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  • Rise to Stardom

    Rise to Stardom

    Marcos is a normal person, like any other, has a normal job, lives in a normal house and has a normal appearance. But one day, he gets a chance to change his life with the help of a system. (IS MY FIRST ROMANCE) "I do not have the cover rights" (I use Google Translate).

  • Stardom For Dummies

    Stardom For Dummies


    Winter Chu has everything figured out. Ever since he attended the concert of a popular boy band as a child, he has never wanted anything more than to become an idol himself. And with his exotic half European half Korean features gaining him a ticket to be a trainee in a popular entertainment agency, Winter is sure he is well on the road to becoming one. But Fate is a witch and after three years of struggling as a trainee, he realises this is as far as the road goes. When the line up for the company's next boy group drops, his name isn't anywhere near the list. Worse, his best friend's name— with whom Winter made the promise of 'conquering the stage together'— is there at the top. Bold and shiny. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Winter is forced to make a gambling decision. Thrown into a new, no-name company with handpicked strangers, it is a race against time as Winter buckles up for his much delayed debut. But life isn't a bed of roses and hand in hand with the cruel reality of the entertainment world, his past comes crashing down on him as his best friend —now a rookie super star— waltzes back into his muddled life screaming muted revenge. What happens when the second chance Winter sought out isn't as easy as he thought it would be? And what happens when even with a knife hanging on his neck, Winter is slowly falling in love with said ex best friend? This is a quirky coming of age story about two teenage boys trying to find themselves and each other while trying to chase after ambitions as big as the ocean.

  • path to stardom

    path to stardom


    This is the story of a man who is a very talented musician and songwriter but cannot sing. he is given a second chance to sing.this is a story of his path to a different type of stardom he once had.NOTE: the first and second earth of this story is different from ours, so any song he writes is a song already written in ours.

  • Stairway to STARDOM

    Stairway to STARDOM

    She used to think she is different. She couldn't find anyone on the same wavelength as hers. She was considered as a CHILD-PRODIGY. But one day she found an earth shattering truth about herself. but before she could do anything she was silenced....She was given another chance at life . So she decided she will shine like the SUN and burn them.

  • Reaching Stardom together

    Reaching Stardom together

  • Transmigration: Rise to Stardom

    Transmigration: Rise to Stardom

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE TRANSMIGRATION

    Hello everyone, this is an original and let me tell you that English is not my first language. There may be some grammatical errors.As this is my first time writing on this platform and a different plot please don't be harsh to judge.Hope you all enjoy the story.

  • Stardom- Logan Williams

    Stardom- Logan Williams


    Who the hell dies slipping on a banana peel?? Dammit! Damn you fate!! Even the reason of my death is so worthless. Logan Williams was a grassroot entertainer in his past life. Everything in his life was wrong.He had no family. He was an orphan as long as he remembered.He had no real friends. The one’s he knew were cheating on him. His girlfriend who was also one of his best friends was cheating with another of his best friend.He had no money, no looks, no charm... All he wanted was to be an entertainer and become a star. Fate was cruel though.. A higher being found the way he died too hilarious, took pity on him and gave him another chance. In this lifetime he would seize all that he couldn’t in his previous one. No one would be able to hurt his loved ones. And he would have his stardom this time..Note:The cover page doesn’t belong me. The whole story is fictional. If there is resemblance then it’s purely coincidental.Author’s note- this story was inspired by Jay Aslan story. I really loved that story. So the beginning may seem similar though I tried to not make it similar. But as the story progresses it would be different that I promise you. I chose the concept of good family because have there not been enough bad families. The whole story will be a positive vibes story with some negatives to make it interesting. Thanks for the support.

  • May You Return In Stardom

    May You Return In Stardom


    This is a story about a smart fox who not only played dumb but also played her cards well. Welcome to a day in life of An Mu. Imagine chasing the glitz and glam of showbiz, fooling your ill-intentioned 'in-laws' into thinking you're madly in love with their son, and having an affair with your uncle-in-law—all while attending classes in university! And who is Feng Xiao? A driver, a gigolo, or a thief? Who is this big bad wolf pulling strings behind the curtain? An Mu is not your typical superstar wannabe. She knows what she wants and she will work till she gets it! What other adventures await? What did she lose on her way to stardom, and who is waiting for her return?

  • The Psychic Stardom-Queen

    The Psychic Stardom-Queen


    A City's Hottest News: Nation's Queen Ding Jia finally awake after a year in coma state"Did I die?" A nurse with a hole in her head. A lady walking through the walls. Little kids bathing in blood playing across the lobby. That was what Ding Jia saw the moment she opened her eyes after being in a comatose state for a year. But what she gained was not only the ability to see ghosts. It was more than what she had expected.Famous horror-thriller fiction writer, Luo Yang is the most skeptic person she would ever meet. He criticized her for constantly lying and debunking all her statements, yet, he comes to believe her words. A story about romance, ghosts and fluff.

