/ Urban / Arrival of the Alternate World: My Identity as the Holy Emperor Got Exposed by My Daughter

Arrival of the Alternate World: My Identity as the Holy Emperor Got Exposed by My Daughter

Arrival of the Alternate World: My Identity as the Holy Emperor Got Exposed by My Daughter

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Author: Dark Dot


2.88 (28 ratings)

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Five different worlds of spirits, demons, ghosts, monsters, and beasts descended on the Blue Star in the form of dungeons.
Humans were randomly selected by the Heavenly System to enter these dungeon worlds.
Su Qianqian, a kindergarten student, was unexpectedly chosen.
When Su Yang learned that his daughter was going to enter the dungeon world, he reminded her, "Don't play for too long. Come home on time for dinner."
Play? Did he think the dungeon world, which was like a human purgatory, was a playground?
Just when people all thought Su Qianqian was done for, they were surprised to find out she was really just playing around.
In various dungeon worlds, the divine beast Qilin served as her mount, a legendary demon lord begged to be her full-time nanny, a giant monster acted as her bodyguard, and flower fairy and ghost queen Xiaoqian even wanted to be her stepmother.
The whole world was shocked. Who on earth was Su Qianqian's father, Su Yang?!!


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    "Yo, yo… The Chosen Ones are all from the Dragon Country!" "Haha! Serves them right. It's their fault for having so many people. Only a few of them died." - Chapter 1

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    One of the worst novel i have ever read ..... LIve broadcast. Blue earth so typical ch racism. Another novel that copy paste this backstory of dungeon coming from other dimensions. So much thing repeated again and again .... I won't spoil so i stop here but don't read it or you are gonna hurt yourself.

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    From the first chapter you can already see that it will be another rubbish novel that will add nationalism and burgeoning racism to shield itself from criticism (from the Chinese) along with a patchwork quilt of cliches hoping to see if it attracts some sucker to earn some money

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    I pray this novel is selected I can't wait

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    After what happened with "Dual Cultivation".....the mention of Su Yang leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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    Anyone who gave this garbage a 5 star is 12.

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    This web novel ranks among the most disappointing reads I've encountered on this platform. Even as someone who occasionally indulges in the guilty pleasure of poorly executed wish-fulfillment novels with sign-ins and cash back systems, this particular story leaves me utterly speechless. The incessant inclusion of mind-numbing "comments" akin to those found in Chinese novels, but in a PERMANENT live stream format, is beyond tolerable. Most functioning human beings find little enjoyment in the brain-rot induced by such dialogue, and this novel takes it a step further by subjecting readers to an unrelenting barrage of these comments, leaving no room for respite. While I'm usually open to overlooking a single flaw in a novel, this one offers nothing redeeming or enjoyable. The plot follows a predictable cycle where the protagonist gets into trouble, feigns cuteness, and effortlessly dispatches enemies, accompanied by a chorus of repetitive and uninspiring commentary like "ohhh wow how lucky" or "her dad is trash!" or even "it's that pink kids smartwatch!". The only potentially interesting element, the overpowered dad, remains conspicuously absent for the initial 20 chapters. Anticipation builds, but disappointingly, even after a half-year time skip, the narrative fails to deliver on this promising aspect. The protagonist embarks on another dungeon adventure, further delaying any potential revelation about the father's character.

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    seriously at first i really like this novel but after almost 90 chapters the mc never made an appearance i got fed up. the novel's basically good i like the character development and so on. but at least we should see the mc author.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    it's an alrite story to read and shut of yur brain to not much is really happening in it the kid gets in danger and gets rescued somehow by her smartwatch her daddy got her that's it that's the whole premises of the story it's a mediocre try imho and slightly below average read the entire trial bit and daddy hasn't even shown his face yet :)

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    This is just another "China nambah one" novel. It's a waste of time to read it. It's even hard to understand why Webnovel even translates suck kind of novels.

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    LV 15 Badge

    Read up to chapter 211, why, cause I was bored. Anyways synopses is, lot's of all of other country's people die in dungeons (100%, you know nationalistic stuff, Only my Dragon Country deserves to live!), capitalist's are the true evil (though there is not one mentioned group/society that is not for profit), hypocrisy is a must (how dare they do X, When we do X it makes complete sense), and rape/raped to death is very very popular theme. Very surprised that last one did not make the comments. So much rape/rape to death. But I like the female MC with her invincible bubble of innocents and plot armor. She just does what she wants and doesn't really get manipulated.

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    It’s an interesting book. A horror with a funny bone twist. However it’s quite clear the author is a racist. He/she constantly talks of the black people who have not even had 100 years of civilization.🫠

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    its typical everyone hates China but then China beats everyone. It's the horrible mass produced Chinese ego stroking books that idk why keep getting made when from what I can see they never last long at all.

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    Well... What can I say?! The Comments of people feel like They are written by low-IQ people. It's like this - "Oh! she survived cause' she was lucky" "Her dad is trash" yet there is no appearance of MC

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    The story was very interesting but all the stupidity of the author is ingrained into the novel later on. I'm not reading this novel to listen to your delusional opinions and racism. I don't care what you think but this just shows the author only thinks about his own country and the others are just random trash on the road. The author is just a kid who didn't get his candy. His ideal world is one which only contains a certain country's people as rulers and others as slaves. Only a poor education system gives birth to such individuals. Please wake up Mr. author, this is not your daydream.

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    1 one star review -- no contribution

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    I rarely gave very low review but I need to do for this one. The MC is 5 years old female kindergarten kid. As of now, the father the Holy Emperor never shows his face yet and the netizens keep getting faceslapped themselves. The plot is repetitive and drag longer.

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    LV 11 Badge

    Its just another novel from the chinese government backed qidian. And its a horrible translated. Its mtl. The novel/ author is fully building the world around the dragon country we are the best others are worse then us. Only our lineage is without stopping. We are the dragons and all the others want only bad things to happen to us. Its already clear in the first chapter. Dont waste your time it will not change even if you read to chapter 40 or beyond

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    Good story! MC never retreats in the face of difficulties, actively thinks about problems, and solves one problem after another, making it very comfortable for me to read!

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    If you like disgustingly gory horror movies with adult (again disgustingly gory) explicit content, then this story is for you. Not for the faint of heart.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Author Dark Dot