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Jun Jiuling

Jun Jiuling JJ

Other FemaleProtagonist Vengeance

10 chs / week · 68 Chapters

Author: Xi Xing

Translator: Mango Cat

Editor: DarkGem

4.8 (11 ratings)


In the winter of Taikang Year 3, a girl pays a visit to her future in-laws, the Ning Family of Beiliu, Yangcheng.

After her engagement was denied, the girl decided to hang herself in front of the Ning Family to show them her sincerity.

When the girl who had died opened her eyes once more, many people's fates were changed forever.

Author and Translator’s Thoughts

Xi Xing Mango Cat

Table of Contents


Latest Release:Chapter 68: For Heaven's Duty 19 hours ago

Table of Contents
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Author Xi Xing