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  • Inside SNK, b-tch

    Inside SNK, b-tch

    just a typical snk fan-fic.

  • My War,Your Mistakes (A SnK FAN-FIC)

    My War,Your Mistakes (A SnK FAN-FIC)

  • Cinta Tanpa Rasa

    Cinta Tanpa Rasa

  • attack on titan: una historia de amor

    attack on titan: una historia de amor

    Fantasy ANIME

    todo era normal hasta que llego ese día , todo cambio en mi vidatodo es complicado , miles de amigos perdidos en el camino , pero gracias a ti que siempre me apoyabas pude reponerme siempre y seguir en camino a nuestro objetivo.

  • Seduce and Kill

    Seduce and Kill

    "Blood is our language. And while you thrive in guns and knives, my sole body is already my lethal weapon." (Haiya)Haiya and Hans Deveraux both understood the world in its most violent state and to survive means learning to be the predator over other predators. However, as they met, they realize how extremely lonely they have been and how they long for some intimate affection that was deprived of their messy and problematic life. But then, as they search for their emotions in the dark, too many acquaintances, pasts and present intruders severe their relationship. Will they find what their heart are searching for amidst the chaotic violence their lives revolve in?

  • Siddhartha Khanal

    Siddhartha Khanal

    Basically, I m interesed in Sci-fi Genre. So would share some hypothetical science in twist way.

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