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  • Tales of Tamriel’s Finest

    Tales of Tamriel’s Finest

    A book that is filled with short stories about ancient heroes of Tamriel and their accomplishments.

  • I Got Isekai'd Into Skyrim As A Lich!

    I Got Isekai'd Into Skyrim As A Lich!

    Charles Grant was really just another gamer shut-in, or a NEET as some would call it. However, after getting to the end of Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, the Underking warns him of the changing timeline of the future due to the Dragon Break, that will cause an unforeseen calamity which will shake Tamriel to it's core. With Charles as the second coming of the Underking, the lich that worked in the shadows of the empire holding it upright for centuries, it is up to him to decide whether to let Tamriel rise or fall. And yes, this is definitely an Isekai

  • Game of thrones: The bear and the scorpion

    Game of thrones: The bear and the scorpion

    It has been one hundred years when the last dragon born defeated Alduin. And Tamriel became a better world because of it. But they didn't stop there. They ended the civil war between stormcloaks and the empire by putting an end to Ulfric for once and for all. They stopped a vampire menace and killed Miraak and stopped them both from ending the world. But now they are dead. They lived a long and happy life and the people of Tamriel will sing of there adventures from Hammerfell to High rock for years to come. Many men and women have tried to live up to there name but have ether died or quit. But now two stand out. A honorable Nordic warrior with a beast thats clawing to get out, and a assassin from the dark brotherhood who just wants a better life. But the two men are thrown into the unforgiving land of Westeros and together they can help bring ever lasting peace to the land and stop the winter that is coming. But first they need to trust each other before they can save there new home.

  • Elder Scrolls: Insertion

    Elder Scrolls: Insertion


    Emma Fox is your average video game playing, introverted college girl, with a group of friends that used to challenge each other at playing various games, especially the Elder Scrolls series!But when her friend Jack ropes them into playing his completely altered version of Skyrim, things get weird really fast when a storm knocks them unconscious and they wake up in Tamriel.Now Emma and her misfitted group of friends have to learn how to live in a world that they thought they knew, while also trying to survive long enough to see the real world again.(In this story, there will be comedy, adventure, potential romances, 18+ themed content, gore and violence, some dark topics, and more.)

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