good and evil. But it could also mean that she will break the heart of the angel whom she truly loves.

  • Seers of Yin-Yang Academy

    Seers of Yin-Yang Academy


  • Seer


    A Sequel to WAM. The Wigs are back in the city, but this time their leader is with them. Nobody knows what she wants except Cass. Cass survived the Wig capture and has been trying to forget about their leader,(her best friend), B. When she gets a vision that the Wigs are coming groups of Warrior are sent to a Seer for intense training. The war will be a long and hard one filled with psychological warfare, murder, and a bit of romance. Can the Warriors actually defeat the Wigs this time or will they die trying this time?

  • The Seers: Vol. 1-The Awakening

    The Seers: Vol. 1-The Awakening


    A girl haunted by the tragedies of her past must now come to face those yet to come. Ainsley Summit is a 17 year old girl who desires nothing more then to be absolutely ordinary and unseen. After the death of her father and the disappearance of her Sister Cecilia, she saw no reason to connect with peopleBut when she begins to have strange nightmares, she has no choice but to put her trust in the mysterious new boy in town who appears to know what’s happening to her. Through trials, tribulations, and hardships, Ainsley comes to discover her true destiny and find that she is anything but ordinary. But will she live to tell the tale?

  • The Seer's Ring

    The Seer's Ring


    Esthertia Windly has a soulmate. Everyone does. Everyone knows this, all thanks to a little ring on their finger that activates when one comes of age. These little rings guide the person to their other half. Esthertia frowned at her ring. But something isn't right.If your soulmate is dead, your ring turns black and fades to dust. Everyone knows that. Esthertia knows that. “So, why hasn't my ring faded yet?”

  • The Seer of Chaos

    The Seer of Chaos


    With the world on repairing because of the Great Mage War, no one has time to watch over Lignum Vitae. So when magic from different universes spills into this one causing an unnatural outburst of mages, will the government take responsibility. No, they're going to assign untrained mages into battle to fix what they broke. ~ Alyssa Williams is the only one in the Williams family to not be a known mage. And when the unnatural burst of magic accord, she was taken back by her newfound abilities. With only her wits and the need to protect the ones around her, will she be able to stop what's happening? Or will that be her downfall?




    Rain had the time of his life travelling countries. Then the anomaly happened which changed everything everywhere. He became a citizen of jahania. Everything was given abilities. He was drafted into the army by force. He nearly lost his life. He gained visual powers. Will he live a peaceful life amongst all the chaos?

  • The Witch and the Seer

    The Witch and the Seer

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    The Royal family and the Laveau witches have a rough past. The only surviving member, Celeste faces many troubles.She found that Prince Christian is part of a tribe of the Laveau witches. They were seers that predicted the future and control time itself.Glyore is a long time friend she meet through her predicament. The two have to protect the Prince from other witches and the Council. Celeste has to protect herself and the Prince too.She holds an infinity power that other witches crave. That caused the downfall for her Coven. The vengeance she has for the Royal family is an unquenchable one.The two have to survive the hardships thrown to them and find love as well. Maybe it will let Celeste see things differently from her perspective and the Prince as well.

  • There's a Beauty: Seer of Deception

    There's a Beauty: Seer of Deception



    Money and Power, Beauty and Honor.In a place where strength was everything and magic ruled the world; a child was born useless with nothing of these four words."She's ugly!""She's weak!"When everyone looks in disdain and ridicule, who can expect that a frail, disfigured girl's body would have the soul of an absolute immortal.

  • Wicked Seer

    Wicked Seer

    Historical Romance ROMANCE REINCARNATION


  • A Seer and his watch

    A Seer and his watch

    Fantasy SYSTEM

  • The Choice Seer Swordsman

    The Choice Seer Swordsman

    After becoming a choice seer after his parents died due to the monsters that escaped the dungeon, his life had turned upside down, with his sister being only 10, he must face a harsh reality, that is to quit high school right after graduation and become a Adventurer.

  • Path of Truth: Seer

    Path of Truth: Seer


    Seers are those who seek for the truth. They use the truth to bring justice to the world, no matter the cost. Seers must know of the side they are destined for not all truths are all the same. The thing they seek could be a double edged sword. It can both benefit and harm them in the process.You are born to this world for a purpose. To maintain the balance is your main goal. Do not let them, the Seekers end your duty. Survive and fulfill your purpose with the time given to you.

  • Polar Star: Seer of North

    Polar Star: Seer of North

    My world changed the day I died with a single regret and my three-views started crumbling and reforming since then. I, a student of science, had to reason with things of fantasy and fiction.And was I the only one from that world?...

  • Legend of Emerald: Seer & Sibyl

    Legend of Emerald: Seer & Sibyl


    Emerald eyes are beautiful and coveting it is a dream even, loyalty and love failed in front of this greed. Scheming, hate, and curses, a beautiful dish of spices, served to the Seer & Sibyl, can they pass the hurdle and live a life of recklessness and fun? will they gain freedom and live out of the fear? or before this happens, will they crumble? Legend of Emerald: Seer & Sibyl Rowan and Lily are the successors of the Seer & Sibyl, they face werewolves, who keep on troubling their normal life and the excessive security and restriction imposed on them on the search for their freedom they dig up some dark secrets, while maintaining their romantic life. Hands - Tied Feet's - Tied Mouth - Duct taped Where - Inside a women's bedroom Marriage - Tomorrow Current situation- kidnapped Where it went wrong? Let's see

  • Mr. CEO Beloved Seer

    Mr. CEO Beloved Seer

    Mo Wuyun, a powerful general with a unique ability to predict the future, one day she foresees her upcoming death. But she strives to fight for her future fate, unexpectedly her fate cannot be changed. So now, she has been reborn into a body of an arrogant heiress 20 year old girl carrying her space dimension, medical skills, and seer abilities. "Mommy, do you love me? Why did you leave me?" Xiao Baobao sadly said. Xiao Baobao arrogantly announced, "Mommy will be my future wife!!""NOO!!!!!! Your mommy is MY future wife!!!!" stated in a shameless way.He walked up to Mo Wuyun and lifted up her chin with her finger to kiss her passionately in front of their son.Sweat dripping down from her forehead, Mo Wuyun woked up breathing heavily exclaimed, "What a terrible nightmare!!!!"

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