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    A group of hero’s.A group of people that’s just playing a game, and nevertheless, they still found themselves being way too op.The group who’ll try to protect the lands if time.A group that'll set an example for future players, maybe not a good example but nevertheless…This story is about the strongest member of the group. The one who didn’t plan for most of things that happened to him but still became strong. Gathering the group of players and becoming a strong group.This one's name is called...The Traverser

  • Chibi Tenshi

    Chibi Tenshi



    Aku seorang manusia, kan? Pernahkah kalian mendengar kata “Reinkarnasi” ...? Itu merupakan sebuah proses jiwa yang dilahirkan kembali dari masa lalu. Jutaan manusia tidak pernah tahu seperti apa kehidupannya di masa lalu, begitulah diriku yang ternyata pernah mencintai seorang pria yang paling terindah dalam hidupku. Kami bukan berasal dari dunia ini. Semua yang dia lakukan murni untuk menebus kesalahanku. Aku masih tidak percaya dengan orang yang berada di dekatku, namun aku tak tega untuk melepaskannya sehingga menyerukan doa dengan sujud pengampunan ini. -Berbisik ke bumi dan berharap terdengar oleh langit- Biarkan aku mengepakkan sayapku sekali lagi ...! Menemuinya di tempat termasyhur di dunia ini.

  • Ningen no Tenshi

    Ningen no Tenshi

    Follow the protagonist, a high school dropout whose real identity was hidden away as a mystery to those around him, but to himself, he was a dead man walking in the world of the living. As he had been brought back to life as a being of Light. Entrusted with the task of saving the world, he was sent back into his world to find what would help him against the march of darkness.

  • Satsuriku No Tenshi

    Satsuriku No Tenshi

  • Akuma no Tenshi. Tenshi no Akuma.

    Akuma no Tenshi. Tenshi no Akuma.

    Angels? Demons? What do you mean? Im an Angel and a Demon or...We are. Amn and Am are conjoined twins. Ones a demon and ones an Angel...weird baby right?

  • Tenshi no akuma

    Tenshi no akuma


  • The Golden Watch Of Hypnosis

    The Golden Watch Of Hypnosis

    Magical Realism HAREM VILLAIN


    “Believe in something with all of your heart, even if it means losing everything in the process. ““And I believe in running the world. I want everything in this world, I want to be admired, I want to loved and I want to desired. ““Even if it means losing everything in the process! “A boy called Tenshi Ayama’s life is gutted to shreds when the most important person to him – his mother – an influential government official - dies in a suspicious accident.It didn’t help that, she was his entire life. After all, his motivation and determination to succeed in life was all for her, nothing else mattered to him more than her.Tenshi’s entire ambition dies as he turns into a fat slob, a depressed fat slob which his former childhood persona would’ve hated.Yet the thing was, that he believed in unconditional love, and he was utterly betrayed by the person he loved – his childhood friend Haruno Ichiho.The same day, he found a watch dropped by a crow – a golden and fabulous watch that has an amazing feature of being able to bend people’s minds into submission. Watch as he supports his waifus in fulfilling their dreams, perfecting their personalities and fixing their flaws. And sometimes ruling and killing over his political opponents with amazing *humor.*Humor not guaranteed, but dark humor is and will be always presentExtra Tags - Insane Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Slow Pace.[Caution - contains excessive sex in the later chapters.]Donate/buy me a coffee using litecoin.My LTC address is: MAe7Eop5xiMrSecrG5ErzZEQDHCuwTctjX

  • Akuma no tenshi and the 4 Spirits

    Akuma no tenshi and the 4 Spirits


    Akuma is a normal girl going to high school just barely living by the day. Until her world is flipped upside down when she realizes that she is the sword spirit wielder. Will she be able to defeat the evil reiketsuna and his 4 evil companions? Or will she die just like the others who have tried before her?

  • Tenshi Universus: The Five Legendary (Slow Update)

    Tenshi Universus: The Five Legendary (Slow Update)

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    There are university that name is TENSHI UNIVERSUS.......The universus that have a Supremus Studens Cunseil or SSC in short term that have a Four girls members.......The universus that have a Four boys transferees......The one of four boys transferees have a brother......His brother is a late enrolled in universus.....But at the same time one cold girl also come back in universus......What will be going to happen to this universus if this ten young people will be going to collide to each other inside of this universus.....Is This For Good?...... Or........ For Bad?.........

  • Iblis dan Malaikat
( Akuma to tenshi-tachi)

    Iblis dan Malaikat ( Akuma to tenshi-tachi)

    Bumi, sebuah planet yang dihuni oleh Ras Manusia, yang merupakan ras terlemah dari seluruh ras lainnya di alam semesta, sudah berada di ambang kehancuran karena serangan dari Ras Iblis. Ras Iblis merupakan ras kuat yang berusaha merebut bumi dan juga mengendalikan seluruh Ras Manusia untuk keserakahan dan hawa nafsu semata. Sementara itu, ras Malaikat yang tinggal di surga berhasil menghalau serangan dari Ras Iblis untuk sementara waktu.Itulah Legenda yang selalu diceritakan oleh Kakek Shiro, seorang kakek yang sudah mengasuh Hijiri sejak kecil. Hijiri merupakan seorang anak remaja laki-laki yang pandai di desanya, Ia terkenal sangat pandai jika dalam menemukan jalan keluar dalam setiap masalah yang menimpa desanya.Saat Hijiri pergi ke sungai untuk mencari ikan, Ia menemukan sebuah kalung indah. Dibawa pulang lah kalung tersebut. Tiba-tiba terjadi peristiwa aneh yang menimpa desanya setelah Hijiri pulang ke rumah, semua tanaman yang ditanam oleh warga desa mati. Dan banyak hewan buas datang ke desanya. Apakah yang sebenarnya terjadi?

