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This is an awesome story line characters are well thought out and described. Realms are phenomenal. The hurt and angry of Aero is understood. I love how Serena is able to get through to him on a level he accepts and realizes she is his without a doubt. It is well written and so much thought has been put into their stories. I am excited about reading this book as it keeps you on the edge. I am looking forward to finishing the series which I hope there is one. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing this story with us as it is fun, hilarious, full of love and emotion between the characters and the episodes of jealousy are too funny. I hope many more give this book a chance as it provides a ge away into new realms of discovery.
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only book 1 available. no continuation like book 2 and so on in webnovel, only available on other apps. such a letdown because the story is interesting and captured my attention
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This book is awesome .....I mean I can read this all day.I want Aero and Serena to fall hard and fast in love with each other.I mean so head over heels in love with each other that they can't stay apart not even for a minute.I hope they have very very very very cute babies­čś╗
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Honestly my only complaint are the grammatical errors. The story has a nice pace to it. A healthy amount of sass and desire keep the reader intrigued.
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Character build up and setting are really interesting. I love the chemistry between the brothers and the way scenarios are not rushed. You won't get bored reading this. Just hoping chapters get updated more often.
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