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  • RE: Vengance

    RE: Vengance


    Kaga Tada, the protagonist who desperately saved the world after being summoned in another world as a hero to defeat Schnee, the other hero summoned who wanted to destroy the world.Though he did defeat Schnee and saved the world, but he was betrayed by the people he trusted as friends and is stabbed to death by a sword.At that time, he swore:If there is a next time, he would no longer cling to the word called ‘believe’.If there is a next time, he would pay them back as cruelly as possible.

  • Fallen Ranker

    Fallen Ranker


    " Revenge's the sweetest medicine for the traitors. "was Seul Woo's vengeful statement he said at the moment of his death.After his death, he was able to reincarnate into the same world and he now bears the name of a young man named Haenami Seol. He now seeks vengance using another vessel and to reclaim the glory he once lost.Will he be able to avenge his past or another tragedy would stop him from his plan.Find out by reading Fallen Ranker!Contact me via Facebook@Kenneth Kun

  • Downfall of the Nanite-Hero(Revenge , Vengance , Hate)

    Downfall of the Nanite-Hero(Revenge , Vengance , Hate)

    [Author notice: This Story includes hard violence/torture revenge and hate. Be aware that this is only a story and is for people to let out some steam.]I will take out the interest parts since it would spoiler to much.If someone is skilled in creating a Cover i would Appreciate it.The Protagonist Kai trying to be accepted by Society even thought he was framed and labeled as evil.The Story plays in the modern Century with him being a Student and researching on nanotechnology.The breakthrough how ever wasn't like Kai imagened, changing his life forever.

  • Rising Divinity

    Rising Divinity


    Wisdom Fight In Ways, Other Weapons Could Not.Leanko was the golden child. Then his father died in an accident and the death was covered up. Afterwards Leanko family went through periods of ups and down like most family but the conspiracy surrounding his father death was a mystery that would shake the core of Leanko when he found out the truth. Will revenge take him down a path of vengance or will he follow his own heart and stay true to himself in the process. Take this journey with Leanko. This story has mature elements in it but its not a harem either. This is also not your typical cultivation novel. No reincarnation, some kingdom building elements for a while but it gets better around volume 2. But volume one is amazing in itself. Thank you for reading.

  • Just Sign The Dotted Line

    Just Sign The Dotted Line


    Tye is born to the son of a somewhat influential loan shark and has a useless contract power in a world of powers. After two years of using it Tye's power finally evolves and he can now list anything he wants as the price for breaking the contract as long as the other person agrees aaaand, if one of the parties breaks the contract they will have to pay the price. So of course Tye takes the family goons to find debtors with weak powers that he can stack to godhood. As the family business grows Tye runs into a pathetic father who offers up his child's ability to dull or stregthen emotions. Tye takes the power and is about to walk off when he hears the girl swear vengance he turns only to see the girl looking furious in a way that scares Tye before he then realized why even if this was a world of superpowes cultivation was still a thing and in this pseudo cultivation world he had found the MC. Tye then makes an executive decision and gives the MC her power back and convinces her to join him as a minion. Tye was happy with his super deluxe MC this doesn't last long as Tye finds out that this new world has the ability to jump dimensions which seems nice only for Tye to find out the law of plot convenience. Which meant as long as he had one MC more would gather and not all MC were Lawful Good. That was fine that just meant more extra high quality minion's for Tye.Wait what are you doing don't mutate that into a world eating monster. Hey Jack you can't fight a god of war stop spitting in his face. Yes poisoning an entire city for a pretty flower is wrong. Hey you can't make a puppet out of that dead baby it's just weird and creepy. No you can't use holy fire to heal someone just because it says holy doesn't mean it heals it's still fire.No Lee we can't stop to hug the bunnies you know Jack is allergic.Amber I swear to the gods if you don't walk through the door like a normal person I will drown you in sand.

  • The Greatest Dungeoneer

    The Greatest Dungeoneer


    The Young and Talented Ezekiel Beckendorf is a Dungeon Exploration Expert. Known widely thought his field for providing maps and advice for the various Dungeons that scatter across the world. Located in these dungeons are powerful objects otherwise known as Artifacts. On a Job offerred from the 3rd Royal Prince of the Alvatroz Kingdom, Ezekiel serves as an escort. But is soon after betrayed. Gaining a powerful Artifact, he begins his plot for vengance against the corrupt powers of the world.

  • Jokester, harbinger of nightmares

    Jokester, harbinger of nightmares


    The story you are about to read follows a monster amonghts monster. A weak being ridiculed for it's lack of power in a world following the laws of the jungle. One day the monster was captured, following this event HE was awoken. The monster gained sentiance that day and with it rage, pain and unexpected allies residing in his own mind.That day it gained a chance at life he wasn't going to waste lying down. Follow the quest for vengance against humanity of a "ordinary human" with a systen to help along the way.Sorry in advance for my poor grammar, english isn't my first language. Also, this is my first novel and I always like feedback.

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