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  • Forty thieves

    Forty thieves

  • Guild of Thieves

    Guild of Thieves

    For the past five millennia the Gods have competed for the throne of One True God. Humanity was the victim of their scheming and on the brink of extinction until the first thief stole from the Gods. Even until this day his legacy lives on, the Guild of Thieves. This is the tale of the end of thievery.

  • The Phantom Thieves

    The Phantom Thieves

  • Maiden Thieves

    Maiden Thieves


    When impoverished, bastard twins of New York City, Vyn and Von, were forced to move out of their country, they find themselves on a island where things take an interestingly eerie turn.————————————————————————Erotica with actual plot?Updates 1-3 chapters daily. More support = Better story, better prose, more chapters.

  • MMORPG Thieves Online

    MMORPG Thieves Online


    Thieves online is a mmorpg virtual reality platform released in 2150 by company known as FTF Co. what stands for For The Future it was a company started 50 years ago at 2100 from that time and then on virtual reality really took off the MC of the story goes by the name Max August he is one of the best thieves in the game until he hit rock bottom when his girlfriend of 10 years and his best friend betrayed him along with his Guild members faced with destitute and the Betrayal he commit suicide only to end up 12 years into the past and his 18-year-old body with his second chance will he start the game early that's only been at least two days and get back and avenge everything that has happened to him but will he quit from games all together

  • Honor Among Thieves

    Honor Among Thieves


    Small town fighter turned thief. When their clan hit the big time one of their own turned against them. How will they respond and how did they get to this point.

  • The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

    The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss


    She is one of the best thieves that the world has seen in the 24th century. However, not even in her wildest dreams had she imagine that she'd be reincarnated as a good-for-nothing orphaned Seventh Miss of the Vermilion Bird Family. She finds herself stuck in a family that mistreats her, as well as an unfamiliar place with no support system. In a world of magic, she finds that the strength and talent within her would not only shock the world but also put every prodigy in that world to shame. As she learns to control her power, she vows to take revenge on those who had wronged her and to eventually rule the world. Equipped with only her new memories, quick wit and thieving skills, follow her as she embarks on a journey where she'd navigate mean relatives, magical beasts, rulership, and maybe even… love?

  • Thieves Diary

    Thieves Diary

    After a disastrous event two children was saved by three dwarves, kept and raised as their son and daughter. Their names Azur (Azurith-Male Protagonist) and Aria (Arianne-Female Protagonist). After years the two proceeds in liking in the form of stealing and made it as a hobby, they became thieves in the age of ten. Nine years has passed Azur and Aria learned bladesmithing and combat from the dwarves making them skilled and talented. For nine years of stealing the two thieves will experience unexpected events and adventures in their life journey making their life thrilling and full of problems. Their exciting life as a thief are just starting.[note: Sorry for the wrong grammars, typos and short boring story/plot. And the cover for this is temporary for now, I’ll sketch more creative cover in the future, I will also try to improve my writing in the future (I’m lazy to improve myself sorry XD). Will update the story ASAP. Thank you for understanding.]

  • Thieves of Harmony

    Thieves of Harmony



    Melizabeth has been cruel to the world. She was a murderer, an assassin, a thief, but no one knew about it. She was disguised. Perhaps, only the Gods knew about her. She knew that even if she's cruel, strong, and fast. She can never beat the Gods, and that she wanted to do.She trained herself to becoming a Semideus, a mortal favored by the Gods. She wanted to go to the Olympian world, but she did not want to belong. She only seeks for answers, truth and revenge.Will she do it despite of being so smitten in love?

  • The Legacy of Thieves

    The Legacy of Thieves

    Realistic Fiction ACTION COMEDY


    FIRST OFF: I wrote the first three chapters before joining Webnovel, therefore they are quite long and may seem uninteresting. You can just skim and scan through these three chapters but it's a kind request to bear with me till the fourth chapter at least. After that, everything is up to you *thumbs up*SYNOPSIS:Lucas, an infamous and smart thief living in an abandoned warehouse in the forests of London, finds himself in an unwanted but inevitable feud with Thomas, another robber who equally rivals Lucas in the art of stealing. To prove themselves as greater than the other, they go to search for a long-lost wristwatch, belonging to the greatest thieves in history.