  • His Genius Wife is a Superstar

    His Genius Wife is a Superstar



    A world-famous hacker and daughter of the most powerful criminal family who ruled the international underworld for many generations is killed when their organization is annihilated in a single night. She is reborn into the body of Iris Long, a teenage pop singer, wild party girl, and spoiled brat. For the former princess of the underworld who lived an overprotected and shackled life, this new life is a chance to finally live the life of freedom and independence that she always wanted. Jin Liwei is the most powerful man in the country's business world. Cold and ruthless, he is someone only a few dare offend. When the infamous Iris Long, who used to chase his younger brother, wakes up from a year-long coma, his unfeeling heart moves for the first time and he falls hard for this unexpected genius girl. She wants to fly freely and soar high beyond the sky. He wants her everything, to tie her to himself and to never let her go. This is her journey to super stardom. This is his journey in accompanying her. Together, they will rock the world while facing many challenges. But what will happen when she discovers that she can never escape from the shadows of her previous life? Will she still be able to live her dream life of freedom and independence? Will he be able to protect her from the dangers? [Warning: Mature Content. Reader discretion is advised.] ### Instagram: Arria Cross (@arriacross) Discord Server:

  • BL | Stardom for Dummies

    BL | Stardom for Dummies


    — moved to my new account Mistalee_ with the same title —

  • Reborn With A Wish For Stardom

    Reborn With A Wish For Stardom

    This is written just for fun. Only to relieve my boredom! But... I hope it works for you too!??☺️☺️ ?????????

  • Alexander Rose : Rise To Stardom

    Alexander Rose : Rise To Stardom



    Hey I am, well I was a 24 year old Man named Alexander Miles an aspiring musician and I woke up in a 17 year olds body in the hospital.I remember everything from the life I lived before or is it after ? Later ? Future? But I also have the memories of this current body Alexander Rose it’s like both their souls merged into one. Of course this only happened because he/I got hit by a truck saving a little girl 2 years prior at least that’s The last I can recall from Memories. So my theory is his soul needed to merge with another to survive, because I remember dying then darkness, then there was a voice calling for someone to help them and then I wake up in a hospital in the past oh and somehow I have a system!-[Well This will be my first original (released) story I’ve had other ideas that I write but not sure if people would like them. Well anyway thank you if you’re reading this story and if you don’t continue thank you for reading anyway. Also those of you that want to know when I’ll release chapters right now I’ll update when I can]-(The cover picture isn’t mine but I really liked it but if the one who created it doesn’t want me to use it just tell me and I’ll remove it and try to find an actual cover)

  • Rise to Stardom: My Villainess

    Rise to Stardom: My Villainess


    "Villainess" that's what they call me. I never liked that title, but then I realized. "I'd rather be a villainess than a white lotus who only knows how to cry, leach off of other's fiancè's, and did I already mention cry?" Well yes, yes I did. But hey, I got to hand it to them. Crying really is a tiring activity, and me? " This Villainess would rather die than cry and grovel."

  • My Kpop Journey To Stardom

    My Kpop Journey To Stardom


    This story tells the tale of Park Jin woo a man who lived a depressing and unfulfilled life as a talented yet unacknowledged kpop songwriter who used music and dance to escape his sad life, but what he didn't expect is that it would actually lead him to meet a being who would give him 1 wish and transmigrate him into a parallel world to his where music from his previous world doesn't exist and the most surprising part of it all is...Idols are actually encouraged by fans to date each other in this world..... Join Jin woo in his journey to the peak of the music industry and watch him find true love and friendship and attain the peace he had always craved. AN and disclaimer: I wrote this based of my favorite groups and their members. Please don't be offended and please don't get mad if I ship people...There will be cases that I would be using the artist's songs so please do not get mad and understand that these are just songs that i love and wanted to use. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SONGS NOR DO I WANT TO AFFECT THE LIVES OF THE ARTISTS. This is purely fictional and is not meant to harm anyone. Other than that, please enjoy my story i hope you can immerse yourself in the story and escape like Jin woo had ;)

  • second chance: stardom system

    second chance: stardom system

    A story about second chance

  • Rebirth : On my way to Stardom

    Rebirth : On my way to Stardom

    In her first life, Jiang Yu Yue had everything taken away from her, including her life. However, she was given a second chance. Enemies? I’ll take them on anytime. Backstabbing friends? Bring it on. Falling in love? ...*holds blushing face* She is back and nothing can stand in her way.

  • I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom!

    I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom!


    Newbie student Yuuki Nekota enters Andromeda Academy, the best school for male Idols in Japan. After a chance encounter with one of the Academy's best, Yuuki wants nothing more than to sing his heart out. However, the school uses virtual simulation technology known as the I-DUEL System to manage and evaluate their students. Yuuki never imagined he'd be competing with others in "I-DUEL Battles", where winning means everything. Can Yuuki survive this cutthroat world of Idols? I-DUEL is a multi-media project consisting of a web novel, a game and various songs! See our website for more details:© Jinxiee Games 2019

  • Mireilla Miller's Road to Stardom.

    Mireilla Miller's Road to Stardom.


    A normal boy is reborn in the body of a NEET that has the same name as his, Mireilla Miller. But in this strange world, Mire will use his new System to become famous. From a fleshy guy that sits in his room all day watching anime, to becoming a handsome guy that streams Counter-Strike from his bedroom, then finally becoming a Celestial Prince that will have his face on every corner of the country! He's Also Not A Twat Like Tired123 And Monarch_Of_Death, though Monarch is also a scammer.

  • Stardom Gone Wrong (Reader X Yandere Males) [Discontinued]

    Stardom Gone Wrong (Reader X Yandere Males) [Discontinued]

    Teen YANDERE

    I am sorry to anyone who reads this but I no longer have any motivation nor ideas for this story. However I won't delete this story for readers who still want to read it. Either way, I hope you would find a better story after this to get rid of any disappointment you might have over this news. Sorry again and good luck.You are a 16 year old teen pop star, that debuted two years after the X Factor. Off to another country, to expand the horizons, in a small town called Phantam Town, you will meet 6 boys, different individuals that have gotten a crazy interest over you. Over the years, you did have restraining orders over people but unfortunately, no restraining order can keep them apart...

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