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  • A Good villian

    A Good villian


    The city of light is the last city standing after the entire world was attacked by mighty space beasts. Some people were saved when humans also mutated and found a way to activate in-born powers by activating a part of the human brain which laid dormant for centuries.This enabled some people to gain powers which was only about 75% of the population while some people known as No-ABS were unable to even after going through the exams.In the city of light, there are seven powerful heroes, seen as the pillars of the city, who are in charge of any situation relating to the citizens and their use of powers. They are seen as righteous, upright and loved by everyone in the city,They are known for being unique and powerful in the sense that there was no villain they weren't powerful enough to take down.Years go by and more powerful people are being born. Regardless of that fact the seven heroes find a way to put most of them in a tightly government-owned facility, to hinder them from ever being able to master their powers and take power from them, they discover and begin experimenting on ways to stop people from activating their powers even after going through the exam(power activating test)What happens when you're the only one who knows the truth, while everyone around you would rather believe a lie?

  • I became the villians daughter

    I became the villians daughter

  • Villians have their own story

    Villians have their own story



  • The Real Villians Of Beverly Hills

    The Real Villians Of Beverly Hills

    This is not apart of the MCU!!!!!!!When 16 year old Alton Swift accidentally lights a whole school down a mysterious man claiming to be Loki Of Asgard tells him he is just like him no not a god an illusionist. Turns out marvel and the norse got it wrong.

  • The Villian

    The Villian

    In a city there are 4 classes; Heroes being the most elite and powerful, then sidekicks, villains(outcasts), and civilians ( powerless). when a villain is killed after being wrongfully accused of murdering a hero, and the mother disappeared, Adelis was left at the mercy of the council- 5 heroes chosen by the city. 2 people from the council took a liking other and decided to adopt her and raise her as a hero. As Adelis got older she started dreading the selection- the day when graduates from super academy get out into one of the 4 classes. The selection proved to be a bigger problem when it was almost like someone else was taking over her body. will she be able to prove shes a hero? or will she fall back into the villain life she came from?

  • A Villian's story

    A Villian's story

    Magical Realism ANIME BNHA

    What if Deku never became a hero but instead chose a very different rounte

  • Reverse villian

    Reverse villian


    Jung-woo, que se reencarnó en el pasado e intentó conquistar a Murim, continuó su conquista. Por culpa de Shin-Ryong, que se queda en un ciclo de reencarnación junto con él, no logra conquistar a Murim. Al final, incluso el quinto intento fracasa y se reencarna en los tiempos modernos. Reencarnando en el El mundo moderno cambia la pasión y el sueño de Jung-woo. Busca una batalla con un poderoso enemigo, pero también... poderoso para la mayoría. Esta es una historia de una relación persistente que ha continuado de vida en vida y cómo se libera de un objetivo monótono.

  • Queen of Villian

    Queen of Villian

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CEO

    Ever since her parents died in an accident Mu Tian Zi life has changed drastically. Her paternal Grandparents raise her but because of the interference of her uncle, it took a tumult in her life. She thought that her uncles family like her and took her as their own but she's wrong, they're just devil in human disguise. They uses her kindness against her and manage to ruin her reputation. Her grandparents on seeing this do there best to handle the rumours but still they can't. But as time passed bye new rumours spread again but this time her grandparents can't stop it so in order to protect her they sent her aboard. During her time aboard she found out the truth about her parents death. It's not because of accident but because someone killed them. From then on she'd vow that after coming back she's gonna avenge her parents death and herself for what they did. But on coming back her grandfather set out an arrange marriage for her with on of his old friend's grandson. She wanted to reject it but she had no other choice butt to accept it. But She didn't knew that this marriage will somehow lead her to have what she desire the most ie. family. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ All Lu Xioatian ever wanted was for her family to care about her, love her and whatnot for them to trust her like they did for her twins sister but all she receive was disgust, hated look from them. She felt as if she has been stab by thousand needles from the look that they have given her. She still can't believe that they'll serve ties with her because they believe in this incident. Her own family didn't trust her. But she's not just gonna watch as those people chase her away. She's gonna come back for her angels and make those people suffer for what they did to her. She gonna make those people who wrong her to regret for disowning her. But she didn't understand why a certain someone always follows her and irritate her and begged for forgiveness. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ ☆ LET US JOIN THEIR JOURNEY TO GETHER ALONG WITH THEIR FRIENDS STAYED TUNE LOVE-------????

  • villian deku

    villian deku

  • Being A Villian In DC

    Being A Villian In DC

    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE

    Harry always wanted to go to DC and when he died, all he had to do was fill in a questionnaire and he was taken to DC. But, unlike others, he wasn't here to check out Wonderwoman, Powergirl or have a harem. He was here to achieve a childhood dream and that is to become a Villian that even Superman dreads to fight. He wants to hear Lex Luther call him the Devil and the Dark Knight himself would rather fight a whole army of Kryptonians than face him. He wants to put the fear of Harry in every single being in DC. NB: I do not own any DC characters except my character and a few others. NBB: This story has been claimed by Anti-Harem sect. If you belong to the other sect then you are in the wrong territory.

