54.54% When the Empress Counterattacks / Chapter 12: Her Past (4)

Chapter 12: Her Past (4)

This is the Underground City number four.

Underground city has a lot of branch in the world. There is one or two in every Empire or country.

Every city was controlled by a leader, City Lord. City number four is currently manage by a man they called 'Ghost'.

People didn't see him personally but his name was famous in Pugilistic world, well a man who can be a City Lord in an underground city surely is extraordinarily strong and powerful.

This city was called a city because it really look like a city, and a huge one at that.

There are vendors in the street, selling different kind of things and foods.

And also big shops selling jewelries and clothes for women and different kinds of weapons for both men and women.

But don't underestimate those street vendors, people who can manage to enter in this kind of place is not ordinary or have a backer.

But the difference between normal cities and Underground Cities is that Underground City has a different powers and sects.

Bloody Rose is one of the elite member and elder of the power called 'Flowers of the Dead Sect'. An all female Sect yet one of the most respected and feared one.

The sect is full of exquisite and charming yet equally deadly women.

Bloody Rose planned to assassinate the Emperor, paid by the crown prince of the other Empire but didn't expect that there are hidden experts among the Emperor's shadow guards. The Emperor has a hundreds of shadow guards and twenty of them are clearly a hidden dragon and crouching tigers, these twenty shadow guards didn't appeared and was deeply hidden by the Emperor. They can be considered as the Holy One's secret weapon.

Their might didn't rival her, however she was alone and was outnumbered. No matter how formidable she is, she cannot kill them without receiving an injury.

Thus she focused on battling the shadow guards and escaped rather than continuing her plan.

I arrived in front of the 'Flowers of the Dead Sect's' building without any interruption.

There are ten female Sect members guarding the gate and four in the door.

They are wearing simple white mask with only a black dagger surrounded by blood red petals, the symbol of the sect.

They slightly bowed and greet her.

"Greetings elder 'Orchid'.

The ten sect members glance at the direction where elder 'Orchid' went with full of respect and adoration.

Who wouldn't respect that kind of woman. She was one of their role model.

She was still young but gained the position of an elder in the sect within a year.

Her name rose two years ago. No one knows where this skillful woman came but people called her 'Lady of the Night'.

Many have challenged her but the only result was... they always lose. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Everyone who will see her will only tremble because of her might.

Until elder 'Rose' brought a woman in full black outfit in the sect and introduce her as the ' Lady of the Night'.

Elder 'Rose' said that the young woman was her disciple and she want to join her in the sect.

The sect leader agreed happily because their power will increase with an additional experts in their side. And of course the sect leader trust elder 'Rose' that's why she agreed easily.

Everyone who will join the sect will register their official name or alias.

She registered herself as 'The Orchid of Carnage'.

And in just a year, she became one of the sect elders, that the members didn't opposed.

I enter the regally styled hall of the sect. Everyone who meets me will bow and greet me.

And yes I am also a member of the 'Flowers of the Dead Sect'.

It took me a minute before I arrived at a certain room.

'Bloody Rose'

I internally read before opening the door.

And an extensive room with a wall of the color of the blood appeared in my sight.

There, in a large bed was a woman,exuding her ever deathly yet alluring charm.

"What are you doing here Orchid?"

A bewitching voice rang within the room, with a lazy tone.

"Rose I need your help!"

I answered seriously making her casual eyes turned serious.

"Just state what you want and I'll definitely do what I can do to help you!"

Rose looked at this disciple of her. She was really surprised by her boldness and courage years ago that's why she helped her.

The not yet fully blossomed flowers years ago is now a beautiful and powerful woman.

Aside from the thing that she helped her nurse her injury, she was also impressed by her kindness.

She didn't kill her that night because their sect forbade everyone from killing Innocents.

I know her for six years already and she rarely seeks for my help, thus this situation must an important and difficult one.

"I need your people!"

FairyofFrost FairyofFrost

So here it is!

I will not describe many things here. In our MC's past life as we will focus in her life in modern one.

If you want this novel please write a review.

And if you also like this chapter then you can leave a comment or vote. Hehehe!

Next Chapter will be:

Her Past (5)

Her Past (6)

Lovelots! - FairyofFrost

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  • naluforlife


    Love this chapter. Really really thanks for your story author it's really amazing and different from the others. I really really love this and you will always have my support 😁

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