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  • Why Does The Ship That I've Made Always Sink?

    Why Does The Ship That I've Made Always Sink?


    Li Yun - a fellow rotten green apple AKA a fudanshi has a curse?!! Every CP, every potential pairing, every semeXuke pairing he makes in every novels or dramas he watched reach a certain ending ... It always ends in tragedy. " What is the use of pairing? They always break or fell apart " One day he wakes up with a diamond inlaid silver ring slipped at his finger with a little paper inserted on it that said: ---What will you do to repair what you've done, Honey??? Once he read the note,the world he is in... turned to darkness. A mechanical flirty voice greeted him: This little one welcomes You,My Master~~~ I'm Mend The Ship System~~~ Please take care of me♡♡~~ If you failed to mend the ship,you will disappear in the oblivion forever...~~~~ As in ...*Poof* Teeheee~~~ Li Yun:The fudge!*splashes blood to the system at his mind* ----I will wait for you... ----I win and my reward is... ----Do I need to prove my love for you? ----Will showing my smile enough to melt you? ----Killing you??Not a chance!!!I want you...A.L.I.V.E. Li Yun: The hot chocolate fudge!!!!Please Let This Ship Sink!!! QAQ

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