  • Thieves And Royalty

    Thieves And Royalty


    The kingdom of Evergold. Known for it's rich resources and noble empire. Its princess, Charlotte Evergreen, is known for beauty and elegance. But this is not about some little princess.... This is about the heir to an empire of thieves wanted for countless crimes, Nora Night, and their encounter of a lifetime! The only issue is....They both fall into a forbidden love.

  • Graves to Thieves

    Graves to Thieves

    One Day, at the Site of Ariel's Dream, Asami-Sho Haru from Japan came in with his Thieving team and he and his crew died at a trap in the Grave because of their main healer who didn't purify the artifacts the correct way, so they died. Luckily, the Legacy of Ursula the Witch Saved him by bringing back 20 years in the past, where he started as a Thief when Graves and tomb sites and Tombstones appeared out of nowhere, Can Asami escape his fate and save his team? I own no credit to the artifacts from other companies, I only own the story.

  • The Magical Thieves

    The Magical Thieves

  • Heart Thieves

    Heart Thieves


    Her whole little world was perfect. She had wealthy parents, the dreamiest best friend/child hood sweetheart, good grades and was the senior prefect of the most prestigious Academy in Abuja. There was nothing more she could have asked for. But after losing her mother to a dreadful heart disease, Kamji could see her whole little world crumbling down. First her grades started to drop and after that she had lost her post as the No 1 student in school. Things got a whole lot worse when she had to transfer to a new school in Lagos leaving her childhood sweetheart, Michael and everything else she valued behind. But when she arrived at the new school and met Joshua, a quiet, cold guy who looked exactly like her childhood sweetheart Michael, Kamji finds herself attracted to him as she strives to uncover the mystery behind the striking resemblance. He was the cold-hearted and anti social genius of the school who just wanted to be alone and have nothing to do with the outside world. But when he accepted the job of tutoring the new girl in school, Joshua Alade realized that he just might have made the greatest mistake of his life. She was this beautiful, kind hearted, loving girl from a respectable well-to-do family. While he was just some low life thief living with a single drug addicted mother and surviving by engaging in fraudulent activities. There was definitely no way an Angel would get along with a Demon... But one thing the Genius failed to realize was that, Opposite Attracts. And when Joshua was diagnosed with Coronary artery disease, the same sicknesses which took her mother's life. Kamji realized that she would have to be stronger than ever. Joshua's heart belonged to her and she was not going to let this sickness take another heart from her again. As far as she was concerned she had stolen his heart first, fair and square. She was his little heart thief and had every right to keep it. PS: The cover is not mine, Credits to the owner

