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  • Path of Pandora – My Worldbuilding System

    Path of Pandora – My Worldbuilding System


    Tanuki Hachiro finds himself on a plain, floating in the void. Next to him is a mysterious obelisk, which upon closer inspection reveals a secret to the boy. [ Congratulations! ] [ Hachiro Tanuki gained 'Blessing of the Developer'! ] Follow Hachiro Tanuki as he builds up the world around himself, while keeping it safe from the waves of monster attacks! – – – This novel is a mixture of Tower Defense and Sandbox. The world-building works similar to Roguelike titles, as in the protagonist unlocks new tiles and creatures over time, while enemies get increasingly stronger. If you want to see your idea for a tile, creature, or any mechanic make it into the novel, leave a comment on the newest chapter! I'd be more than happy to include any fan suggestions! ^^ Feel free to join our Discord! :D ( https://discord.gg/2bGcaxHtC7 )

  • A(She)s


    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY FAMILY

    She, Kate McCallen is also known as Kate, always hates the way her father treats her like a princess. So when her engagement got canceled by the perfect gentleman that she loves for several years, she knew it's her chance to prove her father that she gonna run her business. With help from Lillian and Emma, she can build a million-dollars-worth business despite her lack of trust from her father. She is not the only one who suffers from post-relationship. Lillian, the oldest cousin, change her heart too fast. You can guess by looking at her changing from man to man every other month. As for Emma, she can not believe that she had a crush for nine years towards a man that took her heart since high school. Their heart was just too broken that it changes into ashes. Can they come out from the ashes? Became the phoenix they wanted to be?

  • Okinawa Zone

    Okinawa Zone

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 SCARY SMUT

    It started with a rumor of a succubus hiding somewhere in Okinawa City. Later men started disappearing without a trace, every week it was one guy. Police thought they had a murderer in their city rather then a succubus. They didn't know but they had both...

  • Tokyo Psycho

    Tokyo Psycho

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