  • To be a villian

    To be a villian


    I died with people calling me a traitor and a villian when I was not. Perhaps in this life I will exceed those expectations.(Trigger warning ideation of immoral actions and graphic depictions of violence . read with caution)Author cannot guarantee long chapter updates.

  • Hero, Villian

    Hero, Villian


  • The Reincarnated Villian

    The Reincarnated Villian

    A xianxia story mixed with all kinds of fantasy stuff about a wanted criminal, who, instead of staying dead after being killed like a good villain, transmigrated to another world into the body of a servant to Yin clan. Story starts off with your typical Ex-Genius-Current-trash plotline which would slowly transform into a not so typical wuxia or Xianxia plotline. Mc has the ability of ‘absorption’, so expect mild ‘op-ness’.

  • The Dual Cultivating Villian

    The Dual Cultivating Villian


    What would you do if you are somewhat aware that everything is going along like you’re a character in a novel? Well Ian Zahard formally Miyuki Yu Is one such person before even being born again he knew it .He was the fated villain.He was first born on Planet earth where he was killed off by an unknown illness at the time.However he found that he had previously been reborn in another world in which his life didn’t even seem like his life.Living twice wasn’t easy,Yet he found himself once again in the underworld getting ready to reincarnate.———That’s a basic intro I guess cus idk how to write a good synopsis.This is my very own novel it will have everything a basic Chinese cultivation novel will have ,face slapping,meme and anime/manga references, dope powers ,shitty power systems ,op mc you know all that basic stuff and for once…I will not drop or be inconsistent i just couldn’t do fanfics no more!The mc will be op too.This is also heavily inspired by many other cultivation novels, magic ,Korean novels you know the drill.

  • Maeve: the villian's best friend

    Maeve: the villian's best friend


    I've been blessed by the heavens by being given the chance to live as an reincarnated aristocrat after my death. I've read enough book to know how it goes, but I don't plan on doing anything that painful tiring. Screw the original plot. I'm saving my baby from death, enjoy my rich life, date someone hot, settle down and be happy with my husband and kids. And even if it doesn't pan out as planned -not to brag but- I'm always prepared for unexpected twist. You need a mediocre therapist who isn't the least bit qualified for her job? Boom, I'm here. You need someone to create a diversion? Boom I'm there. Need someone to flirty with the enemy so you can steal the only thing he hold dear and near to his heart. Boom I'm ready. I was a romantic novel enthusiast, you think it’s hard for me to flirty? . . . Your right, the answer is yes. It’s very hard for me to flirt, heck I can't even break the bastard's walls. Curse my single pervious life!

  • created Villian

    created Villian

  • Transmission Villian BL System

    Transmission Villian BL System


    Haru was a university student the most popular among women and men and a straight A student withanything he does,When he was at home reading his BL novel that had his favorite character he was mad cause the Villian had a bad ending even tho he did everything for the heroinebut ended up with the ML, when he went to sleep the system appearedGiving Haru arrive and choices making novels happy ending while putting up with the sissy heroines that act like everything revolves around them while there doing that haru has some tough problems but gets through them easily cause he wasn't just a straight Astudent for nothing, while going through that was he able to finish every novel or does it never stopIf you maybe read you can see for yourself....

  • Reincarnated as a Villian

    Reincarnated as a Villian

  • Sadness of a Villian

    Sadness of a Villian


    This is a story about a hero who has a dark fate.I do not own the art in the cover and if the artist wants me to take it down then I will.

  • The  Capricious Reincarnation of a Villian

    The Capricious Reincarnation of a Villian


    They are neither gods nor spirits. Such entity exists within the infinity of space and time. Situated in the modern era following the life of a teenage boy named Azriel Edward, who is having a living hell of a school life. No friends and bullied by his schoolmates, Azriel did think to end all his suffering, not when his life turned 360 as an unknown person offered him to end his suffering but with the cost of his freedom. It all started on a whim to take revenge but as Azriel falls deeper into this mans’ world, circumstances way beyond what he expected might be worse than the previous hell he had been.Miserable.Lonely.His brain sometimes stops thinking.Feeling lightheaded like his being separates from his body.Maybe because he just accepted it, Like when your beliefs got crushed on after seeing the reality head on.And it was so fast that you can’t even think of how to face it.After another crushing defeat, you’ll get tired eventually and just let those pieces fall in the ground.One after another.Azriel follows a truck coming at high speed on the road where he was facing. Maybe he did not accept it.A reality without any beliefs, he did not accept it.And it felt like, he’s just falling infinitely from a building waiting for the ground to break his body apart.Waiting…His feet move, and the truck driver who’s losing from sleep didn’t notice the person in front of him.“Hey kid!”Azriel opens his eyes,He saw an image of an angel, with long heavenly wings and a majestic face.The man lets him down his arms, And the light from the street lamp showed the creatures true form.“what are you?” “I’m Acrasia, the embodied desires of human.”It’s as if he had seen a greek god, with its black wings and sculptured body. The man who named himself Acrasia changed its form into a human being.“I will save you, so offer me your desires...”