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    Is loving dieing slowly like climate change

  • unexpected love,discovering a new world

    unexpected love,discovering a new world

  • I wouldn't change a thing

    I wouldn't change a thing

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY ANGST

    Alexandra Faucette is the CEO's assistant, and ThomasWolcott is the COO (the CEO's son). Peter Wolcott(Thomas's father) wants his son and his assistant to get along because he thinks they would do a phenomenal job taking over the company one day, but unfortunately, they despise each other. Nonetheless, due to a rumor starting saying that Alexandra is secretly engaged to peter while in truth she is just doing her job and gives advice to peter to ask his secret girlfriend Susanna to marry him and Thomas confronts Alexa saying she is a snake trying to take over the company and etc Alexa had enough…... it doesn’t help one bit So somehow peter thought it would be great for Alexa to be temporarily Thomas's assistant to dispel the rumor. Thomas wants Alexa out of the company, but before he does that he wants to boss her around, assign her tough tasks, basically to just drive her insane so he went to mock her for a however before he can do that …… Alexa QUITS not wanting to work there anymore because she was accused of doing something she didn’t do and becoming Thomas’s assistant was just the cherry on the top. When Peter found out that Alexa resigned he send Thomas to request her to come back but it doesn’t end well Peter finally tells Thomas that he is engaged to Susanna feeling mortified at how unfair he was he actually thought about apologizing to her but then he realized Alexa doesn’t work there anymore so decides not to Peter was having none of it he demands that he apologizes to her but he refused eventually, peter goes himself to ask her to come back to work at his company again, and apologizing on Thomas’s behalf in one way or another he manages to convince her But before she starts Alexandra wants an apology from Thomas for criticizing her for actions she didn't commit but he refuses (again) somehow they both negotiated on a deal that if Alexa doesn't quit herself after a month of working as his assistant and Thomas doesn't fire her for doing anything wrong, even if she is one second late. Thomas will apologize to her in front of everyone in the company. Who's going to win? Will things get out of hand? Will something bloom?

  • THE TIMES OF 1965

    THE TIMES OF 1965


    The story of a boy who lost his mother at age four and abandoned by his father afterr registering property in kids name with their maternal grandparents as guardian. The boy ends up with murder mystery, child abuse, child labour, envisaged by relatives, looted by grandparents. Who has a beautiful love story?He narrates his own story to his grandson.Join us in the journey of abandoned boy- Vaasu and his #sliceoflifeThe cover of book is clicked by me at River Godavari, India.The AV trailer of this Book is available in my Instagram account @yellashanthi and YouTube channel @shanthi yellacan google THE TIMES OF 1965 NOVEL IN GOOGLEMy other ebook @webnovelVathi met Vaathi



  • Circle Of Love

    Circle Of Love


  • Destiny to meet you

    Destiny to meet you

    Unexpected became the enemies which later turns them into lovers

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