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  • The White Spirit (Stiles Stilinski)

    The White Spirit (Stiles Stilinski)


    SLOW UPDATES.... be patient with the book once you add it to your collections don't remove it. xxAfter the nogitsune, no one wants to associate with Stiles. He's lonely with a drunken and abusive father, no friends and his frequent hallucinations, nightmares and loneliness, summons down the White Spirit whose original form is that of a hamster. The White Spirit happens to be the daughter of the mightiest god and the guardian of the Nemeton.This is a fanfic of TeenWolf. I do not own TeenWolf nor it's characters other than the plot and other characters not related to TeenWolf.

  • Si Stiles Stilinski

    Si Stiles Stilinski


  • my stile

    my stile

  • my live stile

    my live stile

  • How long until his heart breaks?

    How long until his heart breaks?


    The nogitsune may be gone but what if he had left something behind in Stiles, something dark and evil that only Stiles knew about.Stiles tried to hide this part of him from the pack. He wanted everyone to remember him as the happy sarcastic boy everyone knew and loved, but the pack only saw him as a liability; a weak addition to the pack.So what if a villain took Stiles to get back at the pack and the only way he could escape was to embrace his darkness.Would the pack change towards him and how much would this impact Stiles?

  • AS IF

    AS IF


  • Teen Sorcerer (bl)

    Teen Sorcerer (bl)


    Stiles Stilinski is tired. Tired of being ignored and forgotten once the research is done. After defeating Gerard and freeing Jackson from the Kanima he thought things would improve but somehow it got worse. Derek is focused on building his pack which includes the newly rescued Erica and Boyd, freed after Allison realized her grandfather was nutso, and the freed Jackson who narrowly avoided being shipped overseas by his parents. Scott is focused on his neverending relationship drama with Allison and his new best bud Isaac. Left alone more often than not, Stiles feels everyone is moving on without him so he looks for his own path.When Deaton is unable to help him with his Spark he looks elsewhere and finds others who help him along until he finds himself meditating in his room and is surprised by an Astral form that shows up. Unknowing attracting the attention of the new Sorcerer Supreme, Stiles discovers that he might be able to not only help Dr. Strange, but he just might find out how he can protect both his home and those jerks in what he considers his pack - whether Mr. Hale or Mr. McCall consider him or not.Hi im the guy the Put the Teen Sorcerer story on here it logs me out of my account and it keeps making me a new account So im going to be posting the story on this account THIS STORY IS BY G8rguy on ao3

  • Teen Wolf - Season 10

    Teen Wolf - Season 10

    Previously: The group banded together when the legendary myth of Bloody Mary was released, after she killed many friends of Scott like Ethan and Cora, the group came together with Liam and Argent returning to lock her back up. With all of that going on, Araya and Severo were working with Talia to hunt the Devil who is soon to be born again, but Talia was killed by Derek. Lydia revealed her pregnancy to Stiles and Noah.

  • Anchor


    In a new world filled with the supernatural, broken friends, betrayals, and new dangers, all Lillian Sanders and Stiles Stilinski need are anchors to keep them from afloat.

  • Hridoy khan

    Hridoy khan

    My stile my attitude needs parsonal

  • The crooked Man

    The crooked Man


    There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile; He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, And they all lived together in a little crooked house.I never liked that nursery rhyme, a crooked man felt to unreal. A man can’t physically b crooked and alive. Little did I know nursery rhymes are more real then fiction.

