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  • Past First Quarter: A Romance Novel

    Past First Quarter: A Romance Novel


    Growing up, Rose's father kept her isolated in a mansion-sized cage of gold. Forced to grow up quickly after she runs away from her home, Rose learns firsthand that there is a lot of speciesism between werewolves and humans. Still unable to shift, she finds a mate and is thrust into the elaborate world of werewolves, council meetings, and territory battles. Aries has a past he wants to be forgotten and when he happens to run into his mate he's forced to change his plans in order to keep her and his pack safe. His secrets slowly come out forcing Rose to question how someone so cruel can be destined for her. Love story aside and with adamant hate for the way werewolves treat humans, Rose will have to work with Aries to change the way the council runs things. ~Excerpt~ "You're not reacting?" I said confused. He raised an eyebrow but otherwise looked indifferent. "Am I supposed to," it was more of a statement than a question but his lack of a reaction made me realize he actually had no clue who I was. I frowned at him analyzing him for a long time before my lips spread thin into a goofy grin. I gave him the biggest smile, one that I haven't given to anyone in a long time. "Rosabella," I said stretching my arm out in front of us. He stared at my outstretched hand for what felt like forever before his large hand wrapped itself around my smaller one. "Aries," he seemed to be making his grip as light as possible. Almost as if he feared that anything tighter than that would break my smaller hand in his. I tilted my head confused. "Like the god of war?" I asked. His grip suddenly tighten which made me flinch and he quickly let go before looking away from me as if trying to avoid eye contact. "Sure," he said. I was about to ask another question when I heard someone ask a group of ladies not too far away from us, "Have any of you seen this girl?" The woman looked at the picture and then looked up in confusion just before her eyes met mine and recognition hit her face like a slap to the cheek. I knew immediately that I had been found. "Shit," I said just as Ares walked up to what I was assuming was his motorcycle. He put his helmet on and the guys speaking to the lady a few feet away turned around to look at where the lady pointed me out. I yelped and jumped on the back of Aries motorcycle hugging him from behind for dear life. "What are you doing?" "Drive!" I don't know if it was the panic in my voice or the fact that I was shaking uncontrollably but thankfully he didn't question me further. He instead, stepped on it and we were speeding through the town just before the men could react.

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