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100% Chronicles of a Great Dragon / Chapter 1: The Fall

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Chronicles of a Great Dragon original

Chronicles of a Great Dragon

Author: RDSSK

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Chapter 1: The Fall

Earth; Mt. Saer, Afternoon


Step, Step, Step.

If one were to see up the mountain, they would see a lone figure, a male, walking up the edge of the mountain. The figure's name is Arthur. What is he doing, some may ask.

Arthur was facing his biggest challenge yet.

Climbing up the most dangerous mountain up to date, alone. Mt. Sear, [Country U].

Let's backtrack a bit. Arthur is a College student with Eastern lineage. Since he was young he had a profound love for adventure and exploration, dreaming of finding an unexplored land or hidden treasure. He did well in school, but never enough to be called a genius, and was fairly average in most regards. As a college student, he majored in Archaeology, the study closest to his childhood dream.

The only thing that stood out about him was his deep and profound love of discovery and adventure, and, most importantly, occasional daredevil-like tendencies. Such as what he was doing now.

Mt Saer has had the most reported deaths of any mountain in the last few years, overtaking even Mt. Lusis in its death count.

And he is climbing it up alone. Honestly, it was utterly ridiculous. Yet he was still doing it.

He climbed. Along the side of the mountain, he slowly and carefully treading up the mountainside. No one would help him if he messed up here.

Arthur continued to climb. As he did he did he would constantly check both his progress and his foothold carefully, as to not make any mistakes.

He climbed and climbed. It should be noted that it usually takes somewhere between 1 or 2 months to climb a mountain depending on the size. It isn't like those manga or web-novels where people reach the mountain's peak in a day of climbing. It should also be noted that Arthur was only on the 5th day of the climb. He still had about a few weeks left before he reached the peak.

After a full day of climbing, Ryan set up a tent and prepared a bag of self-heating rations. Arthur had made sure to come prepared for the climb and thus had everything he needed in a large gray hiking backpack. It is of no question where he wore the backpack.

As he finished the rations, he took out his sleeping bag from the backpack and entered the tent. It was a tent made with materials designed to retain heat so he wouldn't freeze to death.

Unrolling the sleeping bag he laid it on the floor before crawling in. Sleep came quickly. The next morning he woke up early thanks to his internal clock, ate breakfast, aka another self-heating ration, and rolled up his camping materials for later.

Once again he began climbing. He climbed the entire day, only taking a few breaks here and there to recuperate his energy. When night came he set up his makeshift camp once more and ate a self-heating ration for dinner. Then he once again crawled into his sleeping bag inside his tent for the night. When he woke up, another self-heating ration for breakfast before continuing. the climb.

Every day he continued this cycle. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed. On his 9th day of climbing the mountain started getting steeper.

Arthur slowed down as a result. But all was within expectation.

The cycle continued. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed.

And continued. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed.

Again. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed.

And Again. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed.

Arthur trudged through the snow-covered ground and hard rocky earth beneath it. It was a hard climb, but Arthur loved it. He was relishing the wind and earth that surrounded him, the freedom of his barren surroundings.

Arthur came to this mountain expecting a challenge, and he got what he was looking for. It was monotonous, but the struggle of keeping on and on, the hard work, and the reward of reaching the peak and seeing the world below as if standing among the clouds were more than enough to keep him excited. If only he knew what was up ahead on this road of his.

On the 17th day of the climb, Arthur encountered a cliff's edge. Arthur readied his gear and began hammering his iron pick into the stone, climbing up, and then even higher up. His progression speed slowed down even more. But what did it matter, the journey became harder, more varied. It was a gift to Arthur. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As he finished tying his safety rope to his pick embedded in the stone, Arthur turned his head to see the ground below him. He was already several tens of feet above the ground. The scene was beautiful yet frightening. Arthur's blood started pumping more and more. He turned around and continued to climb up, using his picks to climb ever higher and higher. He slept tied to the cliff that night.

At midday the following day he arrived the peak of the cliff and reached the last stretch of the climb.

Once again he trudged through the snow-covered mountain. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed.

The cycle never stopped repeating. Just as he wouldn't stop climbing until he reached the peak, only then would he go back down.

21st day of the climb. Arthur is just two days away from the peak. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed.

22nd day of the climb. Just one more day and he'll reach the top. Wake up, eat a ration, pack up, climb, climb, climb, unpack, eat a ration, go to bed.

23rd day. The last day up the mountain.

He's done it. Arthur arrived at the peak of the mountain alone, without any assistance. It was midday and the sun was floating high in the sky.

Arthur breathed it in. Beneath him was a mountain piercing high into the sky. He had climbed it in record time.

Above him was a brilliant blue sky, stretching away infinitely. At that moment, he was on par with the clouds, the sky, the heavens themselves. Everything felt so magical, so incredible.

Arthur set up his camp near the peak of the mountain and then walked toward the edge. He sat down at the edge and enjoyed the scenery there.

The top of a mountain, the point where the Earth below is at it's closest to the Heavens above. The space between, the crossing point, the bridge, the pillar, the connection, the division. That is where Arthur now sat.

It slowly became night time and the gentle light of the silvery full moon began to fall upon the mountain.

"Sighh. What a beautiful sight. Well, I should probably tuck myself in for the night. Then tomorrow I'll enjoy the scenery some more and start the climb back down."

As Arthur lifted himself from rest, the rocks beneath him cracked and he slipped. As he fell from an incredible height, death was certain. But his body never hit the ground, not in that world at least.


Remember how there are two paths of cultivation, each with 12 realms. I've sorted out 8 realms of cultivation for both paths. Only 4 realms to go. For both paths. If you consider everything, I've basically completed 16 Realms and only have 8 to go.

First Chapter release for this project. So, what do you guys think?

Tell me if I could do anything better.

Was planning on using a real location but gave up on that idea.

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