  • Angel In The Pandemic

    Angel In The Pandemic

    After a worldwide pandemic strikes his town, Desir Snow was forced to work from home in the safety of his one-room apartment. In the beginning, everything was good for the twenty-six-year-old computer programmer. A natural loner, Desir relished in the confined life. He no longer needed to socialise, his meddlesome friend was banned from visiting, and Desir could enjoy the things he loved the most.However, when his beautiful next-door neighbour collapsed right in front of his door a week into the lockdowns, Desir’s life was flung into a direction that he could never have imagined.Disclaimer: Cover Pic isn't mine. I'm writing this novel with Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsu no Ma ni ka Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken as inspiration. So if you like that novel, I you'll probably like this one :)Releases every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.



    ore no imouto tenshi yori kawaii!!

  • Entertainment Queen System

    Entertainment Queen System

    Contemporary Romance SYSTEM ENTERTAINMENT


    〚Ding! System fully installed~ Hello Host. I am System Number 086 also known as the Entertainment Queen System.〛Wu Fei is a shut-in second generation young miss. Ever since she turned eighteen, the young woman stayed in her bedroom playing games and watching shows.Fast forward to two years, now 20, Wu Fei shocked her family and friends by suddenly appearing in an entertainment program. From a shut-in who relied on her family's care and support, can she rise up and dominate the entertainment circle?!Wu Fei: "System, can this little student go back home? I don't want to come here ah."System 086: "Request processing. Ding! Request denied. Reminding host that failure to complete this task will lead to extermination!"Wu Fei: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ "@$$%#!!" I want to go home and play games!!!

  • Reincarnated as a Raptor

    Reincarnated as a Raptor

    Tenshi led a normal life,He died a crushing death.At the mercy of his system he is given a new life.The catch though is he is no longer human He's a tiny feral killing machine, a raptor.

  • I Dream of You

    I Dream of You

    Historical Romance ROMANCE MAGIC IMMORTAL

    He was my most beloved master. My master who took me away from that cold and harsh life. My master who taught me the ways of life.The one who taught me about the wonders and dangers of magic.I am very happy living together with him.But...Why is it that people often mistaken me as his son?I am clearly a female ah!﹊﹊﹊A story of a debt owed and repaid.A story of the pain of separation and the joy of meeting once again.A story of a young girl raised by an eccentric man.A story of someone who loves someone who cannot love.A story of a mortal and the mortal cursed with imortality.A story of magic and wonder.A story... of a love that transcends through generation, through age and time.﹊﹊﹊I want to be your love for ever and ever,Without break or decay.When the hills are all flat,The rivers are all dry.When it thunders in winter,When it snows in summerWhen heaven and earth mingle,Not till then will I part from you.- God! 《上邪》(Han Dynasty

  • Luna With Green Eyes

    Luna With Green Eyes


    WARNING: MATURE CONTENT Cressa Brightly was just living her happy werewolf life with her loving family before it all went to chaos... Cressa is forced to leave her home and most likely her dead father behind because of a ruthless bloodthirsty Alpha that calls her his... At first she obeys in fear of getting hurt, but as time goes on she starts to lose herself. She's been used, mistreated, taken, made an example of, and cheated on. Theirs only so much she can take before she snaps... Can Cressa overcome everything thrown at her and be able to move on with her Alpha? Can she raise a pup that isn't hers? ...You will see in Luna With Green Eyes... A/N: This is my first werewolf book so I hope you like it! Not cliche, got deep feels, emotional rollercoaster WARNING: MATURE CONTENT, Language, Abuse



    Romance de fantasía BL VIDEOGAME YAOI

    YAOI PUEDE ACTUALIZARSE RÁPIDO O LENTOMALA ORTOGRAFÍA EN ALGUNAS PARTES ALERTAYaoiAbusoDepresión YaoiMucho más yaoiSans Classic uke (y más inocente)...Sinopsis Quien iba a imaginar que con tan solo un portal,TODO iba a cambiar....Undertale ni sus UA me pertenecen

  • Rise of the Elementals

    Rise of the Elementals


    She's lived most of her childhood as a normal child with her older brother and her parents. However, numerous accidents kept occurring, which has led her to finally understand that she is, an elementalist. Meaning, she is able to use magic by controlling the elements around her. Her parents however, felt horrified at the thought, because their daughter was not like the other elementals. Most elementals were only able to control one element. Relenah, however, was able to command multiple elements. Her journey begins when her parents finally deem her ready enough to venture out of their little forest and into the city where she will be challenged to try and keep her secret from those around her.P/S: This story is currently in the writing and chapters will be posted slowly. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. Please enjoy my first story!

  • Angels of Love,Hate, 
And Beauty 

    Angels of Love,Hate, And Beauty Volume0BookA.0A Key:A0 By:aeaghiya


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