  • The Insidious Fantoccini

    The Insidious Fantoccini

    I'm watching even now, there is no where I cant see you. Your soul burns brighter then a thousand stars, and every. second. I stair. My hunger grows. When I see a toy I want, I string it up and make it dance, and there is no escape. So, little poppet, will you. dance. for me?The Insidious Fantoccini is me experimenting with writing in pantser stile so it may be a little off since I don't know if I can do that well yet. please enjoy :)

  • Heavy Metal Sunshine Blues

    Heavy Metal Sunshine Blues

    Sonny Bonhomie is happy by nature. Nothing ever stops him from going after what he wants, which is how he ends up in bed with the very sexy Noah Stiles. They spend a great night together and all is roses, until Sonny catches Noah kissing the stern CFO, Bridges Barfield -- Sonny’s boss.<br><br>When Sonny accuses Noah of cheating, Noah readily admits to an open relationship with Bridges. Then Sonny finds out the real reason why Noah slept with him in the first place. Licking his wounds, Sonny needs a change of scene and ends up at a new LGBT bookstore. There he comes face to face with Bruce, a bartender from his old club. They hit it off, and something unexpected grows between them.<br><br>Can Sonny navigate all the upheaval in his life and still manage not to fall into the sunshine blues?

  • Chronology of the Kindred Orb

    Chronology of the Kindred Orb


    the promise that was never fulfilled in any life . unbeknownst to our protagonist , he gets reincarnated into a parallel world which is more or less like his previous life but to change the regrets he had he has to travel world's . What to do if a former Godess stile your first kiss !! What to do of the girl you loved and wanted to save the most isn't the one you love but someone else !? what if the family you thought was your family just a fake one !? A series of incidents will uncover the darkest secrets which were unknown to our protagonist, Aster ! he who travels world to change and save those who he loved . he who will become the hero and a god . the tale of a young boy who tries to save Everyone but will he be able to save himself from the dark secrets of his life that have the power to completely shatter his mind ? if he saves Everyone who will save him ? his loved one , the one who is true to him , who suffered same and understands gis pain . is it her ? ______________________________________________the chronology of kindred orb means the biggest legends of parallel worlds ! if you like it so , tell me in the comments !! the art is not mine . credits to the artist !

  • Heavy Metal Blues Box Set

    Heavy Metal Blues Box Set

    Multi-published author J.D. Walker brings you four gay erotic romances that will warm your heart, from the quirky story which pits a country music fan against a "metal boy" to the bittersweet tale of a rigid CFO who always says the wrong thing to the man he loves. Housemates, secrets, a sunny attitude, and an executive who needs to let loose all connect to bring each other out of the Heavy Metal Blues.<br><br>Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>Heavy Metal Cowboy Blues</strong>: Lester "Les" McCoy loves his country music. He's also in lust with Damien Ridley -- the 'metal boy' who lives downstairs -- despite his very loud music tastes which drive Les crazy! He's an old prairie bachelor, and thinks Damien is too young for him. But, a gay-bashing and some friendly advice lead Les to use Patsy Cline and canary yellow underpants to get the stud he's always wanted.<br><br><strong>Heavy Metal Bicycle Blues</strong>: Kenny Culpepper is a spin instructor, but he used to do more with his life. He’s still recovering from the homophobic attack by his former roommate, Biff Tremonte, and when he receives a letter from Biff’s brother, Kenny’s not sure what to do. But the two men meet, and Cypher Tremonte confesses that he was also a victim of Biff’s rage. What they find together is unexpected, and could become love.<br><br><strong>Heavy Metal Sunshine Blues</strong>: Sonny Bonhomie is happy to sleep with Noah Stiles, a sexy guy he meets at a club. But then he finds out that Noah has a boyfriend, and confronts him about it. Worse, Noah tells Sonny the real reason he slept with him in the first place. Heartbroken, Sonny goes to a new LGBT bookstore and runs into Bruce, a bartender he knows. They hit it off, and Sonny’s sunshine blues might just be over.<br><br><strong>Heavy Metal Heartfelt Blues</strong>: Bridges Barfield is a stern, rigid man who’s hard to please. But then he meets Trenton LeDoux, he of the magenta hair, lip ring, and free spirit, and they hit it off. Trenton seems to be stuck in the past with his dead husband, however. Bridges tries to help, but suffers from saying-the-wrong-thing disease. It takes many missteps before these men finally have a union that’s truly heartfelt.

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