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Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
Website : qidian china
Views : 26.16million
Rating : 8.9(31)
Chapters : 2000
Rank : 3
Status : ongoing
Word count : 2.05million
author level : great
No of works : 6
Comments : 393
Year started : 2017

Uhh guys I started writing a novel. If you have time please do check it out. Also suggest me if I should continue it or not. View More
Reading Status: C1 1 year ago
While most female characters are the demure and meek type who will endure all sorts of injustice, Nian Xiaomu is a refreshing lead in this story because she is smart and feisty. From the beginning of the story, she manages to take down all the people who tries to harm her.

The writer paints a vivid image of an attractive young lady who is well-matched with the main male lead, Yu Yuehan. As the president of a large corporation, Yu Yuehan commands a domineering presence and everyone around him has great respect for him. It is too easy to fall in love with his character because he is rich and gorgeous, and at the same time, very attentive toward Nian Xiaomu and loving toward his daughter. View More
Reading Status: C20 1 year ago
Typical CN romance novel that QI has been picking up. Same plot, same tone and character atittude just different names.
Force romantic situation. Like the FL will trip everytime, land and kiss the ML? Lol.
Just +1 for the baby girl. Little Bun but girl version? Lol.
The ‘mysterious identity’ scheme. Or maybe multiple identity??? Idk. This kind of plot is so used by the multiple author for the FL so that they’d look awesome or something.
3rd rate villain bches!!! Author will make someone so hateful to the point that they will look idiotic and spout nonsense so that the protag would look so intelligent and smart. Typical cannon fodder. When will this stop oh god View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
I don’t know much about this book but hopefully it’s good since I have already voted for it.
-Yes I haven’t read this book.
Reading Status: C20 1 year ago
thanks for translating this novel. thanks for your hard work too. keep it up. hope can update frequently like beginning :) take good care of your health too.

raw title: 余生漫漫皆为你 View More
Reading Status: C2 1 year ago
I dropped the novel when i reached 700ish chaps. The story is sooo slow, and the leads is too perfect. Nian xiaomu are the combination of decent and stupid, how can she not recognize the cesaerean scar on her own body 😏. The story dragging too long for reveal the secret. But its have alot fluffy moments. View More
Reading Status: C22 1 year ago
OMG!!!! I love the storyline, beautiful story development and background. What a compactable characters Nian and Yu and little Liuliu. Looking forward to seeing more interesting chapters View More
Reading Status: C19 1 year ago
It's a good novel for those who wants to read about cute little kids that are stubborn, cute, and lovable that could help their parent find a love life😁😁😁 View More
Reading Status: C33 1 year ago
So far, this novel has elements which remind me of Hidden Marriage. The circumstances are a little different. We have yet come past the point of any major revelations and the MC and the ML don't have an instant connection either. There's a bit of a journey here and I'd like to see where it goes. View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
Giving five stars despite starting the novel.
I just hope there is no rape, misunderstandings, deep angst is the story. And it'll be full of puppy love(I mean romance) since I am sick of the repetitive plots. View More
Reading Status: C28 1 year ago
I can't read this anymore. Brainless mob chara, short and brainless chapter, so overly used cold and dominering Male Lead, etc
This is too cliche. I can't take this anymore when i read the spoiler that it has more than thousands chapter. I am not crazy enough to read that many brainless chapter. I am afraid i will get some brain cancer after reading it. View More
Reading Status: C23 1 year ago
Finallyyyyyy after reading it's intro i found this story really interesting . The development of story is also good keep up with your good work👍 View More
Reading Status: C20 1 year ago
*I'll update again once there are more released chapters to this*

Surprise, surprise a story without transmigration or reincarnation plot that's been reigning over the romance novels for quite some time. The female lead is quite refreshing, the type to say what she wants to say and not a pushover. The male lead on the other hand is the generic cold male lead that needs to be won over by the FL. Let's see if his character improves within 100 chapters to say more on his development.

Some cliches now and then, some are cringey, but otherwise bearable. Of course there is the quintessential generic face-slapping-you-later-will-be-so-satisfying characters that will want to drag down the FL but then let's face it, where have you not seen them in a romance novel?

