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  • The White Spirit (Stiles Stilinski)

    The White Spirit (Stiles Stilinski)


    SLOW UPDATES.... be patient with the book once you add it to your collections don't remove it. xxAfter the nogitsune, no one wants to associate with Stiles. He's lonely with a drunken and abusive father, no friends and his frequent hallucinations, nightmares and loneliness, summons down the White Spirit whose original form is that of a hamster. The White Spirit happens to be the daughter of the mightiest god and the guardian of the Nemeton.This is a fanfic of TeenWolf. I do not own TeenWolf nor it's characters other than the plot and other characters not related to TeenWolf.

  • Si Stiles Stilinski

    Si Stiles Stilinski


  • Anchor


    In a new world filled with the supernatural, broken friends, betrayals, and new dangers, all Lillian Sanders and Stiles Stilinski need are anchors to keep them from afloat.

  • Teen Sorcerer (bl)

    Teen Sorcerer (bl)


    Stiles Stilinski is tired. Tired of being ignored and forgotten once the research is done. After defeating Gerard and freeing Jackson from the Kanima he thought things would improve but somehow it got worse. Derek is focused on building his pack which includes the newly rescued Erica and Boyd, freed after Allison realized her grandfather was nutso, and the freed Jackson who narrowly avoided being shipped overseas by his parents. Scott is focused on his neverending relationship drama with Allison and his new best bud Isaac. Left alone more often than not, Stiles feels everyone is moving on without him so he looks for his own path.When Deaton is unable to help him with his Spark he looks elsewhere and finds others who help him along until he finds himself meditating in his room and is surprised by an Astral form that shows up. Unknowing attracting the attention of the new Sorcerer Supreme, Stiles discovers that he might be able to not only help Dr. Strange, but he just might find out how he can protect both his home and those jerks in what he considers his pack - whether Mr. Hale or Mr. McCall consider him or not.Hi im the guy the Put the Teen Sorcerer story on here it logs me out of my account and it keeps making me a new account So im going to be posting the story on this account THIS STORY IS BY G8rguy on ao3

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