  • Forty Thieves

    Forty Thieves


    I was running away from them. My baby was crying in my arms as I tried to shush him. The biting cold was harsh my already thin frame. My baby’s lips started turning white. I glanced at how my baby boy stopped crying. I continued running until the town was far behind us and all I could see in front of us were just a field of thick snow. My baby’s lips turned blue. “Oh Lord, please don’t let anything happen to him,” I prayed to God and caught sight of an old church up the hill to the left of the snow-covered path. “Hang on there, baby, we are almost there,” I whispered to him. The falling snow was heavier as the minutes ticked by. Soon we were caught in a blizzard. With much difficulty we managed to reach the old church.My heart sank as I saw that it was a dilapidated and abandoned church. It only meant one thing, no warm fire to save my baby. I went inside anyway as that was the only shelter available for miles on end. There was no fire wood by the fire place. No blankets, no rugs or anything that I could use to warm us up. All my baby had was me. I cuddled him closer. I was losing my baby. “No, God! Lord if you can hear my prayer I am at your House right now please let my baby live! You can take my live, please let my baby live!!! Please Lord I beg you,” I kept repeating my prayer believing if I prayer hard enough God will really grant my wish and let me trade my life for my baby’s life.I did not know how long I prayed. When I finally checked on my son he was cold and dead. God did not help us. My prayers went unanswered. I wished the Earth would just open up and swallow me up as I lost the will to live on. I had lost my son, what else was there for me to live for? My last thoughts before I lost consciousness was, “God failed me.”********************************This incarnation:Theeya is the direct descendant of one of the original Forty Thieves. When everyone thought it was just a bedtime story that was popularized in the 1001 Arabian Nights. Their entire life changed course, taking on a totally different direction the moment Ali Baba killed all forty thieves. Theeya’s ancestors were guarding their family heirloom zealously. The only clue her late father guarded zealously was the parchment containing clues to where the secret cave was. Every man of each generation tried and failed to unravel the well hidden secret. Years later, it became her father’s obsession. Unfortunately he died without fulfilling his wish, that was to claim his birth right. As her late father had no son, only daughters, Theeya took it upon herself to continue her father’s legacy, to reclaim their family’s inheritance. She consulted the help of a dashing Professor, specialising in Egyptology, to unravel the mysteries of the parchments passed down from her forefathers. She found herself falling in love with Prof Jeff Everett, a man whom she thought to be gay. Only two years before that Theeya turned down the marriage proposal from her ex who cheated on her and had a baby with another woman when they were stil together. Theeya promised herself that she had no time for romance. She must not get married. She must not let her father down.It was up to her to get to the secret cave and find that Holy Grail of Immortality even if that means going to the end of the world looking for it, not that she mind to travel with the devilishly handsome Professor Everett. Her legs would go jelly and she would swoon each time she was in the Professor’s presence. Can she really survive her adventure with Professor Everett?As they traced the footsteps of men who lived for the secrets of the cave and the Holy Grail, they found the other descendants of the original Forty Thieves. One thing in common bound them, one thing that none could ever ignore, the bloody red eyes that would haunt their sleep. Would these nightmares end once they unravel the ancient secrets of the Forty Thieves cave?

  • Holly Thieves

    Holly Thieves

  • Princess of the Thieves Guild

    Princess of the Thieves Guild


    The 18-year old princess Jill Crest was born the sole heir to her kingdom’s throne due to her mother not being able to have anymore children. Due to her mother’s condition, the queen and king of the kingdom of Creston have put restraints on any sort of dangerous activities she may do and have confided her to the castle for her whole life. However, Jill was born as a curious and independent girl, wanting to break free of her parents and the castle so she snuck out of the castle late at night. It was going fine until she wandered into the forest outside of the city and got captured by four men claiming to be a thieves guild. They planned to ransom her back to her parents, but Jill had other plans...

  • the god of thieves

    the god of thieves


  • God Of Thieves

    God Of Thieves

    The world’s first superpower in an age of post war chaos and steam powered innovation is United Japan, the unification of the United Kingdom, and the sunrise land Japan. Despite its enormous size, power, and wealth, corruption has seeped its way into the country’s cracks, and the commonwealth are struggling to get by. Maxwell Riley, one such commonwealth, has from the age of twelve possessed a unique ability. His left hand—which had magically turned black one day—is capable of stealing anything, unbeknownst to the user and whomever it happens to steal from. With a pure heart and good intention, Maxwell never plans to steal, and only does it out of sheer accident. Having recognized his unique ability, an underground group of Robin Hood revolutionaries who fight to reverse the effects of the country’s corruption by stealing from the rich, take the opportunity to recruit the boy. Now, Maxwell must face his odd abilities and accept them as he enters a guild of unique and obscure souls, all fighting for the greater good.

  • Into The City of Thieves

    Into The City of Thieves

    "My dear Luden, you trully are a haughty flower.""What makes you think that?" The girl questioned with a lugubrious aura."It's just that you've stolen something very important to me.""And what could that be?""You'll see."「~♛♕♛ ~」A story about a thief and a wealthy boy venturing out into the city of thieves. Equipped with nothing else but a smile the boy shall accompany the thief in her journey. Who would have known that a robber and a robbed person can get along?|♔∞♔∞♔|Enter the city of thieves, and see where your curiosity takes you.| Do consider supporting me and this book |