Overall, looking forward to the progress of this novel! 😘😘 View More
Reading Status: C66 1 year ago
The story is actually interesting I'm honestly hooked.. but sadly the update is too slow..
I always voted this story everday for the author will be encourage to update..
It's rank was down due to lack of updates.. it will only release 1 page or 2 a day .. and it's tiring to wait.. me as a reader myself find this nah.. 🙂😏
It's good to thrill the readers but do not hang us too long.. it will bore us!

Please Author satisfy us... View More
Reading Status: C43 1 year ago
I love this story very much no matter how tough somebody is there is always a weak spot of that person and do not mess with someone life just to get what you want View More


Lv 5
Reading Status: C32 1 year ago
Dear Author,
Please release at least 32chapters per week and
Kudos A great novel for its genre.
I have finished the raws for the novel so I'll just touch on the story.
It is an extremely sweet novel that is pleasant to read if you aren't in the mood for something heavy or an emotional roller coaster ride. Something more for the light-hearted.
What I like the most about this novel is how the characters come together and interact with one another. Each of them has a very unique personality and I think there's great synergy in their interactions, creating great humor throughout the novel.
It also has its fair share of touching moments and godly twists (you will see them soon :P).
Anyway, if your interest coincides with mine, do give it a try! View More


Lv 7
Reading Status: C25 1 year ago
This novel is superb... read the up to 300 n have addicted... so good n have not fallen any bored..too good.. the MC was funny n ML was childish but so lovely.. too many kissing scene but love it View More
Reading Status: C350 1 year ago
Got smitten with this lively novel since chapter 1 and never stop.It's one of the best romance novels in webnovel.I recommend every reader to try and i promise you wont stop once you start View More
Reading Status: C48 1 year ago
I'm just wondering if it is possible for a one year old girl to recognize his father immediately on their first meeting. But, overall I like the story and I'm looking forward on what is the background of Nian Xiaomu and how it will be revealed. Also, I'm so excited on how would Young Master Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu will build foundation of their relation. I hope that the author could continue to write more exciting episodes. View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
This one feels like the same with Hidden Marriage. I’m still reading it tho cause I really like reading cute little kids who love to set up their own parents. I think this is also funny and light tho it would be annoying if the progress of the story is slow. View More
Reading Status: C32 1 year ago
All grandmother's are the same ha aha.. love that direct hit . Consider my grandson 😁😁. Blink blink..
You have to consider. Do give him another child. No limits on the number of children..
Where is his mother by the way. She would not like this girl, definitely. View More
Reading Status: C22 1 year ago
This is really great! Although, it is somewhat similar to Full Marks Hidden Marriage, it’s quite interesting. Let see how the story unfolds. View More


Lv 6
Reading Status: C22 1 year ago
Mc has a strong personality I love how she not afraid to let people know what she think.😍😍😍
Liuliu has her father wrap around her finger 😂😂😂 can’t wait see her next plan.
ML is a doting father can’t wait to see what will happen when Liuliu gets a boyfriend 😊😊😊☺️ View More
Reading Status: C51 1 year ago
It's really good to read, the characters are all interesting they all have mysterious past that the reader would be excited to read the whole story View More
Reading Status: C48 1 year ago
I love this book so much. i also love how the story developed from one thing to another and how the conflict were between the main character and her enemies. it tells me as a reader that there jealous of her because of how amazing she is and how hard she worked to become who she is. I also love that she's a kind hearted person who really does care for the consequences and just want to help someone in need even if it's going to put her life in danger. I also like how she is nice to people she just met even if she doesn't know at first that they can either be her friend or enemy. View More
Reading Status: C22 1 year ago
Translation: A BIG CHECK
Stability of Chapters : Fast (But I do not know if this one becomes premium)
Story Development : Fast
Character Design : Okay
World BG: Nothing much to say View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
Hmm..... !!!
Another novel come...0<0!!!
read the synopsis ................ :D !!!
add Library and waiting to more chapter ..................... :P View More


Lv 4
Reading Status: C1 1 year ago
Overall the story is gud........ But still I m egerly waiting for the upcoming episodes.... But want to get more spirit stones to read further View More
Reading Status: C51 1 year ago
This story line is engolfing.
One gets into character at every point without getting confused.
The fame and male lead scene are all anticipated.
Eagerly waiting for what happens next.
Super plot. View More


Lv 5
Reading Status: C1 1 year ago
It is quite encouraging reading a new style of romantic novel that can move imaginations beyond. The novel progresses as what I expected but left an inimaginable feeling within. View More
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