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This is the author of Tune of the Wild Geese trying to entice you to read my first webnovel! In the past, I've written a lot of stories and worked on writing scripts for visual novels. This is my first time really doing a novel like this. You might like TWG if you would enjoy any of the following: + A heroine who isn't OP -- Yan Qiu Yue did not transmigrate, has no extra knowledge of the future, nothing but her own abilities. She WILL make mistakes and pay dearly for some of them! + A medium-burn romance that is neither quick nor slow. The heroine is practical, but not dense nor completely oblivious about love. Romance with who? Well, that brings me to the next point: + Two major love interests who are both very different but who both have strong feelings for YQY. You may or may not be agonized wondering which of them she'll ultimately fall in love with for a long while. + Important supporting cast who are there for more than just propping up the leads. There will be times when the story is from their POV and we get away from the main trio for a while. + A political/military intrigue plot that takes a while to understand. There's a lot going on below the surface, many mysteries and misunderstandings. No magic or cultivation stuff, though. + Relatively healthy romance between the heroine and ML, no non-con or dub-con in sight. (not to say that it won't happen to other characters, but it won't happen to YQY) Our heroine will also never have to deal with any concubines under her own roof. + A fairly long story. I can't estimate chapters since this is my first time writing a serial novel like this, but the plot will cover at least 3 years of YQY's life. The romance is important, but happily ever after will not at all be the end of the tale. So strap yourself in for a long ride. I was particularly inspired by stories like "Eight Treasures Trousseau", "Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife", and "Return of the Swallow" for this novel, though of course, I've tried to put my own spin on things. I guess it's more accurate to say that I really enjoy stories like those and wanted to write something along the same vein. If any of that sounds like your cup of tea, then I hope you'll give TWG a shot!
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This story is great! There is great character developement wothouy falling into the typical tropes and cliches! I love that each character, including side a secondary ones have their own unique personalities and developement as well! It feels well rounded and i cant wait for more!
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Obviously the story is still pretty early in its development, but given this caveat, there's still enought of content to judge, and so far it's been really excellent. The heroine is such a fresh character, feeling genuinely young but not too childish, naive and sheltered but not dumb. A little self-centered in a way that a lot of teens are, but still compassionate. She feels human, is what I'm saying. Both male leads are different and fun in their own right. Tian Ao deserves better. Wei Hong Sheng is a lot of fun and the kind of character that just asks for being dissected in long meta posts. Add to that great relationship between siblings (I love family dynamics!!!!) and a very nice scaling of intrigues YQY encounters (starting with something small and inconsequential, sth that could bother only young high society ladies and ends up with a plot that's a life or death, fate of entire country kind of situation), and it's a very very good read. It's also highly accessible to readers who have limited knowledge of ancient China/cnovel conventions, explaining a lot of things in a natural manner (my own previous experience with fiction set in ancient China ends on Female General Eldest Princess webnovel and The Untamed + Oh My General dramas, so it's not too big).
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