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  • The swordsmen

    The swordsmen

  • The Three Swordsmen

    The Three Swordsmen

    This is a classic story about swordsmen in the martial world. Following the journey of three young men fighting their way into greatness, making foes and friends alike in the process. As the story progress their swords will attaches themselves into the bigger instruments. Picking its strings to change how the tunes of a whole kingdom played.

  • Swordsmen Of Elements

    Swordsmen Of Elements

    Swordsmen of Elements is about the four warriors of ice, water, thunder and fire colliding and coming together to take on the threat of The Empire.Each will go through personal struggles to overcome physical and emotional trauma while finding themselves in this war torn time. While also struggling to get along with each other.

  • The Great Swordsmen

    The Great Swordsmen


    Follow Oden and Law on their journey to become the greatest swordsmen. Together they take down the corrupted Kami and finally, the Jade Emperor.

  • Fate Of The Swordsmen

    Fate Of The Swordsmen


    Note - I am no longer satisfied with the quality of the story. I feel like I can make a better story with better characters. When I do eventually re-write this story, it will be under a different name.Anarion Ragnor struggles to move ahead in a world that is on the brink of collapse. Demons, Gods, Undead, Cursed Beings and more are all fighting for control of Terath. Anarion a student on his way to graduation from the Swordsmen Academy struggles to cope with his issues of abandonment while those around him are trying to breach through the emotional mask he wears to protect himself from becoming attached to the people around him.Anarion is forced to live in the Shadow of his older brother who has fastly become one of the most renown Swordsmen alive. Dealing with his insurecity, ineptitude and inner fears. Anarion must face the world and himself. Swordsmen are ancient Warriors who wield legendary blades that can become so powerful they could shatter reality. They also know a unique magic called Elestran.

  • Age of Swordsmen Online

    Age of Swordsmen Online


    Let me ask you a question. Did you ever play a game so passionately, that you were able to play it for hours and hours, without even noticing how the time passed by? And then imagine being stuck… But you’re not only stuck because you can’t get any further, but you are also stuck because you can’t get out anymore This is the story of gamers, or should I say brave swordsmen who fought to clear the game, to beat the boss, to be alive. This is the story of a game, the story of… The Age of Swordsmen **************************************************************************************************************************************** Author's Note: First Novel I ever published here. May remind some of SAO, but yeah... It actually isn't really like SAO at all. I would appreciate any corrections of grammar/spelling errors since I'm not a native English speaker. In addition to that, this is a 'First Draft', so I may edit a few things in old chapters when I feel like it.

  • Burglar System: Stealing Ancient Dragon God Bloodline from the Very Start

    Burglar System: Stealing Ancient Dragon God Bloodline from the Very Start


    William, a university student, awoke to find that he had transmigrated to a world where the gods were warring against each other. In this place, demonic creatures roamed, angels and demons fought, while the gods captured and slaughtered one another. Here, mages possessed noble rank, sacred swordsmen looked down upon the earth, intimidating all beings. Humans here believed in various gods and could connect with countless powerful divine spirits, obtaining their very own innate godly abilities. Though William himself had awakened the lizard bloodline which was of the lowest rank, he activated the Burglar System which could steal any innate talent, fortune, emotion, or weapon belonging to any being in this world, and fuse it into himself to level up! At the very start, he stole an Ancient Dragon Bloodline to gain an immeasurably powerful body, making him peerless in short-range battles, not to mention that his dragon breath and dragon language spells would lay waste upon all things! Element [Primordial Thunder] stolen. Fused and leveled up to [Ancient Thunder Dragon]. Heavenly Retribution learnt, controlling natural disasters and standing judge upon all, slaying the gods with ease. Element [Radiant Origin] stolen. Fused and leveled up to [Sacred Six-Winged Dragon]. Heal, Bless, Faith learned, providing salvation to all and taking in disciples from across the world. [Immortal Phoenix Blood], [Scorching Flames], [Chains of Destiny], [Sword in the Stone], [Silver Key], [Eye of Jörmungandr]... As countless talents were freed from the restraints of rules and fused into brand new talents, William belittled the god and ascended to the throne amidst Ragnarok, reigning forever!

  • Rise Of The Swordsmen

    Rise Of The Swordsmen


    The world was suddenly invaded by an alien race of demonic history, known as The Jorani. They are creatures of malevolent force, feared by all humans, and had an insatiable thirst for any flesh of the living.To survive in this apocalyptic era of death and madness, the remaining people, called samurais, had to learn the ways to harness natural energy, enabling them to cut through those wretched devils' flesh.***While the war amongst devils and samurais was still raging on, Heng Darany, an orphan who lost his family in the ever-lasting war, was taken into custody by an old and legendary samurai called Kosal Chakara, who lived in the middle of an isolated forest. Even though Darany was a frail boy, a sickly child that wasn't even strong enough to hold a katana to protect himself at first, Chakara still saw potential in him and trained him into a samurai capable of decapitating any demons in his path.***One day while Darany was training alone, awaiting for his foster father to return from a demon slaying job; he was met with a grusome sight, enough to cause his voice to shirll and his heart to race.Disclaimer! I do not own this cover.Cover Original Link: https://wallpapercave.com/swordsman-wallpapers

