Chapter comments on the chapter of the book Bloodlines of the Ancient Pantheons


Jesus, he beat her like an ***** taking on a child and he has been at this for like a month, she has been training for years. If he can take the training and discipline of the viking and maybe even the roman pantheons. Then combine that training with the XI's physical prowess. He will be unstoppable in a one on one or one on many(within reason) fight with XI's themselves. Also that brings up the question,if the XI's were so powerful why let the gods live. Humans, I can understand because slave labor or other F'ed up reasons but the Gods are potential threats. Then again,who knows how long the XI's have been conquering worlds so maybe that has led to arrogance and them severely underestimating the gods. Sure they(XI's) beat them (The Gods) even easier than Dag beat Taya but the God's are immortal so they should be able to keep growing stronger and more powerful, since they should not age.
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