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  • The girl, Who Defied Death.

    The girl, Who Defied Death.


    Ever heard of the term "time travel"? Yeah, more than heard, right? What if you could experience it, or meet someone who has experienced it? Well it would be a thrilling experience for most of you, won't it? A life full of uncertainty yet you feel like you can change things, a feeling you are in control."I will save–"Many people wish that they could undo something in the past; Relive their life in a better way, save someone, say farewell to people, do certain things differently, value the things they would lose later on in life. Or if you are a pessimistic person or have different goals in your creative or chaotic mind, the above structuring would be a bit different. But that all in the end is nothing but a castle in the air, at least for humanity."You can't prevent it–"My life was hit with a truck, metaphorically of course, when someone, from somewhere, told me something that would make any normal human who hears it be in denial. As if the denial or surprise I felt at that moment was only a metaphor for the great turmoil my life was going to see."Don't mess with what you–"There's a quote saying, "If you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you."The greater the abyss the greater the despair that will stare back at you."This… why? I… didn't… No…!"In this deluded reality when you believe to be in control of things that's when the things are most uncontrollably chaotic. – I wish I could have moved, just reached that hand, but now it was too late––#slowburn #drama #supernatural #slowburnromance #lightcomedy

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