  • Global Superpower: Getting Stronger through Reading

    Global Superpower: Getting Stronger through Reading



    When millions of monsters appeared on Earth from a different dimension, humans were introduced to a Class system to fight against them. There were Martial Artists, Swordsmen, Archers, Medics, Mages, Summoners… Lin Bai had awoken an SSS-Grade Class, the Reader. He had the power to summon any item or power he had read from a book. After reading Journey to the West, he collected the [Flying Nimbus] and [Complaint Golden-Hooped Rod]. After reading Legend of Ninja Village, he learned [Shadow Clone] and [Reincarnation]. After reading Big Pirate's Treasure, he received the [Random Fruit] and [Random Domineering]. After reading Blue Cat-Shaped Robot from Future, he was awarded the [Bamboo-copter], [Translation Jelly], and [Gourmet Tablecloth]. … The world was shocked when they learned of his Class. It was undoubtedly the strongest Class of all.

  • Shocking: The Daughter of the Ancient God Is My Deskmate!

    Shocking: The Daughter of the Ancient God Is My Deskmate!



    Betta transmigrates to a parallel universe with superpowers. Subsequently, he awakens to the Furnace System. As long as he gets close to magicians, mutants, or swordsmen, he can replicate their physical abilities, merge them, and strengthen them! Ding! Super Heat, Combustion, and Flaming Fist are integrated to give Sun Scorch. Ding! Arc Lightning, Thunder Art, and Lightning Oculus are fused to give Divine Thunder. Ding! Tornado, Tsunami, and Nectar are merged to give Ocean Vessel. Ding! Tiny Fireball, Rain of Meteors, and Scorch are combined to give Forbidden Magic: Rain of Apocalypse. It was not until one day that Betta obtains the Forbidden Curse of the Ancient God that he discovers that the campus belle sitting next to him is the daughter of the Ancient God.

  • Swordsmen of the Seven Realms

    Swordsmen of the Seven Realms

    Every one hundred years, a new generation of the Swordsmen of the Seven Realms must be chosen from the following Seven Realms; The Living Realm, Demon Realm, Phantom Realm, Spirit Realm, Hero Realm, Mage Realm and the Realm of Ra. From each Realm, 3 candidates are chosen to be personally trained by the current member of the SOT7R of their respective Realms. After one year of training, the member then picks the most promising one and grants him/her a special power that has been passed down to each Swordsman of their Realm and from then on they move to the center of the galaxy to receive their last bit of training from the notorious Master Pakura. Join Chiaki Hoshinomori, who accidentally stumbles upon such a great honor, rise up from the bottom of the barrel to becoming the strongest in her Realm and the strongest in all of the Realms in Nanatsu no Okoko no Kenshi!

  • school days of the swordsmen

    school days of the swordsmen


  • red the black swordsmen

    red the black swordsmen


    red is a boy form a small farming village living with his mother and his two sibling live in peace until a band of raider killed his family and now seek ravage and join the black order to learn the way of the blade while at black order red find's friend and love.

  • The Viceroy of all Swordsmen

    The Viceroy of all Swordsmen


    As a young teenager with brown Hair and slightly tattered clothing with a sword by the waist walks across the horizon.. He wont ever forget these words he was once told,”The sun will always rise, even in the darkest of times”.

  • The rebirth of the dark swordsmen

    The rebirth of the dark swordsmen

    Hiro was lucky to meet a god and even luckier to have a change of his sad old life, Hiro was put on a quest of adventure. He will be finding his weaknesses and he will make them his strength in this long journey to unlock his true story and purpose in life as he is the dark swordsmen.

  • The Two Swordsmen and the Aura of Light

    The Two Swordsmen and the Aura of Light

    Fantasy RIGHTEOUS

    Two swordsmen and an aura of light. Three childhood friends who lost sight of each other when they were twelve years old. They are going to meet all three at the age of twenty! Will they have a normal life or will they have to fight enemies with their own hands?

  • Magic Swordsmen of Space and Time

    Magic Swordsmen of Space and Time

    A boy with the Illusion Eye Bloodline is found by a dying old man and taught the Sword of Space and Time Scripture. Before the old man died gave the God-Slaying Sword and a recommendation letter to Daronia Magic Academy to the young boy and told him to enjoy his life. So with the Sword on his back and a recommendation in hand watch as he becomes the legendary Magic Swordsmen of Time and Space.

  • A Swordsmen's journey

    A Swordsmen's journey


    Micheal is excited to take Heather to prom, by something bothering him. many it's got to do with him being a swordsman.

  • I Only Know Forbidden Spells

    I Only Know Forbidden Spells

    Fantasy MAGIC


    Lin An transmigrated to a world of sword and magic, becoming an apprentice in an academy of mages. In this world, there were swordsmen who could cut a mountain in twain, wind mages who could summon the winds of the world, fire mages who incinerated worlds, and summoners who could call upon demon gods across the world. While Lin An was left at a loss of what to do next, he suddenly awakened the Forbidden System—as long as he had enough points, he would be able to redeem forbidden spells from the System. Hence, a mage apprentice who could only cast forbidden spells was born. His Armageddon left the whole world in shock and awe. His Undead Prelude summoned a legion of undead. His Earthen Wrath left the ground shaking. His Wind God Prelude buffeted the world in windstorms. He was Lin An, a mage apprentice who wielded forbidden spells and left everyone shaking in their boots.

  • Malignant Swordsmen

    Malignant Swordsmen